How To Get Your Friend To Like You & Fall For You Romantically (Dating Tips For Men)

How To Get Your Friend to Like You & Fall for You Romantically (Dating Tips for Men)

We often know our friends better than we know our families. They open up to us and tell us their deepest darkest secrets. We spend a lot of time with them and really get to know them. This often means that we start to develop feelings towards our friends that go beyond friendship.

I am sure everyone watching has had a crush on a friend at some point. It can be an awkward place to be in because you don’t want to tell them how you feel and risk ruining your friendship but then if you don’t tell them, will you be missing out on something that could have been great?

It’s quite the puzzling situation to find yourself in which is why it would be so much easier if you just knew how your friend felt right?

Today’s video is about how to get your friend to like you more and fall for you. If you can successfully do this then you will know how your friend really feels without having to confront them and ask them directly, which avoids a potentially awkward situation. Plus, if you know that they like you then you can start making your move. 

How to get your friend to like you & fall for you

Stop talking about people you like around them

If you like your friend in a way that is more than a straight friendship it makes sense to start changing your behavior slightly and not treating them solely as a friend. If you are not going to come out and tell them how you feel, then you need to show them how you feel.

One behavioral change you can make that will be noticeable is to stop talking about all the other people you like, don’t even talk about celebrity crushes. It’s a common thing to do with your friends, to talk about how you have the hots for, but if you keep doing this, they will never wonder about you crushing on them, if you make it obvious you like someone else.

Compliment them in new ways

This is another change of behavior. Start complimenting them in different and new ways.

We don’t really compliment our friends very much and if we do it might be about something as simple as wearing a new dress. So, complimenting your friend more and about different things might mean they start viewing you differently.

This can be done in a jokey way. For example, you could joke that your friend is the type of person you would marry. They won’t jump straight to considering you husband material, but it gets them thinking ‘if they would marry me, they would probably date me.’ It starts sowing the seeds of feelings into their minds.

You can also of course compliment them on what they are wearing, how they look physically and compliments about their personality. 

Flirt with them

When you start flirting with your friend it becomes obvious that you might have feelings for them. At the beginning they might think, why is my friend flirting with me? After a while they will start replaying your flirting in their mind and wondering if there could be something more between you.

A great way to flirt is to send them a song and say this reminds me of you. This is typically something couples would do so it will come across as more than just standard chat between friends.

A friend is unlikely to immediately like you and fall for you, it will take some time for them to reframe what they think of you, but flirting is a way to speed this process up.

Hang out with your other friends

Now that you think of them as someone who could potentially be more than a friend, you need to stop treating them as one.

Although you should still spend time with them, it is important that you spend time with other friends as well. This is so that you can create some space between you both, enough distance for her to miss you and also because it’s important that you have friends that you can do friend things with.

Always be there for them and show up

You care about them a lot, as a friend and as possibly something more. This means that you need to be able to show up for them whenever they need you. If they have had a difficult day, go around, and try and cheer them up. If they have a big scary work meeting, take them out for lunch after it.

Show them that when you become more than friends, you will still be there to support them. This type of support can also be the thing that makes them fall for you. 

Show them your sensitive side

We are normally our most sensitive when we are around our good friends. They allow us to open up and say how we really feel without the fear of being judged.

If you have not done this with the friend that you like yet, then take the opportunity to do it.

Vulnerability is considered an important trait to have in a relationship so it is something they will be looking for in a person. 

Make them think of you as their significant other

When you spend time together, arrange to do and do date-like activities. You could go to the movies, out for lunch, out for dinner or even on holiday together.

Try to also do really simple and seemingly boring activities together like going to the supermarket.

These types of activities will start to make them think of you as their significant other before you even are. 

Don’t spend all your time with them

When you start dating someone you don’t spend every minute together. I mean you might eventually when things start heating up but in the early days, you take it slow. Why should it be any different with a friend?

Try not to spend all your time together. Instead arrange to spend time with them in a more of a date way. 

Start working out

If you want them to fall for you and start seeing you as someone who is more than just a friend, then you need to impress them!

Start working out and taking care of yourself so that when they see you, they think wow, how have I never considered how attractive he is before?

Let them miss you

When you are not together in person don’t bombard them with texts. Try to give them space so that they can miss you and develop more feelings for you.

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder and if you have been friends for a while, they simply will miss hanging out with you. 

Look good when you are around them

Step it up a little and make some extra effort. Make sure you are well groomed, your personal hygiene is good, and you are dressed nicely.

An effective way to get them to notice your upgraded look is to purchase new clothes. If they are your friend, they will notice that you have new clothes and comment on them!

This also might get them to look at you as more than a friend. 

Sit closer to them

If you start showing them that you like them then they will start thinking about how they feel about you. One way to show them is to sit closer to them then you normally would.

Try to always be standing or sitting next to them when you are in a group. When you are sitting next to each other, move in closer than you normally would so that you are both just touching. 

Touch them more

Start introducing touch. We do touch our friends but in quite a different way than we would someone we like.

Start touching their arms more, running your fingers through their hair, touching their thigh as you laugh. These small touches will start creating more chemistry between you both which can help move things along. 

Work on your self-esteem

If you are confident in your abilities to win over your friend, it will show. Make sure that before you embark on the journey, you work on your self-esteem.

You need to believe that you are worth it and that you deserve them.

You can do this by making sure you have your own life first, working out, buying new outfits, speaking up and putting boundaries in place. This will all make you more desirable in your friend’s mind. 

Get a makeover

One way to really boost your self-esteem is to get a make-over. For a guy this might look like a haircut and for a girl it might be getting her nails and makeup done.

This can do wonders for how you feel about yourself. 

Tell them how you feel

Open up to them and tell them how you feel about them. Before you do this make sure they are at least showing some interest in you in a romantic way.

If you go straight in and tell them, it could ruin your friendship.

You are better to wait and make sure they are giving off the right kind of signs that prove they feel the same way about you. 

Take them on a romantic date

You have told them how you feel and now it’s time to show them how you feel! To avoid slipping back into friendship territory pull out all the stops and take them on a romantic date.

Try not to act like the friend they know and be a more romantic version of yourself. That will help you both start on a fresh slate. 

And there you have it! 17 things you can do to make your friends like you more and hopefully fall for you!

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