Girls Only Do This With Guys They Love

Girls Only Do This With Guys They Love

The biggest fear people have when they fall in love with someone is that it won’t be reciprocated. It’s scary putting yourself out there and fearing rejection.

Most men find women impossible to read and feel as though they never really know what is going on in their minds. It can be hard to decipher how they feel or what they want.

The good news is that women normally fall in love with a man faster than a man falls in love with a woman.

So, if you have been dating a woman for a while, it might be time to start looking for the signs that show she is falling in love with you.

Once you have spotted the signs, you know that you can safely fall in love and that it will be reciprocated. 

Girls Do THIS With Guys They Love

In today’s video I am going to reveal things girls do only with guys they really love. This will help you stop worrying about rejection and let you fall in love, at your own pace. 

She has to know everything about you

Not only does she have to know, but she wants to know everything about you. She is clearly really interested in you, and she shows it by asking you questions about every little part of your life.

Nothing seems to bore her even when you are explaining what shampoo you use and why.

She doesn’t stop at asking you questions, she also asks your friends questions about you and even your family once she meets you.

This is a sure sign that she is in love with you, and she wants to know you better than anyone else does. 

Her maternal instincts kick in

Women have deep maternal instincts. Their hormones are a lot more maternal than men’s are because they need to be the ones to birth a baby! It is not just towards small children that they are maternal though, they are often maternal to anyone they love.

What does it look like when a woman is maternal? Well, she might fuss over you, do your washing, make you dinner and comfort you after you have had a difficult day at work.

She will also become protective of you. This includes on an emotional support level.

You can expect her to ask you questions such as ‘how are you really feeling?’ or ‘that sounds sad, that sounds amazing.’

She will resort to praises too. Anytime you do something that she sees you put a lot of effort into, she will make sure you are praised for your hard work and efforts.

They encourage and support you

She becomes your number one supporter and will encourage you to go after your dreams or to put your name forward for the promotion at work.

When a lady loves you she will always look for ways in which she can support you and encourage you to reach your goals.

This is a strong sign that she loves you and only wants the best for you.

She is on your team and wants you to know that.

Don’t expect her to give you a business loan, instead focus on the small gestures such as helping you with your revision for an upcoming test, maybe she encourages you to schedule in study time or offers to go to the library with you to rent those books you want to read.

They stay with you in your darkest moments

No matter how hard of a time you are having, she doesn’t leave you. Even when you are horrible company and might even ignore her or start an argument, she stays.

This shows commitment, which is not easy to find, and it shows that she loves you no matter what.

You might even ask yourself why she would bother staying. Well, the truth is, she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. 

She will always make you smile

She will do anything to make you smile even in your darkest moments. From making a joke to buying you a gift. She spends her time thinking about how she makes you smile and makes you happy.

Accepts you as you are

She has no interest in changing who you are, she accepts you as you are. She loves every part of you, even the parts you might not love.

As she fell in love with you because of who you are why would she even want to change you? 

Tries to get close to your loved ones

Whether or not you are close to your loved ones it feels important to her that she is close to them. Whenever you see them, she makes a real effort.

She always dresses nicely around them and engages in interesting conversation.

She is interested in them and what is going on in their lives. Sometimes it might feel as though they are her family and not yours.

Your family will start commenting on how lovely she is and how lucky you are to have her.

If she did not love you, she would not put this type of effort in to be close to your loved ones. 

She is vulnerable with you

She trusts you and opens up to you about her past and her present and tells you about her childhood and anything difficult she went through.

Whenever she has a problem with her friends or at work, she runs straight to you and opens up asking for your opinion.

She values your support and feels as though she could tell you anything.

This is the type of vulnerability that only comes with love. We don’t experience this type of vulnerability with anyone except the person we love.

If you ever walk away from a conversation with her and say ‘wow, that was deep’ or ‘wow I didn’t expect anything more than small talk’ see it as a compliment.

She wants to share her emotions with you as she trusts you.

Trusts you with her deepest, darkest secrets

You become her secret keeper. She tells you every secret she has and also keeps any that you tell her.

Girls do tell their friends their secrets, but they always have some deep dark ones that they keep to themselves. These are the ones they feel comfortable sharing with you. 

She does not take you for granted

She loves you which means she never takes you for granted. Her hopes are that every morning when she wakes up, you will be there, but she doesn’t know if you will.

This is why she never takes a moment you have together for granted. Some of the ways she shows you this is by doing nice things for you. Complimenting you and telling you how she feels about you.

She wants you to know how important you really are to her. 

She is your best friend and advisor 

She becomes your best friend and advisor. This can take time, or it can be almost instant.

You still have your guy friends, and she still has her girlfriends but together you are best friends.

You never get bored of spending time together because it is like you get to hang out with your best friend every day.

You do the same types of things you would do with your best friends. You open up to each other and share things.

If you have a problem, she is always there to advise you on your best course of action and is happy to help you whenever you need it. This is the love level of a relationship. 

She shows you that you are her priority 

Although she has a lot going on in her life between work, family, and friends plus other commitments she makes it clear that you are her priority.

She will drop things if you need her and come to your rescue. You will find she starts to spend more time with you then she does her friends, and she wants you to meet them.

When she tells you that you are the most important person in her life then you know she wholeheartedly loves you and wants you to know that. 

She asks you to meet her family 

It’s a big step, meeting a girl’s family.

Although it is normally the girl who suggests it first, she does not do it lightly.

She will only let guys that she really loves meet her family and she might have never let a guy meet them before.

When she asks if you are nervous to meet them make sure you say yes even if you are not. It shows that you care about meeting them.

She wants you to recognize how much they mean to her and what a big step this is for her. 

She doesn’t feel like she needs to be perfect 

Girls often feel as though they need to be perfect around a guy. For the first dates, she dresses perfectly and does her hair and make-up.

She might carry this on for quite a while. She does not really let down her walls so that you can experience the real her.

Girls can be quite guarded at the beginning. You might notice that she starts to wear sports gear when she sees you and has no makeup. She might also start making mistakes in front of you and being more vulnerable.

This shows that she no longer feels as though she needs to be perfect. She loves you and hopes you will love her regardless.

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