If A Girl Misses You She Will… (Men Fail to Notice This)

If A Girl Misses You She Will… (Men Fail to Notice This)

Instead of talking directly about their thoughts, women might prefer to use signals. A straightforward woman will simply explain her feelings and a woman who isn’t might not. Especially if you and she have broken up, she probably won’t be honest about it.

She might also give you conflicting signals and suggest figuring out the truth for yourself.

Now it can be really frustrating right when she is not opening up about her feelings for you. One minute you might notice that she is missing you and, a couple of minutes later you feel that she may be over you.

If you still want her back in your life, you will need to put in the effort to pay attention to the warning signs.

Even though seeing her with someone else could make you sad, it might also be a sign that she’s just trying to make you jealous.

So, do you want to know if you’re ex-girlfriend misses you? Stay tuned.

Signs She Misses You

She reminds you of the first time you both met

She remembers the first time you met her.

Since you and her are no longer involved, it’s not exactly the healthiest thing to think back on.

She seems to be making sure that you aren’t forgetting that you and her were once interested in each other, but you think that what happened in the past is behind you and should stay behind you, right. That’s a good way of thinking.

She calls or texts you at random and without warning

The random messages are always obvious whether you two are dating for the first time, simply friends, or were once together.

One sign that she secretly misses you over text is if the message seems pointless. If you didn’t ask, then why would someone ask a few questions about your day or tell you what they have been doing?

Boredom cannot be an excuse since we have friends, the internet, and televisions. She had twenty other friends she could have messaged, but she chose you. Random buzzing on your phone suggests that she is wondering about what you are doing and is interested enough about it to do something.

Consider this a compliment and join in that meaningless chat. Some of the best relationships may or not be made during these kinds of weird encounters. It might develop into something much bigger.

She definitely misses you if she shows a lot of these signs.

She’ll talk to your friends

Is your ex-girlfriend contacting your mates in an attempt to get them to spill the beans on you? Is she still in their good graces? Does she bring you up every time she speaks to them, either openly or subtly?

She probably wants to know how you’re doing. She might ask them about your current relationship. She also might ask if you’re dating anyone. She might regularly stay in touch and meet up with your friends.

Now this is the only way she can find out everything about you. If your ex-girlfriend had moved on, she would have deleted your friends’ contacts from her phone; but, if she hasn’t, this might be a sign that she still cares for you. 

She mentions how well you treated her

While you were still dating her, you made a lot of sacrifices for her. You did your best as a man to treat her well and win her love.

Things aren’t going the same way again after the breakup. No longer will she be picked up, driven home, delivered food, and treated to dinner.

She tells you how much she misses you now that she’s back in your company.

She keeps tabs on your social media

Ah, the glorious internet. Social media is important, whether you regularly share stories or are that person who has only made three posts in the last four years.

Is this woman the first to post comments, or like any of your posts? This indicates that she is actively following your social media accounts or that she is very active on her own. Now did she comment or like one of your really old posts? If so, she is definitely running a stalker operation.

She could go as far as Sherlock Holmes and begin trolling the accounts of your mates, liking any group shot in which you happen to be featured. Perhaps she adds your sister and mum to her TikTok and Instagram accounts.

These are definitely sure signs: the more persistent the stalking, the more you’re missed by this girl.

She gets a rebound for herself

Your ex-girlfriend is emotionally all over the place and is unsure of how to deal with the end of your relationship.

She will make you jealous by going on blind dates, having a brief affair, or anything else just to make you jealous. She will start a relationship yet again without giving it any thought.

Because she is not looking for a commitment, she won’t be able to say whether the man is right for her. She only wants to date someone to forget about you and, most likely, to stir up your jealousy.

You might also notice the resemblance between yourself and her rebound. He could act or even look like you. This is one of the most obvious signs that your ex misses you once again.

She gets a character development

She let you down and hurt you many times. So, she is trying to change herself after realizing that she wasn’t the greatest girlfriend for you.

Now she makes an effort to stop making you wait as long as she once did. She still wants to show you that she still deserves to be an important person in your life above everything else.

You have come up in her conversations

Words will never harm me, even when sticks and stones could break my bones. What a quote. Quite a convincing one, that is. We often become upset when we learn that nasty things are being said about us behind our backs.

If this girl is criticizing you, she wants to hear from you so she can hear your response. She could even be aware of the exact words to use to provoke reactions from you.

On the other hand, she could be talking you up rather than down. Even if this news spreads more slowly, when it does, it feels like honey rather than sticks and stones. Oh, so lovely.

The goal is the same, no matter how she decides to talk about you. She is saying what she is thinking, which includes you.

She has feelings for you that are too intense for her to keep to herself. 

She makes an effort to stay in touch

Your ex-girlfriend still contacts you after you split up? That’s a clear sign that she misses you.

She’s checking in on you, she might give you a call or send you a message. Before every exam or important meeting, she will show concern for your health and wish you the best.

She will look for reasons to contact you. She will try to return your stuff or ask for hers back. The moment she sees you, though, she will forget about it and arrange another time to do it.

Don’t worry, the split hasn’t made her forgetful. These are all indications that your ex misses you and is trying to throw a hint for you to take the initiative of reconnecting.

So, if your ex-girlfriend continues to message or contact you, well, you know what to do.

She says she remembers how you looked at her

Any girl will appreciate it when a guy treats her like the most gorgeous person on the planet. Since you were her partner, it is only natural that you thought she was a beautiful woman with whom you would have had a great time with. When you looked at her, you didn’t look at anyone else.

She never said how much she enjoyed the way you looked at her. She tells you how much she still remembers how you saw her as the most beautiful girl you had ever seen when she appears.

She obviously wants you to give her that feeling once again.

You run into her in your favorite spots

Like a specific restaurant, local park, or a neighborhood cafe. Wherever your preferred location may be.

This is how you can tell she misses you. It’s not because she’s become obsessed with your favorite spot overnight if you go there and she’s there. Or perhaps she did.

One of the two things is what she’s doing definitely. Either she’s stopping by in the hopes of running into you, or she’s revisiting this spot to relive the memories that you guys have of it. Perhaps both.

She is obviously only there because she’s thinking about you, either way, you look at it. It’s just one of the signals she misses you.

She now enjoys doing what you enjoyed doing

Do you fish regularly? Maybe you’re a scholar. You might also like playing Call of Duty. Did this girl just upload a picture of herself on a boat clutching a 20-pound salmon? Does she suddenly begin to study more? Maybe she’s suddenly surpassed the top female Call of Duty kill streak player. These instances may be a little bit dramatic, but you get the idea.

It’s not because she needed a new odd passion that this girl has suddenly committed herself to one of your hobbies. She’s been exposed to these things before, mainly through you, so if she really enjoyed them, she would have gotten involved earlier.

She’s doing it right now just to catch your attention. Perhaps she thinks one of these things will spark you wanting to get back in touch. So, I’m going to give her some points for at least making an effort and trying.

Missing someone happens for several reasons. You could be suddenly alone and afraid of how to be by yourself, or perhaps you’re too busy to visit the people you love.

More commonly, we only miss someone for a split second and then it passes. Whatever the reason, trying to express that feeling to the other person is normal.

You are truly on a woman’s mind if she has acted to a couple of the signs that she misses you. It aches and hurts to miss someone. I would think about contacting her to ease some of those sufferings if it’s not a bad situation.

Now since you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume that you’ve been considering this. So why miss each other when you can just fix those problems and hang out? 

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