Girls Do THIS When Sexually Interested in You - 16 Signs A Woman Is REALLY Into You (MUST WATCH

Girls Do THIS When Sexually Interested In You – 16 Signs A Woman Is REALLY Into You (MUST WATCH)

Want to know whether a girl is sexually interested in you or not? Knowing when a girl is sexually interested in you is really helpful. Without knowing you are never sure whether you can escalate things or not.  

This means you might often find yourself in the friendzone because you are not taking things to the next level like she would like you to. It is also helpful because she might not be sexually interested in you which sucks…I know! But it is better to know how she feels and be able to move on, saving you both time then hanging around and waiting for her to change her mind (which less face it, with girls probably won’t happen).  

Although you might have struggled to understand girls in the past and what they want or don’t want, it does not always have to be this way. Us girls are actually not that hard to understand, you just need to know the signs to look out for. 

In today’s video I am going to tell you about the signs you should look for when you are trying to decide if a girl is sexually interested in you. These signs are things girls always do when they are interested in a guy, and you have probably even experienced them before.  

Signs a girl is sexually interested in you

She initiates contact with you 

First up, a girl is not going to go out of her way to contact you unless you are of interest to her. Girls will never be the first to make a move unless they are really attracted to a guy. She might be the first to walk up to you in a bar and start a conversation. Or she might be the first to text you after a long day at work.  

If a girl is initiating contact with you, think of yourself as a lucky guy because it is rare.  

She looks at you frequently  

Quick looks here and there but enough for you to notice. Girls can’t keep their eyes off guys they are sexually interested in. No matter how hard they try, their eyes just seem to wonder, and it is like a magnetic force.  

If you keep catching a girl looking over at you then it is a very positive sign. She might blush when you catch her which is another sign that she is interested in you.  

She initiates conversation  

Not only is she the first one to make contact but she is also the one to start a conversation. Again, this is something girls will avoid unless a guy they like is not making the first move. It might not necessarily be a face-to-face conversation that she starts, it could be a text, phone-call or even email if she is a work colleague.  

You might mistake this sign for friendliness but believe me when I say that this is not a common thing for girls to do and you should take not when she does it.  

She makes herself noticeable around you  

You might be wondering what I mean by this one. Well, it’s quite simple really, girls want to be noticed by the guys they are sexually interested in. She will do everything in her power to make sure you notice her when she is around you.  

This will start with how she looks. She will dress up when she sees you and might wear bright colors or the color of ultimate attraction, red. Her hair will be done, and she will be wearing make-up. basically, looking her best for you.  

It will not stop there though, she might bump into you by mistake or speak a little louder than she normally would so that you notice her. You might hear her laughing a lot if you are in the same room.  

She is doing all of this to try and gain your attention and interest. She wants you to notice her!  

She compliments you 

It is always lovely when someone pays you a compliment. If a girl is paying you a lot of compliments, then it shows that she is interested in you. Make sure to notice any compliments that turn a little sexual or are about your body. This should directly show you that she is sexually interested in you.  

She asks you personal questions  

If a girl wants to get to know you, she will ask you personal questions. She might ask about your childhood, friends, or a hobby that you have.  

Girls will sleep with guys that they don’t know very well and don’t want to get to know.  

So, if a girl is interested in getting to know you it shows that there is some level of deeper attraction there. 

She smiles at you often  

What do we do when we are happy? We smile! A smile is always a positive sign, it shows that someone is interested in you, happy to be around you and is attracted to you.  

Often, we smile at people when we want their attention. If a girl is making eye contact with you and smiling then it shows she is interested in you, and you are making her happy which is always a good start.  

She laughs at your jokes 

Humor is one of the best ways to start building attraction. It is no secret that women love funny guys and are attracted to them…look at how many celebrities are dating comedians now! Even if the jokes you are cracking are not that funny, if she is laughing it is a good sign and it shows that she is interested.  

I would avoid cracking overly sexual jokes, but you can crack some slightly sexual jokes and she how she reacts, this is a good way to gauge if she is sexually interested in you.  

She plays with her hair  

Girls play with their hair all the time so much so that it can be a super hard sign to pick up. Your brain is used to seeing it and so it does not even register that it is happening.  

Girls will do this when they are nervous or in a flirty way. If she is nervous, she is more likely to play with the ends of her hair.  

Remember that if she is nervous, it shows that she is interested and invested. If she flicks her hair behind her shoulder, then it shows she is flirting.  

Picking up on these small signs really can tell you so much.  

She copies your body language 

This is called mirroring and it is something girls do when they are interested in a guy. This is something we all do subconsciously.  

You will need to focus if you want to pick up on it. It could be as small as her picking up her glass when you pick up yours. Or she might start picking up on the slang language that you use.  

Mirroring is something that shows she is interested in you.  

She flashes you a seductive look 

This is when it becomes sexy. If a girl starts flashing you seductive looks across the room, you should know she is sexually interested in you.  

She bites her lip when she looks at you 

If a girl bites her lip, she is drawing attention to it. She probably wants to get you thinking about kissing her or she might be signaling that it is a good time for you to kiss her.  

She might also run her finger across her lip or play with her lips as a way of drawing your eyes to them.  

She is enthusiastic around you 

When she is around you, she is just happy to be there! If a girl is enthusiastic around you, it shows that she is attracted to you on some level.  

She wants to put her best self across, which is why she might act extra happy around you and be enthusiastic about the smallest things you do together like supermarket shopping.  

She is always trying to hang out with you 

The more time she spends with you, the more likely it is that you will notice her and think of her in a more sexual way.  

If a girl is interested in you, she will want to spend time with you at any time of day. If a girl is more sexually interested in you, then she will be more likely to want to spend time with you after work or late at night.  

She moves her legs towards you 

Next time you are with a girl that you think might be sexually interested in you, take note of her legs. Are they angled towards you? If they are, she is subconsciously showing you that she is interested in you, and you are safe to make a move.  

She invites you to her place 

If she asks you to come over late at night, well it’s a booty call. This word kind of has a bad rep now but actually if a girl is sexually interested in you and she wants you over late at night, it’s a good thing!  

She is showing you that she is interested by being direct with you. If a girl is texting you to come over at midnight, you probably know what is going to happen.  

She makes the first move 

This should make it super clear! If a guy that a girl is interested in is taking too long to make the first move, she will step in and do it herself. Not all girls will do this. Some will simply move on or walk away.  

Girls with a lot of confidence are likely to make the first move. She might tell you how she feels or lean in for a kiss.  

However she does it, it should become fairly obvious that she is interested in you sexually.  

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