Girls Use This Secret Body Language to Seduce Men

Girls Use This Secret Body Language to Seduce Men

The art of seduction is something that girls do well. They understand the lines between basic flirting and full-on seduction.

Men can and do seduce girls, but girls find it easier to pick up on.

Men still struggle to notice seduction when it is happening to them. They assume a girl is just being nice or is flirting with them when really it is so much more than that.

The key to knowing a girl’s intentions is to understand the secret body language they use when they want to seduce a man.

Once you know what they do and why they do it, you can start searching for clues. 

Body Language Signs She’s Trying To Seduce

Are you ready to become an investigator? In today’s video I am going to let you in on a secret and reveal the body language girls use to seduce men.

They smile 

Smiling can mean a lot of things. It can mean someone is having a great time, that they are being polite, that they just found something you said funny or that they are seducing you.

Girls use smiling as a tool in seduction. The key is to know what type of smile they use and why it is different from the rest.

Girls will normally narrow their eyes and give you a slight smile from the side of their mouths. This is their seduction smile and will be accompanied by some of the other secret body language that I will reveal today.

You are probably thinking, what if she is simply happy and smiling in a friendly way?

Well, the difference between a friendly smile and a smile or seduction is one that looks hard to hide. It may be accompanied with a shyness, pink glow of the cheeks, teamed up with her looking downwards.

They lean in

She leans in to talk to you or when you are talking to her. She wants to show you that she is interested in what you are saying and is listening. Her other reason is because she wants to be as close as possible to you.

A major part of seduction is being close to each other.

Sometimes not touching but being really close to each other is enough to drive you both wild. That is what she is doing when she comes in close. 

They touch you

Another important part of seduction is touch.

Although a lot of seduction is done without touch, it still has a place. It might be a quick touch on the shoulder or a long hold of your hand.

They might touch you and make it look like an accident when really they are trying to create a magical electricity between you both.

Touch is quite an obvious clue that shows you that she wants you

They let you know they are interested via their facial expressions 

You can tell so much about a person just from their facial expressions. They might frown and that could mean that they are angry, bored, or listening.

If they are smiling, then they are normally having an enjoyable time. If they have their eyebrows up, they are normally listening to you.

By paying close enough attention to a girl’s facial expressions, you will know if she is interested in you or not.

It is important to know this because if she is not interested, she is probably not trying to seduce you. 

They use their posture to display their best attributes 

Whether they are standing or sitting, they are doing it in a way that displays their best attributes. They will be thinking about how they are sitting and how this looks from your position.

Girls that are seducing you will always want to look their best and that starts with their posture. So, expect her to sit in the most sexiness yet classy way she can, it could be with her legs crossed, elbow on the table with her neck exposed.

And expect her to draw attention to her best assets, she may start to stroke her leg subtly, fiddle with her necklace or alter her neck line on her t-shirt.

They play with their hair

Girls love to play with their hair in front of guys. It is something that they normally do subconsciously, and she might not realize when she is doing it.

You have probably seen a girl twirling her hair around her fingers or flicking it over her shoulder.

These are common signals that she is wanting to draw attention to her neck. Although not often thought of as such, a girl’s neck is a very sensual place and is one that men admire. She is trying to seduce you by showing you this part of her body. 

They seduce you with their lips not their words

Words do have their place in seduction, but body language actually says more. Specifically, lip body language. Girls’ lips are a very sexual part of their body.

You might notice them biting them slightly, licking them or running their fingers across them.

They are doing this to make you sexually excited but are also inviting you to kiss them. They might do this at the same time they lean in closely. 

They will touch your knee

We have already spoken about touch but another touch area that girls will commonly touch while seducing a guy is his knee.

It might be a stroke while you are talking, and they are looking you in the eye or it might be a pat when you say something funny.

A man’s knees can be a very sexual place and girls know this which is why they go for it. 

They will display open body language 

Open body language is something a person displays when they are friendly, wanting to connect with the other person and interested in them.

If she has open body language, then she wants to get to know you and to talk to you.

Open body language is key for seduction. If she was displaying closed body language, then it would show she was not really interested.

They will expose their skin

Girls will expose their skin when they are trying to seduce a man.

Think tight dresses and short skirts. They might choose to show off their curves by wearing a low-cut top or a short skirt.

A girl hopes that the more skin she exposes the more successful her seduction will be. 

They will stick out their chests

Girls will often sit or stand sticking their chests out to seduce a man. They want to attract you and one way to do that is to show off their assets. 

They will appear as though they are submissive

Girls will often appear as though they are submissive when they are trying to seduce a man.

They might seem shy or reserved when really, they are not. You might notice that she is speaking in a quieter voice and lowering her gaze sometimes.

She wants to appear as though you are in charge, and it is her way of inviting you to take the next step to move the seduction along. 

They will preen themselves 

Preening is when someone fixes themself up so that they look the best, but they do it as you walk towards them.

You might notice that she straightens up her shirt or brushes her fingers through her hair. She wants to look her best for you and so she makes sure to preen herself first.

Expect to see some lip-gloss touch ups or looking more ‘put together’ when she reappears from the restroom.

If you notice she has reapplied her perfume this is her doubling up her seductive ways.

They will dance

She will dance with you if she has the opportunity. If you are both out at a club, she will try and get you on to the dance floor. This is so you can both get close and touch each other more.

Basically, it is an excuse for the both of you to touch and be close without having to initiate it in the corner of a room. 

They use their hands

She uses her hands to touch you but also to make seductive signals. She might wave you over or wave you into her bedroom.

She will use her hands while she is speaking to you so that she can illustrate her point. Watch her hands carefully because she might signal towards areas she wants to draw your attention to or things she wants you to do. 

They make purposeful eye contact 

When a girl is trying to seduce a guy, she will use eye contact well. She might look at you directly or give you flashes of eye contact from across the bar.

Every time she makes eye contact with you, remember that she is doing it purposefully and with meaning. She wants to seduce you which is why she is doing it.

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