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RED FLAGS That She Is Using You – Is Using Me? 11 Signs She Is (Is It Time To Move On From Her?)

Learn how to tell if a girl is using you! Is she using me? If this is a thought that’s ever even slipped into your mind then today’s video will be for you. We’re going to be discussing 11 signs a girl is using you. These can either be somewhat obvious or extremely subtle and harder to spot, either way, be sure to keep a look out for any of these relationship red flags if you’re already concerned in any way.

Red Flags – How To Tell If A Girl Is Using You

You can like a girl all your like. Hey, you might even love her! But she might not feel the same. Even if you think she could not possibly be using you, it’s worth taking another look. In the long term, you don’t want to be left heartbroken and alone. If your gut is telling you that something is missing or downright wrong, it just might be.

In this video, we are going to show you how to tell if a woman is using you. It’s not always the nicest thing to discuss but if in the long run, it saves you some heartache, it’s worth it.

She’s using you for your job

You have a great job and you’re proud of it. Your girl is as well but not because the job makes you happy. People who use people always do it because they want something. When it comes to your job, it’s not always your money they are after. They are using your amazing position to name drop it into a conversation. They might not have the high flying career they always dreamed of and so they are using yours to make it seem like they have also achieved something. It might seem like a compliment when they mention your job all the time in conversations but eventually, you might become embarrassed by it and realise that she likes your job more than she likes you. 

She never commits

You may have been seeing her for a while and so you ask her to meet your friends. She seems to have a million excuses as to why she just cannot make it. This should set off alarm bells. Someone who really truly likes you would love to meet your friends and would take it as the biggest compliment ever. A user might also never commit to things like holidays, even short breaks away. They would never meet your parents or any family members. They just are not interested in committing to you which is really hurtful but you deserve better. If you notice this type of behaviour, ask the girl and if she gives you a vague reply, move on. 

She demands gifts 

This is classic user behaviour. Demanding gifts, dates or vacations. It might start off small with, could you please pick me up a chocolate bar? But eventually, it will turn into demanding handbags, cars and clothes. She might even ask you to pay for a vacation for her and her girlfriends, without you! This is really obvious user behaviour. If your girl starts doing this, walk away. Girls will never demand gifts if they like you, they will wait until you surprise them and they will be so thankful and delighted! 

You never have deep conversations 

A lady who is using you, won’t care to know that much about you. She just needs to know enough so that she can use that to get what she wants. She does not want to form a connection with you because unfortunately she does not really like you. You might notice that she always talks about service level things like your job, how much you earn or your favourite tv program. You won’t catch her asking about your childhood, your family or friends or what you see happening in your future. 

You feel like she holds the cards and the relationship is lopsided. 

Do you feel like in the relationship you are always putting all of the effort in? You are pulling out all the stops? Your gestures never seem to be returned or appreciated? These are the signs of a lopsided relationship. Sometimes this means that she doesn’t really like you and other times it means that she is using you. She might also always seem to hold the cards. This looks like her telling you what to do and when to do it. It’s unfair and you shouldn’t be treated like that. 

She’s slow to reply to you 

If you are texting a girl and it seems like she always takes forever to reply it might be because she is just using you for attention. She might be lonely or just likes guys giving her attention so she strings you along. If a girl is taking forever to text her back ask her straight up if she likes you because she might actually just not like to text. If she replies with a vague answer then you will know that she is using you. The speed of someone texting back is a great way to tell if they are using you.

You are paying all her bills 

Are you paying all of her bills? Maybe she didn’t have any money so she asked you to help her out and pay some bills. Then it just continues, she never says “hey here is the money back, thank you so much. I can pay my own bills now”. Instead, she just lets you continue to pay her bills while she spends money on clothes and makeup. This is a sure sign that she is using you so that she does not have to pay her own bills. Watch out for this type of behaviour. 

She only talks to her when she needs help 

Does she text you or message you only when she needs something? Maybe she needs help moving house? Or she needs you to drive her somewhere? So you go because you like her. After you have helped her out though, she does not message you again until she needs something. You might start to notice that she is only interested in you, nice to you or only talks to you when she needs something. These are typical behavioural signs of a user. 

Your friends and family warn you about her

If your friends and family start to warn you about her behaviour, chances are she is a user. Friends and family are normally some of the first people to recognise this type of behaviour. They might notice that you always seem to be doing all of the work or only talking to her when she needs help. They will most likely tell you quietly and although you might not see it at the beginning, you might start to notice the patterns further along the line. If your friends and family point this out, save yourself the heartbreak and walk away.

When you voice your opinions she makes you feel like a bad person 

A girl says something that you don’t agree with. You politely disagree and she makes you feel like a bad person or like you are very dumb. This is extremely toxic behaviour, to be honest. Anyone who does this to you should not be in your life. You are allowed to have your own opinions and your own thoughts. Someone who really likes you and respects you would never put you down or make you feel like a bad person. Keep an eye out for repeat behaviour like this. 

She always plans what you do, you never get to have a say

If you do pin her down to go on a date, she plans it or demands to do what she wants. 

You always end up at the restaurants she likes, bars she enjoys going to or concerts she likes. If you suggest going somewhere, she shoots it down or says ‘maybe next time’ but you never actually do what you like. You feel like you are always doing what she wants. This is a sure sign that she is using you just so she can go to places that she likes. She most likely also always makes you pay which is another sign she is using you.

She only messages you at night

You are up late playing Halo and she messages you saying “you up?”. This is a booty call, yes girls booty call as well not only men. If she is only messaging you at night, it’s a sign that she is using you for sex. You might only want sex as well which, you can then discuss and then agree that you will have a casual relationship. If you like her or love her, then sex is not enough for you. You need to tell her that you like her more than she likes you and gives her a chance. If she doesn’t take it, it means she does not like you or using you. 

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