Is Your Face Attractive? (Men & Women's Faces) Attraction & Beauty Standards - THIS MATTERS

Is Your Face Attractive? (Men & Women’s Faces) Attraction & Beauty Standards – THIS MATTERS

From a young age, we are all influenced by everything and everyone around us. About the way that we look, the way other people look, and the way that the media portrays the perfect look.

It’s something that is ingrained in our brains without even trying. This can be very damaging to some people and their self-esteem.

The media can play a huge role in a lot of mental health problems and confidence issues that both men and women go through as they get older.

Although it is more common among young women, men are also insecure about their looks, even if they don’t like to admit it.

Beauty standards within the media and fashion world are often blamed on the male gaze and men. The beauty standards themselves were created by people who have assumed what men want to see and pushed it forward.

Nowadays, the beauty standards are so high because many people look up to celebrities and how they look. Not acknowledging the fact that a lot of celebrities themselves get cosmetic surgery to try and keep up with the standards. It’s a double-ended sword when you look at it.

So how do we know if we are attractive? What makes a face attractive?

This is a matter of personal opinion, what one person deems to be sexy, another could find it repulsing.

Anyway, we’ve had a look at all the latest fashion magazines, and online forums, and even asked the public what do they think makes the face attractive?

So, buckle down and get your notepad out because we are about to find out.

What makes a face attractive


When someone says you have a baby face, essentially, they are saying you look very young and youthful.

This is a massive compliment if you are older as a lot of people can become insecure with fine lines and wrinkles as they age.

Babyface is often referred to as soft supple skin with little to no sun marks, sun damage, acne, or fine lines and wrinkles.

Some people don’t find this to be a compliment, mainly young women who want to look older and appear more mature.

However, for the vast majority of people being told you look youthful and have a baby face is something that they strive for through skin care regimes and cosmetic procedures.

Babyface is also used in Hollywood to highlight women who don’t look like they’ve aged over time. Their skin complexion appears the same. They have little to no wrinkles, no signs of ageing or sun damage at all. This means that they can often play characters who are much younger than them. Although this cannot be helped, it is mostly down to genetics, it is something that people strive to portray.

Simple no make-up, make-up

A lot of women have mastered the new makeup look, which allows them to cover any small insecurities they may have like acne spots or dark marks, without putting layers of make-up on their skin.

Even though it is hard for men to differentiate between filters on social media and women who don’t wear make-up, this is something that they do like in women. Think of a new makeup look as the base which includes foundation, concealer, eyebrow products, and mascara. Anything more extravagant like eyeshadow, eyelashes, a lot of contours, blusher, and colorful lipstick is more of a night-time/going out look.


If you have a symmetrical face you are seen to be a natural beauty.

A symmetrical face is when both sides of your face are an equal distance apart i.e. if you could fold your face and half your left eyebrow would perfectly match your right eyebrow, both sides of your nose would be identical, and the outline of your lip would match perfectly too.

A symmetrical face is down to your genetics. People do try to have this look through cosmetic surgery it does not always look the way they want it too. 

Having a procedure like an eyebrow lift or lip filler to give a natural contour of the face can help any insecurities you may have, but, it will not be the same as someone who is born with a symmetrical face.


Everyone knows the saying you are never fully dressed without a smile, and although this is true it is also the difference between an attractive face and a face that you should avoid.

When people don’t smile, they can give off what we call a resting b-face, this is someone who doesn’t smile a lot.

A smile can give off the vibe of a friendly and approachable person which instantly makes them more attractive to other people.

Smiling is contagious and can boost someone’s mood, which is why the brain associates a smile with an attraction from one person to another. This is because a hormone called dopamine is released when someone is happy and has feelings of satisfaction.


Growing up in the age of social media has brainwashed people into thinking that if you do not have porcelain skin then you are not attractive.

People often forget that having skin imperfections like acne, dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles are completely normal and everyone experiences this at some point throughout their life.

Although acne can be genetically passed down, more than often we can control this through a healthy skincare regime.

You can have healthy skin and still experience things like acne and fine lines and wrinkles.

For young teenagers, acne is introduced during puberty, and they begin to have a hormone imbalance. Now there are forms of contraception that young girls can use to level out their hormones.

There are skincare products specifically designed to help with any external issues like poor hygiene and environmental issues that can cause damage to the skin, or facial hair.

Facial Hair

For a lot of women, men appear more attractive when they have some form of facial hair.

This could be stubble or a fully grown beard.

We often associate shaven skin with teenagers and young men and facial hair such as a beard with grown men. Over 76% of women have voted that men with facial hair appear more attractive. As it does not give the Prettyboy look that they don’t particularly like.

Hopefully, these points have pointed out to you that even if social media portrays one type of look for someone. People have their own opinions and find different aspects of people attractive.

If you are a man and you do not have a beard, this does not mean that you are not attractive, it means some women prefer a beard and some women do not.

If you are a woman and love to wear a lot of make-up, doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing make-up to appear attractive to men. It just means there is a difference of opinion when it comes to make-up looks.

We are by no means encouraging people to go and get cosmetic surgery to fit the ideal look that the media has portrayed. If anything, you should feel comfortable in your skin knowing that everyone has their own opinion, as long as you are happy with yourself that is all that matters.

Symmetrical faces and having a baby face are more than often down to genetics, and although some people try to alter their appearance, it is not something that you can copy 100%.

We hope you’ve taken these points light-heartedly and can find comfort in the fact that you are not the only one in the world that has insecurities, but you are the only you in the world.

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