subtle ways to flirt

14 Most Subtle Ways To Flirt (How To Flirt Without Making It Too Obvious You’re Flirting)

Learn how to flirt without making it obvious you’re flirting! Today we’re focusing on how to subtly flirt. This is perfect for when you want to flirt with your crush, letting them know you’re attracted to them, without going all out and making it obvious to everyone. This involves some little body language flirting tips as well as the best tips on how to talk to your crush in a flirty way.

Subtle Ways To Flirt

The line between coming on too strong and not showing the other person that you are attracted to them is thin…very thin. Flirting makes you vulnerable and can be scary. That is why learning subtle ways to flirt is a really great skill to have. 

In this video, we will look at some of the best ways to subtle flirt with someone. In a way that won’t embarrass you but will show them that you are interested in them. 

Eye contact 

Let’s start with eye contact. Making eye contact with someone shows them that you are interested in what they are saying and in a romantic way, that you are interested in them. Engage in eye contact while they are speaking or lock eyes from across the room. Any lady would love this and would immediately understand that you are flirting with them. Watch for eye contact back at you. 

Say hello as you walk past 

Acknowledging someone and making the effort to wave and say hello as you walk past, is a lovely way to flirt. It makes them feel special. Imagine you are in the office, you like a lady in another department. She walks past you and you say hello. It’s the start of a spark. She feels seen. This might lead to her flirting back and eventually a date. 

Like their pictures on social media 

If your crush posts a picture on Instagram or Facebook, like it and maybe leave a comment like, “you look great!” or “that looks like fun!”. This puts you on the other persons radar, they will notice that you are liking their pictures. Every so often as well send them a snap chat. Maybe of you with friends and if they reply, it could be the start of a conversation. Now guys, don’t go to far and comment on every single photo. Doing it every so often will be enough. 

Group hangs 

Instead of having the pressure of hanging out one on one. Why not start with some group hangs? If you work in an office together, hang out with some co-workers after work. You’ll still have time to talk one on one and show off your personality but without all the pressure of hanging out just the two of you. Also you can still flirt around other people. Flash some eye contact and she will pick up what you are putting down! 

Listen to what they are saying 

Listen to what the other person is saying carefully. If you have spoken to her and she mentioned her brother’s soccer game. Bring it up at a later date and casually say, “hey, did your bother win that game?”. She will be so impressed that you really listened and remembered. It will show her that you really believe in her and value her. 

Keep the conversation going 

When it comes to keeping a conversation going, you don’t have to litter it with facts. Yes guys, that does mean facts on video games! Unless your crush is a gamer, girls do not care about that. Ask simple questions to keep the conversation going. For example if you are talking about where someone if from, ask what their favourite restaurant is there. Things like that. Keeping the conversation going shows that you are interested in what your crush has to say. This doesn’t put too much pressure on but it does allow you to flirt a little! 

Offer them some of your food

Here’s a not so well kept secret boys, food is the way to a girls heart! Offer her some of your food and she’ll be so happy. Once I went on a day-date with a guy. We were walking around, chatting and exploring. We decided to stop at McDonalds for a few snacks! I got one burger but forgot to get fries. The man I was on a date with offered me some of his fries and well I was hooked! I thought it was so nice that he decided to share his fries with me, a selfless act. That is something girls look for in a partner so the fact that he did that on our first date, was a great start. 

Gift them something 

Gifting your crush something thoughtful will score you major brownie points! This is a great way to flirt without being obvious. Perhaps we has mentioned that she loves a certain brand of tea. Next time to see her, say oh I saw this and thought of you! She will love that you did that for her and thought about her, when you were not together. It could be anything from her favourite type of chocolate to a drink you know she likes. She will be so touched and very happy! 

Ruffle their hair 

Anything to do with touch is quite a bold flirting move. Ruffling someone’s hair though is like teasing someone which makes it more subtle. Maybe your lady has just teased you or has done something silly. You can joke with her and play with her pony tale. Only for a second but still, it’s not a very obvious way of flirting but obvious enough that she will get butterflies! 

Touch her arm 

While we are on the subject of touch, touching an arm or shoulder is a great way of flirting. It’s not always very subtle though. But if you are having a fun, jokey conversation, touching her arm or shoulder can show her that you are interested. Guys, I would suggest that if you are trying to subtly flirt, you wait until you are on a date or something to do this. 

Lower your voice 

Guys, sometimes you can be really loud. You have deeper voices than us lady’s and we understand that you want to show off your masculinity but when it comes to flirting, keep your voice lower. Speak directly to your crush, in a lower, softer voice and maintain eye contact. This will drive her wild. It will make her feel like she is the only girl in the world, without you having to lay all your cards on the table. 

Take their hat

If you have a jokey, teasey relationship, this is a great way to flirt without being obvious. You could put your crush’s handbag over your shoulder as a joke, steal their hat or wear their jacket. It creates a sense of closeness within the relationship. They will treasure that item even more because you have touched it. This is a way to flirt, if you have already established a relationship with the person. Not on the first date!

Compliment them

Pay your crush a compliment. Make sure you really mean it but say something nice about how they look or about something they say. Maybe they are talking about their job and are very passionate about it. You could say “your work is obviously very lucky to have you, you seem invested”. This will also carry on the conversation. You could also offer them a more direct compliment like “I love your dress”. They will love this! You might find that the lady then feels more confident and pays you a compliment back. Remember to make sure it is a genuine compliment

Know when to back off 

When it comes to subtle flirting, you have to know when to back off. When to step away. If you notice that your crush is becoming disinterested or agitated, it is time to back-away. The sad truth is that not everyone likes everyone in a romantic way. There are plenty more fish in the sea and their is certainly one for you. You just have to search for her. So if you notice that your crush is not at all interested, let her go. You can still maintain a friendship. The best thing is, if you have been subtly flirting with her, she might not know that you 100% like her. She might just think that you are a lovely person! So you never have to be embarrassed. 

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