Signs of sexual frustration

16 Hidden Signs Of Sexual Frustration (For Single People & Those In Relationships)

Sexual fustration can happen when you are single and when you are in a relationship.

It’s important to remember that even if you are in a relationship, sexual fustration can strike. It’s vital that you deal with it before it develops into something that could distroy your relationship.  

In today’s video I am going to discuss 16 hidden signs of sexual fustration.

The signs of sexual fustration have been split into two groups, relationship signs and single signs however they can apply to both groups.

Signs of sexual frustration

If you are in a relationship…

You check out mentally 

Mentally you are not in the relationship anymore, you have completely checked out.

You don’t feel close to your partner, and you have lost hope.

It’s not a nice place to find yourself in and this is the time to have a conversation with your partner before things get any worse. 

Constant arguing 

You and your partner are constantly arguing, and it never seems to stop. Everything turns into an argument.

Sometimes when you find yourself arguing you just need to have sex with them and get all the tension out. It can be one of the best times to initiate sex. 

Living through your friends sex life

Before you couldn’t care less what your friends sex life was like.

You thought of it as something private to them. Now that you are sexually frustrated though, you can’t stop asking them what they have been up to.

You ask your friends that are in relationships how often they have sex, and you ask your single friends what type of sex they are having.

You are living through their sex life because you don’t have one of your own. 

Frequently asking your partner for sex

It’s the first thing to come out of your mouth in the morning and last thing to come out of your mouth at night.

You are always asking your partner for sex, and they start to get really annoyed. They say things like “it feels like all you want me for is sex”. Sometimes it works but most of the time it doesn’t. 


You consider yourself to be a person with patience but suddenly you have none.

When your partner is not ready on time, you get angry. When you have to go shopping with them or do something that you don’t like to do, you snap.

You might even start being short tempered with your wider family and friends. 

Leading arguments back to sex

Any arguments that you have with your partner, you lead back to sex.

For example, they asked you to make dinner. You start arguing with them and telling them why they should make it.

You both go around in circles, and you somehow turn it into an argument about you both not having sex. Your partner says, “fine I’ll just make dinner”.

This is destructive behavior and the faster you realize that the faster you can correct it.  

Seeing only the negative parts of your partner

You used to think that your partner was the best thing to happen to you.

Now you can only see the negative parts of them. Instead of finding them loveable, you find them really annoying and don’t want to spend time with them.

You start pointing this out to them which makes them feel really bad about themselves. 

Starting fights for no reason 

You find yourself starting fights with your partner for no reason at all.

You both argue and then when it’s over you realize that it was over something that did not matter at all.

This is your way of getting your frustration out.

Taking it out on your partner like this will only ruin your relationship. It’s not a healthy way to deal with it. 

Giving up 

You simply give up. You are not getting what you need from your partner, so instead of working on it, you walk away.

Sex, or the lack of it, is one of the top reasons that married couples divorce, so it’s not surprising that this is something that happens a lot of time.

There are many steps you could take before you need to give up.

Take a moment to remember that there is more to a relationship than sex and there are ways around sexual frustration, it just requires commitment and work. 

If you are single…

Unhealthy coping skills  

You replace sex with drinking, drugs, and fast food as a way to cope.

You need a hit of dopamine which is the feel-good hormone that is released during sex which is why you are reaching for these things to help you cope.

They give you a similar rush of dopamine but they are not good for you.

They can cause you a lot of harm and make you feel bad about yourself.

So put the junk food down and ease your sexual frustration. 

Increase in physical touching 

You start touching friends more, even though you would never have done this before.

Normally we don’t even notice that we are doing this, but it is a sign of sexual frustration and a longing for physical touch.

If your friends start asking why you keep touching them, it might be time to find some way to cure your sexual frustration. 

Forcing a connection 

You meet someone and immediately start forcing a connection.

It might be clear that the other person is not interested at all in you in that way but you still try to change their mind.

They might start to find it uncomfortable to be around you and make up an excuse to leave.

Another scenario is that you are persistently messaging them and asking them to come over to your house. They have told you that they are busy or have to get up early for work, yet you keep asking.

When it gets to this point, you are risking your relationship with that person.

They might choose to move on or cut ties with you. If you have been friends for a while then this could be really damaging.

It’s important that you don’t force a connection, even though you are experiencing sexual frustration, instead find someone who does like you that way. 

Watching a lot of porn 

It is very normal to watch porn, but if you start watching it a lot and multiple times a day, it might be time to get laid in real life.

You might be happy to watch lot’s of porn which is fine. Even though this might help your sexual frustration and stop it from bubbling over. This will not satisfy you as much as finding someone to have sex with will. 

Being irritable

Irritability is when you find everything annoying, and you start taking this out on other people.

If you are normally quite calm and understanding at work and suddenly you find yourself getting easily annoyed when someone does something wrong, it’s a sign of irritation.

You also might get irritated at your friends, family or just something that is not working like your phone.

If you start to feel like this, take note and ask yourself, could this be sexual tension? 

Trouble sleeping

You start to experience trouble sleeping. Your brain is racing, and you just can’t fall asleep.

Once you are asleep you find yourself waking up a lot more than you normally would.

You might be wondering why you are having trouble sleeping and believe it is down to stress. Of course, if you are going through something extremely stressful then this could be to blame.

It could also be that you are sexually frustrated though.

Your body might be pumping around a lot of hormones which are not being used. This can lead to your body not being able to relax and therefore restfully sleep. 

Fantasizing about having sex

Your dreams start becoming sexual and you find yourself fantasizing about having sex a lot more then you did before.

You might be thinking about an ex or someone you find yourself attracted to. In other instances, it could be someone random that just pops into your head at that moment.

It is becoming something that happens more regularly and you can’t seem to switch it off.

Even when you are working it happens and this is when you might realize that it is time to deal with it.

Perhaps you need to find someone to have sex with or you might need to find another way to deal with your urges, but it won’t simply go away. 

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