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27 Emotional Signs He’s Cheating

Are you worried your partner might not be being totally honest with you? In today’s article we’re going to be taking a look at 27 emotional signs he’s cheating.

Emotional signs are different from normal signs he’s cheating. People tend to find emotional cheating easier and they feel less guilty about it. They may not even fully realise what they’re doing, but it is seen as a gateway to full on cheating.

Take a look through our 27 signs your boyfriend or husband is cheating and see how things measure up with your current situation.

1. He’s moody

If he’s moody and depressed when he’s around you but he gets upbeat and excited when he’s closing to leaving you then that’s never a good sign.

2. He stops paying attention

It could be to you, your life together, your home or your family.

3. He’s started talking a lot about problems that a person in his life is having.

It could be a friend, co-worker, neighbour or classmate.

4. Changes to his sleep pattern

There could be plenty of other reasons like stress from work etc, but if their sleep pattern seems disturbed with no explanation, when combined with other factors, it’s another sign they may be cheating.

5. They show no interest in the future of the relationship

6. Your friends or family have asked if anything is wrong

You might find that your friends or family will notice tension between the two of you before you actually pick up on it.

7. They’re less affectionate

If they’re starting to show less and less affectionate towards you it may be because that they’re not into you anymore.

8. They pick fights with you

Often when someone starts cheating on their partner their stress levels can go through the roof. This is why they end up having fights more easily, the mixed emotions and thoughts of betraying you can all end up being too much.

9. They’re not interested in talking to you

Given the options, they’d rather watch tv or read a book than engage in conversation with you.

10. They hint at an end to the relationship whenever you fight or argue

Arguments can and do happen in most relationships, but if your partner constantly hints at the idea of the relationship ending whenever you have any little disagreement then it’s something you should be very suspicious of.

11. He’s emotionally distance and withdrawn

He’s a lot more protective of his privacy than he used to be and he doesn’t want to talk to you about it.

12. He prefers spending time with his friends rather than seeing you

13. He’s started criticizing things he used to like about you

14. He takes a lot more offence to things than he ever did before

15. A complete overhaul in their music tastes

This may seem odd but as someone becomes more interested in a different person, they may shift their interests to match up with theirs, an easier one to spot is music taste.

16. They’re overly critical of another person

Have they gone from showing zero interest in a person to be overly critical of them? They might think that they’re doing a good job of covering their interest but all they’re really doing is highlighting this person to you.

17. Your instincts are telling you things are off

You should pay attention to what your instincts are telling you. If something doesn’t feel right, you’ve probably got a good reason to be feeling that way as you’re likely going to notice a change in your partner’s habits before anyone else.

18. They stop saying “I Love You”

19. When you do something nice for them they act guilty

If they’re thinking of leaving or cheating on you because you don’t make them happy, when you do things that do make them happy they’ll end up thinking about what they’re doing and you may be able to spot this guilty behaviour.

20. They’re more caring of your needs

This is one of those guilty behaviours you’ll be able to pick up on. They start being more attentive of you to try and make themselves feel less guilty for what they’re doing. Over time as the cheating continues, this will dissipate.

21. A lack of interest in intimacy

22. They accuse you of cheating

Without any evidence or suggestion they start accusing you of cheating, this could well develop from their own knowledge of cheating on their part.

23. He lacks any self-esteem

If someone isn’t happy and is feeling insecure in the relationship they’re a chance they may end up seeking out others who can provide them with reassurance and positive feelings instead.

24. He’s started buying you gifts

This is another guilty behavioural trait you can pick up on. They’re not doing this to make you feel better, they’re doing it to make themselves feel better.

25. The compliments have stopped

If he was someone who used to compliment you often but has now stopped, it’s something to be wary of.

26. They start getting offended when you ask normal questions

It never used to be a problem, but now asking what time they’re back for dinner or finishing work suddenly cause an issue. Changes in behaviour like this should be watched out for.

27. He just stops talking to you

If you live together you’ll notice this one quite quickly. He no longer has any interest in talking to you, he’s become distant and inconsiderate of any of your feelings.


That’s it for our 27 signs he is cheating on you emotionally. How many of these did you recognise in your current situation? If you found today’s article & video helpful in anyway please let us know in the comments section.

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