signs he loves you without saying it

30 Signs he loves you without saying it

You’ve arrived on today’s article because you want to learn about some signs he loves you without him actually saying those 3 magical words. Now don’t let the fantasy concept of relationships fool you. Just because someone hasn’t said “I love you” or they haven’t said it more than say 6 times in a month doesn’t mean they do not have those loving feelings towards you.

So here we go, we’re going to be going through 30 signs that he loves you without actually saying it.

1. He always offers support

A man who loves you will act as your own personal cheerleader – encouraging you and supporting you in your life. Whether its work or a hobby, he will always have positive input.

2. Complimenting your personality

If the only compliments he gives are about your looks or your body, it might not be love. A true sign of love is being able to see beneath the superficial and appreciate you as more than just a pretty face.

3. Asking your advice

If he genuinely wants your advice this shows he really respects you and your insight. Asking for advice is also not easy for some men so it is a big thing if he lets himself be vulnerable enough to ask for help – even if it just something small. If h e feels he can show his vulnerability around you, he must trust you.

4. Standing up for you

Does he stand up for you when people talk bad about you or try to start an argument with you? This is a sign he loves you and wants to protect you.

5. Smiling a lot when he is around you

If he is constantly smiling or laughing when he is around you, he must really enjoy your company. This is the foundation for a loving relationship.

6. Spending time at your home

When a man is comfortable enough to willingly spend time in your home when he could be in his own home, it shows that he is open to being a bigger part of your life. ???

7. He doesn’t feel the need to ‘win’ every argument

If you have a disagreement, it is difficult to let go sometimes and just let the other person win. If he does this with you then he probably has strong feelings for you.

8. He gives you thoughtful gifts

Giving gifts in itself is not a sign of love. However, if he does give you very thoughtful gifts that really mean something to you then this is a sign he is thinking about you, even when he’s not with you,and is willing to spend money or time to show he cares.

9. He wants to introduce you to his friends

If he wants his friends to know you, it is probably because he is proud of you being part of his life.

10. He wants to introduce you to his Mum/family

Again, this shows he is proud of you, but also means he is really willing to commit. You wouldn’t introduce someone to your family if you didn’t see a future with them.

11. He gives you space

If he allows you time to yourself, it shows a lot of respect for you and the things that are important to you.

12. Talking about the future

Maybe he sometimes mentions what your wedding would be like, baby names, or what location or type of place he would like to live with you one day. This is a big sign that he really loves you.

13. Makes an effort with your family and friends

Making a real effort to gt along with your family and friends is not always easy. If he is doing this he must think it is worth it just to be with you.

14. He is more confident when he is around you

You may notice he is more able to be his true self around you and is more confident. Love can do this to people!

15. Holding your hand

Holding hands is an affectionate way to remind you how much he cares without using words.

16. He calls for no reason

Calling ‘just to chat’is not entirely natural for a lot of men and is a sure sign that he loves talking to you.

17. He takes an interest in things you like

He probably didn’t watch many chick flicks before he knew you, but all of a sudden he is happy to put up with them, just so he can spend time with you.

18. He knows when something is wrong

You will know he loves you when he starts to notice when you’re upset or annoyed before you’ve said or done anything.

19. He looks at you a lot

This is a subtle one, but you may just catch him staring at you at random times. If he loves you he will feel good just from looking at you, so of course he will be doing it more.

20. He touches you a lot

This can be subtle again – just little strokes on the arm or tickling you a lot.

21. A little bit of jealousy

OK, so you dont want him to be jealous. But if you can tell he gets just a little bit jealous every so often it can just be a sign he really cares about you and doesnt want to share you.

22. Missing you

One obvious sign of love is missing someone when theyre not around. If he tells you he misses you or shows signs of missing you – it could be love.

23. He does things for you

Even if they’re just little things, he is trying to make you happy.

24. Really listening to you

This is underrated. Truly listening to you demonstrates his respect and affection for you.

25. Making time for you

A man who loves you will always make time in their schedule – no matter how busy they are.

26. You make him laugh

Everyone wants someone who can make them laugh!

27. forehead kisses

‘Grandma kisses’ really show his deep and pure love for you. Any affectionate gesture like this that is non sexual displays love on a deeper level.

28. He gets a bit nervous around you

Stuttering on his words? Going red? It’s because he like you so much!

29. He shares things with you

Trusting you enough to share detail of his life shows trust and commitment.

30. He inconveniences himself for you

Going out of his way to make you happy means he is putting you first – even before himself!


And there you go, that’s 30 ways you can identify if he loves you without saying those exact words. As always we’d love to know what you thought of today’s article in the comments section below.

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