Why DO Sigma Males CHOOSE To Ignore Women - 8 Reasons The Lone Wolf CHOSES To Be Single

Why DO Sigma Males CHOOSE To Ignore Women – 8 Reasons The Lone Wolf CHOSES To Be Single

Why Sigma Males Ignore Women. Are you a sigma male?

Are you trying to figure out what you are? Sigma males operate mostly on their own terms, they don’t lead, but they also don’t follow.

They are a very unique type of male and they are normally very well liked.

Sigma males tend operate on their own terms which is why sometimes ignore the ladies, but why do they do this?

Why sigma males ignore women

Why are sigma men desirable? 

Let’s start by discussing why sigma men are desirable. They are often more desirable than an alpha male or beta male.

Think of alphas and betas as extremes. One is noticeably confident and loud, the other quiet and shy.

Sigma men are somewhere in the middle. They have the confidence, but they don’t need to be the loudest in the room.

Girls often think sigma males are very mysterious and they like this. They want to get to know them more and impress them, which is why they are so desirable.

Sigma males often have women chasing them, but they don’t really take notice of them unless they think of one woman as being special or ‘the one.’ 

Now you understand why sigma men are so desirable, let’s find out why they ignore women. 

She is already taken 

A sigma male will never go after a taken woman even if he really likes her.

He might have developed a friendship with her and developed an attraction towards her but if she has a boyfriend, he won’t act on it. Sigma males are very honest and honorable, they don’t want to ruin someone’s relationship just because they might like the girl.

They also won’t just jump to another girl because they are very selective. Sigmas are more likely to simply get on with their lives, and if another girl enters his life then that’s great but he won’t go searching for her.

Sigma men know that the right woman will come along, and it might even be the original one if she leaves her relationship, but he would never want it to be because of him. 

He thinks his feelings are not reciprocated 

Sigma males are more emotional than alpha males, but they are still likely to keep their feelings for a girl to themselves for as long as possible.

They don’t jump in and tell a girl how they feel at the very beginning. They normally like to wait until they can be very sure that the girl feels the same way.

If he feels as though she has friend-zoned him or is not interested in him then he will ignore her. This is not because he is angry that she does not feel the same way, it’s simply because he is embarrassed.

A sigma male takes a risk doing this though because she might actually like him but have also not been brave enough to tell him.

Women will often not forgive a man if they ignore them even if it was because he didn’t know how she felt.

This is something that sigmas have to watch out for. 

He values his freedom 

Sigma males march to the beat of their own drum. They really do value their own freedom and sometimes they don’t want to lose it.

It does not matter how much freedom your relationship allows, you will never have as much freedom as you do when you are single.

Sigma guys often have to meet the perfect girl for them before they will give up this freedom. They don’t like being bossed around and still need some degree of freedom, even when they are in a relationship.

Sometimes a sigma will simply decide that his freedom is too important, and he will not date or look for a relationship for a while because he just wants to enjoy his freedom. 

They have been hurt before

Sigma males have kind hearts and it’s easy for them to get hurt. If a girl has hurt them they might decide to shut girls out for a while so that they can get over the hurt.

They are in tune with their emotions and understand that sometimes they just need to not date and instead look after themselves. It could take them a long time to get over hurt especially if they loved the girl.

The problem is that when a sigma male is not interested in dating, girls often find them more mysterious and more attractive which can mean they have lots of girls chasing them.

They have had enough of dramatic girls 

Sigma males are easy going. They are chilled and don’t like any drama in their lives.

Although alpha males don’t mind drama, sigma males are the opposite in this way. They prefer to live peaceful lives and would rather focus on doing things they love.

If a sigma male has been dating a few girls and they are all dramatic, he will just ignore them. The same goes for dramatic girlfriends they might end up with.

When I say dramatic, I mean high maintenance princesses who are full of gossip and boss sigma’s around.

These types of women often take away the freedom sigma’s enjoy plus sigma males don’t want to listen to a girl talking about drama.

They would much rather be talking about something that is going on in the world then discussing something one of their friends did. Sigma males will often just start ignoring women if they become dramatic. 

They need time to figure out what they want 

Sigma men need a lot of time in their lives to figure out what they want.

They are not prepared to settle and are not desperate to settle down with a girlfriend. Sigmas are more likely to want to experience life and go traveling before they settle down.

They also want to date a few women so they know what they would like in a girlfriend. They will often ignore women while they are going through this stage of their life.

Sigmas believe it would be unfair to string these women along when they don’t know if they want to be in a relationship with them.

Even though to women during this moment it might seem harsh. They are actually doing it to be nice, which is a fundamental part of a sigma males’ personality. 

They are selective about the types of women they like 

Sigma males do not want high maintenance women.

They don’t normally date dramatic or princess type women. Nor do they really like overly confident women.

They prefer a woman who is on the same level as them. Although confident they can also be alone and enjoy spending time with just the two of them. Sigma’s want a driven woman but also someone who they can marry and start a family with.

They want someone who will love them for them and not try to change them.

They cherish their freedom, so it is important that the woman is independent. Sigma males often have a longer list of wants when they are searching for a woman, but it means they normally end up with the one they will stay with for life. 

They want to be alone

Sigma males are not loners like beta males are. They do like the company of others. If they have been hurt a lot though or have struggled to find the right woman, then they might decide they just want to be alone.

Sigma’s will often do this if they have a close friend group that they have to spend time with and if they are close with their family. They might at some point find the right woman, but they won’t look and until they do they will just be alone.

Unlike beta men though they won’t shut themselves away. They will still be social but will just not be searching for a partner. Sigma males are confident enough in themselves to be alone and not feel lonely. 

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