how to make a girl chase you over text

Texting A Girl Like This Will Make Her Chase You – How To Make A Girl Chase You Over Text (GUIDE)

Learn how to text a girl and make her chase you. Did you know you can make a girl chase you just by making use of the right texting techniques? In today’s video we’re going to discuss how to talk to a girl over text, what you should message her and how to act in order to spark her attraction and keep her interested in you.

How to make a girl chase you over text

Picture a guy that every girl chases around. He probably is tall, has muscles and dresses well. Plus always smells nice, how does he do that? Well, the truth is guys, we can’t all be that guy or at least we have not all learnt how to be that guy yet. 

Text has opened up a whole new world of dating. You can learn a lot about a girl before you even go on your first date just by messaging each other. You also don’t need to be tall, have muscles, dress well or smell nice to impress a girl anymore. You can do it all via text and yes you can make a girl chase you over text. 

In today’s video, we are going to look at how you can make a girl chase you over text. It’s all about the words and how you use them so let’s get started. 

Create anticipation 

The first way to get a girl to chase you over text is to create anticipation. Now it makes sense that if she is dying to see you or hear from you, this will create anticipation. If someone is dying with anticipation to see you, it means they really like you. It builds you up in their mind until they are like I just have to see you! But how do you create this anticipation? Don’t pay her too many compliments or overburden her with gifts and don’t always text her back when she needs you. Be a little unpredictable and un-available almost but without being rude.

This will create some anticipation and mean that she will be the one to text you first and eventually ask you on a date first. 

Be mysterious 

Don’t give it all away on the first date, have you heard that saying? The same goes for text and actually, it is easier to be mysterious over text than it is to be mysterious in person. So how do you act mysterious over text? Well, one way is not to text back too quickly. If you reply after let’s say 20 minutes she will think, what is he doing that he can’t text me back straight away? Also don’t tell her everything, leave some things out for her to find out. Basically, just hold some things back and she will start chasing you. Girls love it when men are mysterious because it’s a challenge to get them. 

Tease her and flirt with her

This is a great way to get a girl to chase you over text. Teasing a girl should never be mean but should be done with humour. If when you are texting her and you tease her and flirt with her it will make her think, “wow this is what it is like via text, what will the chemistry be like in person?”. I have a friend who was texting a guy who was teasing and flirting with her. He would say cheeky things every now and again and it would drive her wild. In the end she thought we have great chemistry and this is just via text, I am going to ask him out.  She asked him out and now he is her boyfriend! 

Make her laugh 

A great way to get a girl to like you is to make her laugh. Girls really love funny guys! The same goes via text but if you pair it with the other points we have discussed in this video, you will find that she starts chasing you. This is because a funny guy is a catch and so when you start to display this side of your personality she will think that you are the full package. Once a girl has her sites set on something she will go for it. Making jokes through text is easy, you could joke about something she did in the past that she mentioned or just something random that pops up. 

Make fun of yourself 

It might sound strange to make fun of yourself but actually, it can really make someone like you. This is similar to the point about making her laugh. Making fun of yourself makes you seem approachable and like someone who can have fun. She will really like this and it’s a trait that people look for when they are in relationships. So every so often says something like: 

“Oh I did the silliest thing today, I was walking towards my garden and forgot about the glass door, try not to laugh too loud but I face-planted that one”

Keep yourself busy 

If you keep yourself busy with work, friends, family and sport she will need to fit in around this. Which makes your time precious and means that it’s a bit of a challenge for her to win you over. A challenge is something that a girl loves as I have mentioned before so make if you do this, she think game on and will come running. 

This is a bit of a balance because it is important that you don’t block out so much time that you have none left for her but you also need to be busy enough that your time is precious. 

You can do this by saying via text, “I am quite busy this week with work and my sports but I do have Wednesday night free if you do?” 

This will keep her coming back for more! 

Form an emotional connection 

Women are naturally emotional beings. We do have feelings and emotions and sometimes they run quite high! So an emotional connection is very important to them. If you can form an emotional connection with a lady over text, you will have her coming back for more. But how do you do this? Well, you need to ask her the right questions over text, questions like “how are you feeling today?”, “how has work been this week?”. The type of questions that will bring up emotions and get her to open up to you. Once she has started telling you about her emotions and her feelings, you will both share an emotional connection which means she will trust you more. Building this type of connection via text comes down to which questions you ask her and how you carry on the conversation. 

Ask her questions 

We have just learnt about how questions can help you create an emotional connection. They can also just help to create an interesting conversation which is important especially over text. When you are on a date with someone in person you can learn a lot from their body language. You can’t do this over text which is why it is so important to ask her questions and learn more about her. 

Ask her fun interesting questions like, would you live in space? Either way, you can go back and dig deeper into why she would or would not live in space. You get to learn a little more about the way she thinks and she will think wow he is so interesting. 

Stroke her ego a little 

Finally, to get a girl to chase you over text. You need to stroke her ego a little. We all have ego’s right? Which makes it easier to stroke someone else! Saying things like “wow I can really tell how smart you are” or “ you are the most interesting person I can ever spoken to” will really play to her ego. She will absolutely love it and will be thinking about how lovely you are. 

You have pumped up her ego and she will believe that she has got you right where she wants you, which will mean she will be the one chasing you as opposed to you chasing her! 

Making a girl chase you over text is similar to getting her to chase you in real life. You need to be desirable and grab her attention. If you are careful with how you text and when you text, you will have her chasing you in no time. 

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