Girls Do THIS When They Want To Kiss You

Girls Do THIS When They Want To Kiss You 🥰 How To Know When To Kiss A Girl (VERY IMPORTANT)

Learn how to know when to kiss a girl! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing some of the tell-tale signs a girl wants to kiss you, or be kissed by you. By keeping an eye out on the things a woman will do when she’s interested in you like this you’ll be sure not to waste a very important oppourtunitiny when it comes to dating and impressing women.

The last thing that you want to do is miss those perfect signals that a girl wants to kiss you. After putting in so much hard work to get to this point it would be a shame when guys don’t know when is the time to kiss the lady. Now of course, when it does come to the women, nothing is as straightforward as it seems sadly. They might think that they are being really clear and basically throwing themselves at you, when in reality they are being very subtle. And that’s why you need to be able to know what they do when they want to kiss you.

Typically there are 11 things that girls do when they want to kiss you. In today’s video you are just in luck, I’m going to tell you all about these things that you can finally kiss her without the worry of “does she even want this”.

How to know when to kiss a girl

Less space more face

If a girl wants to kiss you, she will get as close to you as possible. You can’t kiss someone if you are far away from them! You need to be able to reach out and kiss them. So she will bring her face as close to hers as possible. She is inviting you to lean in and work your magic! This is likely to happen when you are sitting in a booth on a date, or you are walking on the beach. 

You’ll notice her move a little closer to you and lean in. Then it’s your time to shine and kiss her. 

She’s looking at your lips 

If she has her eyes pointing down towards your lips, it doesn’t mean she is not interested in what you are saying, she is just more interested in your lips. It can be off putting if you don’t know this because you might think “why is she not listening to me?”. It’s only natural to think but don’t worry because her looking at your lips is a positive thing. 

She is looking at them and thinking about kissing them. She is wondering what it will feel like, if you even want to kiss her and wondering when it will happen. She is feeling things deeply for you and wants more. She is literally lost in your lips and wants you to kiss her badly. 

To get you to look at her lips

She is looking at your lips while trying to get you to look at her lips. Yes, sometimes women can be confusing. 

She’s literally lip obsessed! To grab your attention, she might run her fingers over her lips or bite her lip slightly. She might also wear lip gloss or lipstick to help draw extra attention to them.  She has been looking at your lips and she wants you to do the same to hers. Secretly she hopes that when you look at her lips, you will reach across the table and kiss her.  

She stares into your eyes 

You are talking about something and you catch her staring deeply into your eyes. Again she is thinking about how much she likes you and how much she wants to kiss you. She is picturing your future together and what it will be like. If she is staring deeply into your eyes, it means she really likes you and is making sure there is a deep connection between you both. When she is speaking, she will notice if you are staring at her eyes as well and will be able to tell how you feel about her through this. Women are very good at picking up on your emotions and feelings without you even having to say a word. 

Watch her body language 

I have touched on eye contact which is a form of body language but there are other ways she might use her body language to show you she wants you to kiss her. 

One body language signal to look out for is hair flicking. Girls do this when they are flirting with a man and trying to get his attention. If you have been dating for a while and she starts to do this it probably means that she is trying to grab your attention and impress you so that you will kiss her. She might even be thinking to herself  “what is taking him so long!”. 

She will also turn her body to face you. The most attractive part of all of us is our front so she will make an active effort to face you. She might turn towards you if you are sitting in a booth or walk slightly in front of you. 

She is touching you a lot! 

Next up, if a lady is touching you a lot it is because she wants you to make the next move. 

Ladies find all sorts of creative ways to touch a man without being obvious about it. She could put her hand on your leg or shoulder while you are telling a story. She might touch you briefly while you laugh. 

This is a classic sign of her saying, I am happy for things to move forward now. She is ready for you to kiss her and for the relationship to move forward. You don’t want to keep her waiting for too long as she could get impatient. 

She wants you to kiss her and if you want to kiss her back then, it’s time to make your move. 

She loves to compliment you 

You look so nice tonight, I love that shirt on you, has anyone told you that you have pretty eyes? These are all compliments a girl might throw your way when she wants you to kiss her. 

She is showing you how much she likes you by pointing out all your best bits! You should of course be giving her compliments as well and that is an important part of dating. She needs to know that you feel the same way about her as she does about you. 

She obviously likes you a lot otherwise she would not be wasting her time paying you compliments. So kiss her already! 

She is very engaged in the conversation 

Let’s be honest, we only listen to people that we like. If she is really engaged in a conversation with you then she likes you which means she wants to kiss you. You will probably notice she is really listening when you are talking and she is asking great questions back which show how interested she is. This is a great dating sign in general and you should be impressed. 

She hugs you for longer than normal 

She just doesn’t want to let go of you! There is a difference between a quick friend hug and a hug you give to someone you really like. If you are both hugging goodbye and she holds on for a little longer than normal it is probably because she wants you to kiss her after the hug. 

She is always texting you 

If she is always the first one to text you and she finds any excuse to message you, it shows you how much she likes you. If a girl likes a guy then she definitely wants to kiss him. It’s a fact! She is texting you all the time because she likes you and she can’t get enough of you. It’s so cute really and if you like her as well then you should organise a date with her. Wait until a moment that feels right to her and kiss her. This could be while you are getting cosy in a corner or at the end when you say goodbye. She will be on cloud nine for days after and will be telling all of her friends that you kissed her. The first kiss is the start of a new exciting stage of your dating relationship. It starts a more intimate stage of your relationship which you can both enjoy. 

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