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25 Signs He’s Losing Interest In You

Is He Losing Interest? Do you find yourself worrying that he might not be into you any more? Today’s video takes a look at 25 signs he’s losing interest in you.

We understand times like these aren’t easy. If he’s not interested in you anymore, why doesn’t he just come out and say it? Sometimes things aren’t as simple as that sadly.

How can you find out for sure if he still likes you or not? The truth is, you might not be able to. But with today’s video and article you may be able to find some clues.

Below we’ve put together our list of 25 signs he is losing interest. One or two on their own may not be a big deal. But if you notice multiple signs stacking up, then there’s a chance things aren’t looking so good for the rest of the relationship.

1. He’s always finding reasons to pick fights

You start to notice that he’s always got something to complain about or there’s something that you’ve done wrong.

2. It’s no longer romantic

Some people just aren’t the romantic type, if that’s him you don’t need to worry about this one. On the other hand, if he always used to be very romantic and now you notice he’s completely changed his behaviour, that is something to be concerned about.

3. He’s no longer excited to see you

Have you started to notice that he’s no longer that interested when he gets to see you? If it feels like he’s just as pleased to see you as he is the rest of the friends then that’s not a good sign.

4. He also isn’t enthusiastic about hearing from you

When you talk on the phone you can just tell that he isn’t that bothered. Hearing how your day has gone and how you’re feeling just isn’t a priority of his anymore.

5. You’re no longer a priority in his life

You might start to pick up on things like work and his friends coming way before you in his priority list. If you’re noticing the fact you’re no longer a priority of his then it’s a sign this relationship may not be for you.

6. You can feel it deep down

You can normally trust that feeling in your stomach, that feeling that tells you something isn’t quite right anymore. It may be the right time to at least talk to your partner and find out where you stand.

7. A lack of any intimacy

If all the intimacy in the relationship has faded away it could be another sign things aren’t looking so good for the relationship. There are other reasons this could occur of course, things like stress in people’s life, or some medications can have a massive effect on this.

8. The relationship is one sided

Do you feel like you’re the only one putting effort into the relationship anymore? If you were to stop bothering would the whole relationship just fizzle out? If so, it might not be a relationship worth keeping anyway.

9. He no longer engages with things you have to say

When you talk you’ll be able to spot quite easily if he’s interested in what you have to say. If he’s no longer interested in you, he may stop paying attention to the things you say and he’ll put no effort into continuing the conversation with you.

10. No sign of moving forward

Another sign of fading interest could be a reluctance to move forward in the relationship.

11. He’s not responsive

If he was the type of person who normally responded quickly but now takes forever to reply, it could be another sign he’s losing interest.

12. He only does the bare minimum

He’s only interested in doing the absolute bare minimum it takes to keep the relationship ticking over.

13. He gets annoyed very easily

You may notice he’s lost any form of patience with you. He may be getting annoyed over little and irrational things more often now that he’s no longer interested in the relationship.

14. He spends less time with you

This might be one of the first things you start to notice. He spends less and less time around you. He’s no longer putting in the effort he used to to see you.

15. He’s no longer supportive of you

You may find you don’t have his support in your professional life or your goals and dreams. He’s no longer someone you think you can go to when you need help.

16. He isn’t affectionate anymore

Any changes in affection can be a sign something isn’t right.

17. He doesn’t notice changes

It’s the little things like changing your hairstyle or buying a new top that in the past he would have picked up on but now doesn’t spot.

18. He’s defensive

If he knows in his heart he’s no longer interested in the relationship he may feel guilty and get defensive when you start trying to find out what’s going on.

19. He’s full of excuses

When it comes to going out or just hanging out he starts to come up with excuses for why he’s busy or can’t see you. This could happen from time for time for very reasonable reasons. But if it’s constantly happening more and more it could be a sign of lost interest.

20. His responses to you are short

Going are the days when he would send you long messages. You may find now you’re lucky if you can get a full sentence out of him in his replies.

21. He no longer asks you questions and only talks about himself

When it comes to discussions, he isn’t interested in you, he just wants to talk about himself these days.

22. He’s stopped caring about how he looks

This is one of those that really has to be taken into context with everything else going on. It may well be that he’s more comfortable and relaxed around you.

23. There’s no longer any laughter in the relationship

This is exactly how it seems. Did you use to enjoy having a laugh with each other? Has that feeling now left the relationship?

24. He’s stopped taking you into consideration

When it comes to decision making, he only thinks about himself and does what he wants to do with no care for you anymore.

25. He no longer shows any initiative in the relationship

When it comes to you and the relationship he just doesn’t care enough anymore. There’s no more surprise dates or cute little messages. The whole relationship seems like its gone a bit stale.


That’s it for our signs he’s losing interest. Did any of these apply to your situation? Are there any others you’d recommend adding from your own experiences? Comment below and let us know.

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