This Is How You Build Sexual Tension Over Text - Flirting Over Text Message & More

This Is How You Build Sexual Tension Over Text – Flirting Over Text Message & More

Learn how to build sexual tension over text. Today’s video we’re going to be discussing how to text women and build sexual tension in the process. The idea of building sexual tension can seem quite daunting to many, and if you find the idea of flirting over text and building sexual tension anxiety inducing then don’t worry, you’re not the only one and by the end of today’s video you’ll have a much firmer grasp of how to flirt over text with women.

Sometimes people believe that sexual tension can only be created face to face and it’s completely not true, because you can easily build that sexual tension over text, you just need to know how to do it.

So let’s be real it might take a little bit longer to build that sexual tension and seduce the lady that you have your eye on, but it will happen if you follow these steps. And in today’s video I’m going to tell you the 10 ways that you can build sexual tension over text, so that you can seduce any lady that you are messaging.

How to build sexual tension over text

What is sexual tension? 

I am sure you have heard of sexual tension but you might not be 100% sure what it really is. Sexual tension is when your body has a rush of oxytocin which is a hormone that causes you to flush and makes your insides flip. Have you ever had butterflies in your stomach when you are around someone? That is the feeling of sexual tension. 

You often feel it when you are first interacting with someone that you find attractive. 

Sexual attraction is vital in any relationship, without it the ‘spark’ is simply not there. Don’t forget that there has to be attraction to create sexual tension.

The difference between sexting and building sexual tension via text 

Making the mistake of confusing these two could be critical. If you mix them up, a lady could be offended and put off. There is a thin line between both and it’s important that you don’t cross that line. 

What is sexting? 

Sexting is a very direct form of sexual communication. It can be explicit and descriptive and is usually done between two people who are in a relationship or have dated for a while. They might be doing long distance or just miss each other and so they resort to sexting. This is not what sexual tension is though.

What is building sexual tension? 

When you start building sexual tension via text, you are both showing each other that you like each other. This is normally the beginning of a relationship, maybe after you have been dating for a while. You’ll know when the time is right because you might have been dating for a month or so and you will be ready to move things to the next level. 

Make sure there’s a mutual connection

You might remember that sexual tension is built on attraction. Before you start trying to build sexual attraction via text, you need to make sure that the other person is attracted to you. Take some time to think about if they actually seem interested in you and attracted to you. 

If you jump in and start trying to build sexual tension via text without establishing this mutual attraction then the lady might think you only want her for one thing and feel used. Which will lead to her moving on. You don’t want this, the mutual attraction will be the base to building the sexual attraction you desire. 

Start with something light 

Don’t go straight in with the big guns. You want to ease yourself and your lady into it. There should not be too much pressure at this stage, your first messages should be something simple like asking her how she is doing and if she has had a nice day. You will notice that this message is not flirty at all. As I said you want to start with something light and that is why it is nice to start with a casual message. 

This helps you understand how the other person is feeling as well. If they have had a bad day, they might just want to talk to you and not feel pressured into building sexual tension.

Focus on sending open-ended questions 

You want the girl you are texting to reply. The only way to do this is to make sure they have something to reply to. That is where open-ended questions come into play. Open-ended questions are questions you ask that require more than yes or no answers. For example an open-ended question would be, “What is your favourite type of food”. This would require a girl to reply more than just a simple yes or no. She is likely to send back her favourite type of food and why she likes it. 

You could also send some open-ended questions that help to build sexual tension. Something like “What do you look for in a man”. She might start to describe someone who is just like you and then you know that she is definitely interested in you. 

Check on how they are responding to you

You have started to build some sexual tension with your open-ended questions and casual conversations. It’s time to check in now and see how they are responding to you. Are they sending long texts back? They are interested in you if they do this. Are they using some flirty language? Even better! You will know if someone is responding to you well and if they are interested in you. Make sure that she is still interested in you before you take things up a notch. 

Tease them more and more everyday 

It’s time to start teasing them little by little. You don’t want to give everything away at once, giving the other person nothing to look forward to. Sometimes you should let the other person text you first. Use some flirty language and drop in some hints that you like her. You could text something like “I can’t wait to see you again soon”. 

Start teasing her about anything slightly silly she says as well. Don’t be mean or put her down but you tease her about them. This is a great way to start building sexual tension and getting the flirting started. 

Show off your naughty side

Although you need to be a gentleman, you need to show her that you are interested in her sexually. Otherwise she will not know how you feel. That’s why you need to introduce her to your naughty side. You should start by using innuendos and flirt with plenty of confidence. This will make it really clear to her that you are interested in her sexually. She will then feel more comfortable and start doing the same back to you. This will really kick the sexual tension up a notch and she will be left wanting more of you! 

Be spontaneous 

When you date someone face to face, you are often told that it is important to be spontaneous. The same goes for when you are trying to build sexual tensions over text. You need to excite your lady because that is a huge part of that butterflies feeling. So how can you be spontaneous, well you could send a naughty text out of the blue. This will make them a little frustrated because they can’t be with you in person right then and there! The tension with your lady is building. 

Put the brakes on sometimes 

A huge part of building the tension is having a break. For example, when you are watching a TV program and it is at a crucial part and then boom, there’s an ad break! You can’t wait for it to start again. You want nothing more than to watch the second half of that show! It’s all you can think about. It is just the same with building sexual tension over text. 

Let her text first sometimes and sometimes say that you are super busy and won’t be able to text for a few days. It sounds risky but it really is not. All she will be thinking about is you and it will make it even more electric once you start texting again. 

This is a great way to ensure your relationship does not fizzle out over text as well. 

Spell check your messages 

Ok, I can almost see you right now guys thinking how would my spell checking my messages help to build sexual tension. Well when you are building sexual tension with someone you need to make sure that you don’t do anything to turn them off. Something that is simple to avoid but is often overlooked is checking your spelling. If your lady notices that you are spelling everything wrong, she might feel like you don’t care enough to do a simple spell check. 

It’s simple, make sure you do it! 

Ask them out 

Finally, it’s fun to build sexual tension over text but eventually you will both want to see each other. It’s important to also build sexual tension in person though. So you need to ask them out! You can simply say that you have really enjoyed texting and messaging her and ask if she would like to meet in person. She won’t be able to resist and after building all of that sexual tension, make sure you pick somewhere romantic. 

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