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Girls Who Are Completely Into You Will Do This! (YOU NEED TO SPOT THESE)

Do you want to learn how to tell if a girl likes you and is completely into you? Today’s video is all about spotting the signs she’s into you, those tell-tale giveaways that a girl is interested in you and wants you to date her.

Is She Into Me?

Have you ever asked yourself, is she into me? It’s so common. Women often keep their cards close to their chests. They would prefer for you to make the first move, rather than them. Which can make it difficult for you. It’s hard to tell sometimes if she really likes you or if she is just playing along with what you are saying. 

Women are just so hard to read…unless you know what to look for. In this video, we are going to learn about some of the signs that show she’s completely into you. 

After this video, you will understand women a little bit better and be able to tell when she’s really into you. 

She will spend time with you 

If a girl agrees to multiple dates with you, she likes you. If she tries to spend time with you as often as possible, she really likes you! Ladies will only spend time with men that they really like. They won’t waste their time, they are busy! So if you have been on three dates and she is already hinting at another one. She is most definitely into you. If you notice that this keeps happening, you can rest easy in the knowledge that she does like you. When you make your move, you won’t be rejected. 

Responding to messages 

If you message her “I just saw a dress that I thought would look great on you”. And she replies  a few moments later saying “Ah that is so cute, what did it look like” with plenty of emojis, she is into you. If she replies to your messages regularly and messages you first sometimes, she really does like you. If a girl does not reply to your messages or ghosts you, cut your losses, she does not like you. 

She pays attention

If she pays attention and is engaged in a conversation, this is a good sign! It shows that she is interested in you and is into you. She might show you this via her body language or just be taking part in the conversation. She will ask you questions or ask you to elaborate on what you are talking about. This shows that she is invested in you. 

She laughs 

Ladies will never laugh at someone they don’t like. The issue with this sign is that this includes friends. So make sure that she is also doing some of the other signs. If you are talking and she finds your jokes funny, she is probably into you. Unless you are a comedian, most people are averagely funny. If it is the person you like making the joke though, you will find it hilarious. If she keeps laughing during the conversation and smiling, she is probably into you. 

Touching you 

Touch is so important when it comes to dating. When someone touches you, even if it is a quick touch of the arm, it means there is a possible attraction and sexual attraction. If she touches your arm slightly or the top of your leg, she is trying to show you that she is into you. Watch out for this sign. 

She posts a picture of you on social media 

If you are on a date and she takes a photo with you, then uploading it to Instagram or Facebook. It’s a sign that she is into you and wants other people to know it. I only do this when I am really sure I like someone (and normally want a relationship with them). I might post a picture of my food but they will be in the background. Or post a video of us dancing on my stories. It’s my way of saying, “hey friends, I am seriously into this man”. My friends always instantly message me and say things like, “OMG who is this, he’s attractive” and that way I also get their reaction on the guy I am seeing. 

So if a girl posts you on her social media, she is serious about you! 

Body language

If she is displaying some of the following types of body language, guys she is into you. 

Eye contact: do you catch her eye across the room? Do you notice that she is really looking at you while you are talking? It’s because she is trying to connect with you and flirt. 

Smiling: if she is smiling a lot and just looks really happy when she is around you. It’s because she is! She is showing you that she is having the best time and is really enjoying your company. 

Moves closer to you: If you are talking and she leans closer to you, it’s because she wants to be closer to you! She wants less physical space between you because she is into you

Open body language: Closed body language is when someone has their arms folded or is just a little stiff. Open body language is when a lady is loose. She has her shoulders apart, arms down and just looks relaxed. This is because she is comfortable around you and feels safe. 

Playing with hair: If a lady is playing with her hair, flicking and twirling it. She is trying to impress you and attract you. Sometimes it reveals her neck which is a way of sexually attracting you. 

Make sure to watch her body language and look out for these signs! 

She seems nervous 

You get nervous when you are around a lady that you really like right? Well the same goes for ladies. If they are around someone that they have a crush on, they get nervous. You might notice that her voice is a little shaky or she is fidgeting a lot. It’s because she is nervous that she might say or do the wrong thing. This is a nice time to reassure her or make her feel more comfortable. That way you can both have a lovely time. She will really appreciate you doing that for her and you will know that she is into you. It’s a win-win guys! 


When a girl is into you, she tried to find things that connect you. She might ask you where you grew up and then realise that she went on holiday there or that her favourite restaurant is there. She might ask what school you went to and know someone who went there. She asks these questions because she is interested in you and wants to know more. It’s also because she is checking for connections though. Your lady wants to know if you have things in common as this is the basis of a relationship. If you notice that she is asking questions like, what is your favourite movie? And she has the same movie, this is her finding things that connect you. 

Make your move 

If you start to notice these signs and have a gut feeling that a lady feels the same way about you, that you do about her. Take the risk and tell her how you feel. She will most likely feel the exact same way but was waiting for you to make the first move. She really will love that you took the risk and you can watch your relationship bloom from there. 

Once I dated a guy and I was displaying all these signs. I was trying to make connections with him, I was always available and replied to his messages quickly. He never made the first move though. I kept trying to make it obvious until eventually I just said, I like you, how do you feel? He really liked me as well but by the time we got to this point, I had lost some of my initial feelings. Our relationship quickly fizzled out. I often wonder, what would have happened if he had picked up on my signs and made the first move? 

So keep that in mind guys. I hope that this video has given you the tools to look out for the signs that she is completely into you! 

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