physical signs a woman is interested in you

Physical Signs A Woman Is Interested In You! THIS Attraction Body Language = SHE LIKES YOU

Physical Signs A Woman Is Interested In You. In today’s video we’re going to be discussing how to tell if a girl likes you by paying attention to her body language, what she does, how she talks to you and even how she dresses.

These are all great signs a woman likes you and may be interested in dating and a relationship with you. They suggest a woman is attracted to you and enjoying your company.

Physical Signs A Woman Is Interested In You

Imagine you are on a date with a lady. They look like they are having a great time but you are just not 100% sure. Do they like you? Dating does not always have to be so mysterious. Sometimes it just takes some observation. Women are naturally better at this. From a young age, they are taught to read between the lines and study body language carefully. You can tell a lot when you really start to watch someone’s body language. Women will often show you physical signs that they like you before they might even tell you with their words. It’s all about being able to pick up on them. 

In this video, I will talk you through some of the physical signs that she’s into you so that next time you are on a date, you will just know. 

Playing with her hair 

This is a subconscious physical trait that she is into you. A lady does not realise she is doing this. It just comes naturally to her. She could be doing it because her hair is really in her face but most likely she actually is giving you a sign that she likes you.

You might be wondering what type of hair playing I am talking about? I mean flicking her hair, twirling it or pulling it out of her face. If she is doing this a lot and looking at you with slightly dreamy eyes and tilting her head, she is physically into you. This is one of the ways she is showing you


When a lady is physically attracted to you, she smiles a lot. This is a very positive sign. She is very happy to be with you and is attracted to you. She might smile more when you say something and her smile lingers on throughout the conversation. This is because she is really happy and just cannot hide it. Take a moment to notice the twinkle in her eyes when she smiles as well. This might be a good time to compliment her smile! She will be all yours after that. 


We all blink a lot naturally so that we can stop things from entering our eyes but did you also know that this is a physical sign that a lady is into you? If you are on a date at say a bar, talking to a lovely lady and you notice she is blinking and tilting her head. This is her showing you that she is attracted to you. It’s a physical-biological sign that she is born with and so does naturally. She might not even notice that she is doing it! 

She leans towards you

If a lady leans towards you when you speak or when she speaks, she likes you. Studies have shown this to be true. We naturally want to be closer to people that we are attracted to. 

She returns your touch 

Touch is one of the pillars of flirting. It is part of building an initial attraction. When you are on a date with a lady you like, make sure to touch her arm or tap her shoulder. Of course, make sure it is consensual but if you are both attracted to each other she will love it. Something I often do is, if I am on a date and someone has made me laugh, I lean across while laughing and tap their arm. It brings us closer together but is also casual and flirty. 

If you tap her and then a few moments later, she taps you. She is most definitely into you. This is a physical sign of attraction. She wants you to know. 


If she is laughing with you and not at you, this could be a sign that she is into you. We all physically laugh when we like someone. You have most likely done it before when on a date. It shows that you find that person funny (which is important!) and that you feel safe enough to laugh in their presence. We often laugh when we are nervous and when we feel safe in someone’s presence. It’s strange because they are opposite feelings. But either way, if a girl is nervous to be around you, it is probably because she likes you. And if she feels safe in your presence it also means she likes you! 

If you are on a date and your lady is laughing, it’s a great sign! 


You might be able to hear or tell that she is breathing more quickly. Breathing quickly is a natural response and something we do when we are around someone we find attractive. Our body is pumping us full of endorphins (also known as a ‘love drug’) and it makes us breathe faster. You might see her chest going up and down quickly. Or maybe you can just hear her catching her breath. You have literally taken her breath away! If you notice this, it’s a sign that she likes you. 

How she dresses 

A lady who likes you will dress up to see you. She will put on her best, most flattering outfit. Her hair will be done nicely and she will be wearing makeup. You might also notice her perfume. To put it simply, she wants to impress you. A girl will always make an effort for a guy that she likes. She might also wear tight-fitting outfits or low cut dresses/tops to show off to you. This is another thing you can compliment her on. You could say, “you look lovely tonight”. 

She will expect you to also make an effort as it shows that you are both attracted to each other. So swap your jeans for dress pants (depending on where the date is) and put on a nice shirt. 

Lip Biting 

Look out for lip-biting! Women will bite their lips when they are seriously flirting with you and are trying to seduce you. If a lady does this, she wants you to notice. A lady might also lick her lips which is also a way to seduce you. If she is flirting with you and trying to seduce you, she likes you! 

She tries to sit next to you 

You are out bowling with some friends and the lovely lady you like. Instead of sitting next to your shared friends, she always sits next to you. We like to be close to people we are attracted to. 

This also applies to when you are out for dinner and instead of sitting opposite to you, she sits next to you. She wants to be able to touch you easily, to be close to you and to be able to really look into your eyes. Make sure to look out for this physical sign that she’s into you. If you do notice it, you can safely ask her if she likes you. 

Eye contact 

Eye contact is a very powerful form of body language. Eye contact is not only staring deeply into someone’s eyes, it’s catching someone’s gaze or looking at them when they are looking away. These are all forms of eye contact

Lady’s will use all three of these forms of eye contact to communicate with you that they are interested. 

You might be on a date at an art gallery. You notice the lady you are with is looking at you, instead of the paintings. You wonder why she is looking at you when you are both there to see the art. Spoiler! It’s because she likes you. To her, the art is boring compared to how wonderful you are. She wants you to know this and wants you to take charge. So if it was me, after the art gallery date. I would say, “would you like to go for coffee?” and then tell her that you like her and ask her how she feels. I have no doubt that she will say the magic words, “I like you as well”. WOW! Now you both know how the other feels and can progress the relationship. All thanks to eye contact. 

So next time you are out with a lady, watch out for these physical signs. You might just be wowed by the results. 

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