Most Girls Do THIS When They Like A Guy – THIS Is How To Spot Her Signs Of Jealousy (She Wants You)

Most Girls Do THIS When They Like A Guy – THIS Is How To Spot Her Signs Of Jealousy (She Wants You)

How to tell if a girl likes you….one way to spot if a girl is into you is to pick up on the hints she’s showing signs of jealousy when it comes to you and other women. It’s understandable that if a girl is interested in you and she develops feelings for you she’s understandably going to start to get jealous of other women as she wants to hold on to what she has with you.

When a girl really really likes a guy she does start to get a little bit jealous. My friends tell me that after every relationship they tell themselves that they will not get jealous again but then it just creeps on.

It comes from a nice place though. It’s because women like you so much that they’re actually kind of worried that you will be the one that gets away.

Now you would probably think that it sounds easy to spot jealousy right? And the truth is sometimes it is but for the most times it’s really easy to miss. Girls can be so subtle in their actions and showing jealousy is not different. So today’s video, you guessed it, I’m going to tell you how you can spot that subtle jealousy in a girl so that you definitely know that she likes you.

Female jealousy signs, an indicator a girl likes you

She keeps a very close eye on other girls 

When you are both out together, she seems to watch girls around you closely. If a girl comes up to speak to you she suddenly gets very awkward even if that girl is the waitress. She doesn’t get up to use the toilet or go to the bar in case she comes back and you are having a conversation with another girl.

Jealous girls will never leave you alone with another lady. She keeps a close eye on how you interact with other ladies. Does it seem like you are flirting? How interested are you in them? She might even bring it up later and say something like “you seemed really friendly with the waitress today”. 

If you want to pick up on this type of behaviour then simply watch her when you are out and other ladies are around. If she starts acting differently, she is jealous which means that she likes you

She watches every move you make online 

In person she has her eye on you, but she also keeps track of what you are doing online. She will look through your friends list and pick out any girls that look like a potential threat. She will go onto their social media profiles and look through their pictures to see if you have liked or commented on any of them. It does not stop there though, she will watch all of your stories to see if there are other girls with you. She will keep track of who’s commenting on your photos or liking them and will go onto their profiles to see if you are talking to them. 

It sounds extreme but girls hate getting hurt and this is her way of doing research into you. I can guarantee you that a past girlfriend has done this to you and you have not even realised. When girls really like you, they will do anything to keep you. 

She asks you questions about everything going on in your life 

This can be hard to spot because you might just think she is really interested in you and your life. She probably is interested in getting to know you, but she also wants to know what you are up to. Girls that like you, want to know who you are spending time with? What do you do when you are not with them? Who do you work with? The list of questions goes on.

If you realise that she is asking you a lot of questions about every corner of your life that’s when you will know that she is jealous and wants to know if you are spending time with other ladies. 

She goes quiet when you mention other girls 

Have you ever been on a date with a girl where you have mentioned your sisters or mum’s name and she has suddenly gone quiet? Then when you say “My mum, Jane” she suddenly perks back up. You might think to yourself for a split second, what was that about before moving on. Basically, your mum and sister are not a threat to her, they are not going to steal you away. She is delighted when you talk about them but not when you talk about other girls. Jane could have been another love interest, she didn’t know that she was your mum. If a girl starts to re-act like this when you mention ladies names then you know it is jealousy and can spot it a mile off. 

When you are around other girls she starts touching you 

She is never normally very into PDA, public displays of affection until you are around other people. You might think that she is nervous when she is around your friends and that’s why she holds your hand. It’s more likely to be that she is jealous of the other girls who are in your friend group. Even if you tell them that they are just friends, she will still be wary of them and worried that you could have something more with them. 

Although this is a good way to spot her jealousy, it’s important that you explain to her that these are your friends and she does not need to worry. Otherwise further down the line she might be controlling or stop you from seeing the girls in your group. You need to get ahead of this at the beginning. 

She demands a lot of your attention 

She constantly wants your attention and time. She is always asking you to do things with her which seems sweet but it is really so that you don’t run off with anyone else. If she is with you then she knows what she is doing and does not have to worry. Again, although this is a great way to spot if she is jealous and if she likes you, it is also something you should speak to her at the very beginning. It’s important in a relationship that you both have independence and time to yourself. 

Sometimes she gives you the cold shoulder 

All of a sudden, she stops replying to your text messages, she doesn’t answer your phone calls and when you see her walking down the street she ignores you.

You might think to yourself, “what have I done?”. Well, you have not done anything at all, she is giving you the cold shoulder. Have you ever heard the saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder? Well this is her way of making you miss her.

You will probably miss having her around and chase her a little bit, which is what she wants. In this case, if you really like her, keep chasing her and she will quickly come back. 

She starts trying to make you jealous 

Out of nowhere she mentions a date she went on the other day, or she starts mentioning another guy’s name. Try not to take this to heart, she is trying to make you jealous. She wants you to feel the same way that she does. Pay her some attention and tell her how you really feel about her and the other guy should suddenly disappear. 

She suddenly disappears 

Speaking of disappearing. Her jealous streak may suddenly become too much for her and she might simply stop calling, texting, seeing you, arranging dates and stop following you on social media. This is different from simply giving you the cold shoulder normally when girls do this they will at least message you a little.

When a girl completely disappears, there is no guarantee that she will come back. She has probably decided that the jealousy is not healthy any longer and she needs to move on. It really sucks and it hurts but you need to remember that it simply was not meant to be. 

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