Younger Women Do THIS When Hitting on Older Men (Men WILL Miss These)

Younger Women Do THIS When Hitting on Older Men (Men WILL Miss These)

Have you ever found yourself second guessing if the dynamics in your friendship have shifted, but you’re not too sure?

Maybe your friend has started flirting with you but you don’t know really know if she’s flirting with you or if she’s just being extra nice because you’ve never noticed it before.

Or maybe, you are sadly oblivious to her hitting on you. You just presume because you’re older than her that she couldn’t possibly ever be flirting with you. I mean why would she? You’re an older man so that rules you out, doesn’t it? not at all.

You need to remember that women love older men for several reasons, so please don’t go around beating yourself up because you are in a different age bracket.

Instead of canceling yourself out of the game before the whistle has even blown, settle down and listen to the coach. When a woman is hitting on you she will do one of the following things to get noticed by you.

So are you ready, lets pay attention and start ticking off the list as we go along because maybe she’s been hitting on you for so long and sadly you’ve not even noticed this.

How to tell if a younger woman is attracted to you

She wears red

For centuries past and most probably for centuries to come. The colour red will always be associated with sexuality and lust.

It’s something that is ingrained in almost every romantic comedy novel and Hollywood movie. The woman puts on a sexy red dress and suddenly the guy cannot take his eyes off of her.

Well, this is also something that women will do in real life too.

Wearing the colour red can be subtle like wearing red lipstick or having red nail varnish on. Or it could be as bold as that red dress and red heels.

When a woman is trying to get a man’s attention, she knows that the colour red to him is like a red flag to a bull.

She smells nice

Our sense of smell is very important in our everyday lives. If we smell food that does not agree with us then our tastebuds instantly dislike it, and we don’t want to eat it.

Now this is why women will make sure that the perfume they are using smells sweet and sexy when they are trying to hit on older men.

When you smell nice, people will be able to take a whiff of what you have sprayed before they even look at you. If they have smelt something sexy or sweet on you, then subconsciously, a person decides if you are attractive before they even look at you.

Now the good thing about our sense of smell is that it is often linked to memories and emotions too. So once the brain has linked your scent of a good memory the two of you share, every time you smell something similar, your brain will start producing happy hormones and replaying good memories that the two of you share together.


Older men love a confident woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go and get it.

Even if they don’t feel confident, a lot of women will pretend to be confident through their body language, their posture and their gestures in hopes that it will capture your attention.

Now the more you pretend to be confident the more your mind starts to believe it until you actually feel confident in real time.

A confident woman will walk with her shoulders back and her head up, making eye contact with all of those who make contact with her.

Shows maturity

When a woman is trying to hit on an older guy she will go out of her way to show her level of maturity in the hope that he will see it and want to date her.

Now, a lot of younger women fear that older men won’t like them if they appear too immature for their age. No guy wants to feel like he’s babysitting his partner right. So she will over exaggerate her maturity so that it screams “I’m mature!” at him.

If she feels like he understands her level of maturity and it matches his, or is above another younger woman then she has a better chance of him flirting back and wanting to date her.


Women flirt in all kinds of different ways so let’s try to break it down for you.

Some women will openly flirt with compliments and all those girly gestures that you see in the cheesy romantic movies. She will compliment your looks, your muscles, your personality, anything that she thinks is attractive she will compliment you on.

Some women flirt more subtly which is down to their confidence level. So she will often bat her lashes and giggle, acting coy, because we all know guys love a shy woman.

Although women flirt in different ways, it will be a bit obvious that she’s flirting. So don’t stress too much about trying to identify it.


A lot of younger women will try to hit on you in little ways that can be masked by other things. She will do this in case the feeling isn’t mutual and she then has that escape route to back her up.

She will find a way to touch you when she’s around you.

She will sit beside you whenever the opportunity presents itself. Using this close proximity to reach her hand out and touch your arm from time to time.

This alerts your subconscious that she’s very close. By touching you, she is kind of closing that gap between the two of you and building a bridge for you to cross.

Acknowledges the age gap 

When a woman is trying to hit on you she will first start by addressing the elephant in the room – the age gap. Now, she will do this to make you aware that she acknowledges the age difference but also that this is not a concern for her.

Let’s be real, if it were a concern, well, she just wouldn’t bother trying to hit on you, or talking to you at all in some cases. So, by acknowledging the age gap she hopes to alleviate your worries in regards to this and settle any overthinking that may occur. Because could you imagine how awkward and on edge you both would feel if you just skated over the subject, too afraid to ever bring it up?


A woman will come to you for advice when she is trying to hit on you because this is an easy way to start a conversation.

Asking for help is a big thing for a lot of people, so when she makes the effort to come to you and ask what she should do in a situation, remember this is a big deal for her.

Not only is she saying that she values your opinion and respects your advice, but subconsciously she acknowledges the age gap and respects it too.

It is the age gap and your years of experience that gives her the feeling of security to ask for your advice. The advice you give her will stem from your own experiences and lessons you have learnt not from what you’ve read online. 


Simply knowing the ways a woman will try to hit on you should make the process a lot smoother for the both of you.

For you, you will be able to spot the signs early on and flirt back – or let her know that you don’t feel the same if that is the case. And for her, she won’t feel frustrated that you’re not getting the hints.

Sometimes women can feel like they are wasting their time because some men are oblivious to the hints and flirting techniques being used on them, so they often give up and move on. But hopefully with now having these techniques under your belt you will be able to notice when she is flirting with you.

We know and we understand that the dating scene can be intimidating for older guys, so being able to tell if a woman is hitting on you should give you the confidence boost that you need to make a move. Like a jump start before a big race.

Now, of course each woman is different so the way one may hit on you may be quite different to another. But these are basic techniques used across the board. Kind of like a skeleton and every woman will add her own limbs and muscles to the skeleton to create a body that’s unique to them.

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