Girls Flirt Over Text Like This! Flirting Signs Men Always Miss - Texting Snapchat & Whatsapp 📱🔥🧙‍♂️

Girls Flirt Over Text Like This! Flirting Signs Men Always Miss – Texting Snapchat & Whatsapp 📱🔥🧙‍♂️

In today’s world, people walk around with their heads buried in their phones, constantly scrolling, or tapping away at their screens and completely missing the world fly by. Of course, they are! Technology has come on by leaps and bounds since it was first created, you can do so much from a little 9-inch screen, it’s insane. 

This also means that the traditional ways of dating and meeting new people have taken a step in a different direction. There are endless dating apps, social media platforms, and forums for people to join and interact with others to create relationships. You don’t even need to step out of your front door to secure the first date anymore. 

Tying to navigate yourself when communicating over text messages can be unsettling for anyone, but I think men can be a bit out of their depth when it comes to women and texting.  

As a whole, women – who are from Venus as we know – are not very upfront about what they want. And if I let you into a little secret, I think it’s because sometimes we don’t know what we want but we won’t admit that to anybody! With that being said, there are some things we can tell you to look out for that will help you see when a woman is flirting with you. 

How girls flirt over text

Fast replies 

Think of texting as a conversation, once you’ve finished speaking, she will then reply to you, standard conversation etiquette. Now, if the vibes are good and she is feeling comfortable with you, her replies will get faster as she gets more comfortable with you. This is a clear sign that she is into you and likes talking to you, the communication is good, and she feels comfortable enough to chat. 

Extra points if she is not sitting on her phone – say she is out shopping with her friends or at work – and she is still replying fast. This shows she is interested, and even with distractions, she is wanting to talk to you and keep the conversation going. Points to you! 


Long gone are the days of a simple smiley face using a colon and a half bracket, even those colon and capital P cheeky faces you could send. Now we have emojis! Emojis have been created to allow us to send via text messages to create a fun and light-hearted message to others. As it’s developed there’s an emoji for everything – from a smirk for those flirty text messages you send, all the way to a raindrop and thunder cloud.  

If a woman starts to send you an emoji here and there whilst you’re messaging, it means she’s getting more comfortable with you which in turn means she will start to let her guard down and let those flirty tendencies out. Once you notice a cute smiley emoji or a cheeky monkey pop up a few times, you’re in there! 


When you first meet someone either face to face to over social media, your conversations tend to be short and sweet as you start to get to know each other. The traditional questions like “how old are you?” or “what did you study in college?” type of questions are used from the bat to establish some foundation. It would be at this point that you can find the common ground too, things you’re both interested in and topics of conversation that you can bond over. 

When a woman starts to feel the connection between the two of you, you will notice her text messages get a bit longer with each conversation. Maybe there’s been a few different conversations in one message – or she will send multiple texts with different subjects in one go.  

This is a very good sign for you. You are slowly becoming her go-to person. What’s a go-to person you may ask? A go-to person is a person she wants to spend time with, the first person she thinks of when she finds out some good news – or bad news – and wants to rant to.  

Essentially, you’ll become her best friend. But won’t worry, this doesn’t mean you are friend-zoned! 


If a woman asks you if you’re busy, this is code for she wants to spend time with you but is too afraid to ask flat out in case you reject her.  

Sometimes it can be daunting to ask someone out on a date, especially for women. So, by skating around the subject with little questions like “what are you doing today?” or “are you busy today?”, it’s a simple but effective way for her to find out about your availability before she comes back with an “oh, I’m not doing anything. I’m bored” – also a huge hint that she has no plans and would love to meet you and see you. 


If you adopt a cute nickname like ‘babe’ or ‘boo’ from a woman whilst you’re texting, you are most definitely in a league of your own.  

Women only tend to give pet names to men if they are interested in pursuing a relationship with them. It’s a term of endearment that allows them to express how they are feeling without coming out and telling you how they feel. I know, this can be confusing for you, but it’s their way of putting the feelers out there without getting rejected in the process.  

The one thing that is always in a female’s mind is the fact that at any given moment a man can decide that they no longer want to spend time with them and walk away. The fear of rejection is very much real. 


You’ll notice that girls tend to send a lot of voice notes to their group chats, mainly because it’s a lot faster than typing, and if you’ve ever seen a woman’s group chat, the messages just keep pouring in. By the time you’ve finished typing, the topic of the conversation would have changed three times! 

If a woman starts sending you voice notes when you’re texting, it is a clear indication that she is comfortable with you and you’re not in the friend zone!  

Using voice notes is also a really good way to set the tone for a conversation. It is very easy to misunderstand the attitude behind a text message and take it in a completely different direction from what the sender intended it to be taken. Something they intended to be funny could be taken as rude or sarcastic – awkward! 

Keep the convo alive 

Stay away from one-word answers or short phrases that can stunt the conversation. There is nothing worse than wanting to speak to somebody, getting excited because you’ve received a text, and then looking at your phone to see “yeah haha” or “ok” as a reply. How do we reply to that?  

Of course, if you’re busy and can’t talk at the time, just send a little “bit busy at the minute, will text you later” and crack on with your errands – this also shows you’re good at communicating, so women don’t have to overthink and start worrying that you are not interested in her anymore.  

Trust me, you don’t want to get drawn into that whirlwind of emotions if you can help it, try your best to be as open as possible to prevent anybody from spiraling off the deep end into the insecurity pool. 


Hopefully, this hasn’t been as complicated as you originally thought it would be, it’s just a few tweaks here and there that you can spot to establish where you stand in the female mind. When you know these little tells you will be able to react naturally without her knowing that you know.  

Although it might not seem like rocket science now that you know, women are a lot more discreet about dropping hints, especially if you put them in a vulnerable position i.e., showing feelings without knowing if they will be reciprocated or not. 

Now that you’re armed with the tools to see into a woman’s mind and highlight those hints she drops, you’ll be able to recognize her flirty ways and react accordingly and flirt back. She will be pleasantly surprised that you’ve caught on and then the games begin! So, get your phone charged up to 100% and those thumbs stretched to tap away, as you take on the challenge of flirting over text with a lovely lady. 

Remember guys, it’s what you do with the tools to build the house! Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith and ask a woman out, she will love the confidence! 


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