8 rules how to text women

How To Text Girls Like A MASTER – 8 Rules For Messaging Women (ULTIMATE TEXTING RULES)

Learn how to text girls! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing the 8 important rules to remember when it comes to texting girls. If you want to get a woman to like you over text then it helps to be aware of these simple yet important rules! By taking the time to learn the dos and don’ts of texting girls you’re giving yourself the best opportunity of success.

How To Text Girls – 8 Rules

Are you wondering how to text girls? Are you overwhelmed by the unwritten rules of texting? It’s true there are certain rules to keep in mind if you want to hook a special lady in. It might take some practice, I mean practise makes perfect right?! But once you know them, you will experience more success with any ladies you are texting. 

In today’s video, I am going to teach you 8 rules that you should keep in mind next time you are texting a girl. 

Rule Number 1: Introduce yourself 

Last night you were at a party and this morning you have woken up, with the number of the girl you like. It’s a great morning! Now you have to craft a message to her that will impress her. It can seem overwhelming, I get it guys. Luckily, it really doesn’t need to be.

The first message needs to be simple, to the point and provide the girl with all the information she needs. Starting with your name.

It’s something we might forget to put in our first text with all the pre-conversation nerves flowing around. In that first text, make sure you let the girl know who you are. Say something like – “Hi Jane, It’s Jack here from the party last night. It was lovely to meet you, did you have fun?”. 

She now knows where she met you and what your name is. You are off to a great start.

Rule Number 2: Keep your messages light and casual at first 

The first few messages to a girl you like should be light and casual. You don’t want to go straight into discussing the state of the world or flirting. You want to ask her more general questions that will keep the conversation going like what she does in her spare time or how her day was.

Make sure to still keep things interesting because you want her to keep messaging you. Do this by talking about something amazing that happened in your day or things you have coming up.

After about a week and a half, you can start asking deeper questions and flirt a little through text.

Rule Number 3: check grammar and spelling 

Text language is no longer cool. Girls prefer it when guys send messages that have good grammar and spelling.

Before you send a message make sure you spend a few moments looking over the text to check for any mistakes.

Make sure to enable autocorrect on your phones as well guys, it will help you avoid as many mistakes as possible. 

Rule Number 4: Text her at normal times

You might be up late at night playing Halo, the clock ticks over to 2 am and you suddenly have the urge to text her, well don’t. Wait for a more reasonable time. If you text her at 2 am she probably will not get it or reply until the morning. She can see what time you sent the text and think “oh, what was he doing up then?”. You know that you were playing video games but she might think you were out with another girl.

Texting a girl late a night makes it look like a booty call, which you don’t want at all. You want a lady to feel like she is the only lady you like. She could also be working early the next morning and you wake her up with your text, not a good look. So try and stick to more normal hours. Although girls do of course love staying up late texting a guy they like but let her make that decision, not you. 

Rule Number 5: Reply to her messages within a good amount of time 

This is a bit of a funny one guys. Basically, it’s rude to text a lady back too late but it also looks desperate if you text her back too quickly. There are a whole set of rules, just for texting a girl back in a good amount of time. 

If you are both having a full-on conversation about something important, you should text her back right away. That kind of conversation is like having a chat face to face.

If you are casually texting about your days, throughout the day. You should wait 15-20 minutes to reply, otherwise, it looks like you are waiting around for her messages with no life of your own.

If you are going away and won’t have cell service, it’s important to let her know so she does not think you are ignoring her.

Don’t wait more than 30 minutes to reply to her, unless you are working. Before you start working you should message her and let her know. I told you it was a funny one! 

Rule Number 6: Be respectful 

A girl does not want to text a guy who is not being respectful to her. Unfortunately, some guys think that because texting is not face to face, it’s ok to say rude things.

Well, guys, I know that you all know better than doing that. It will not land you the girl, in fact, she might run a million miles.

To make sure that you are always respectful of the lady you like, you should not drink and text. When we drink sometimes we say or text things that we regret. Especially while you are at the beginning stage, it’s important not to say anything that might come across as disrespectful. 

Rule Number 7: Start flirting

Sometimes flirting starts naturally after texting a girl for a while but other times you need to make it happen. If you never initiate flirting, you will be stuck in the friendzone. She might even move you there.

So you want to make sure that there is flirting after a respectful amount of time. Start with sweet flirting and not sexual flirting. Things like teasing her about the movies she watches or that she is flirting with you when really, you are flirting with her.

She will flirt back if she likes you. You will both start to become more comfortable around each other and build trust. Which will eventually lead to sexual flirting naturally.

If you start with sexual flirting, she will think you are only messaging her for sex. You don’t want that so start with sweet, sharp flirting and work your way up to some sexy messages.

Rule number 8: Set up a date 

You have put in all the groundwork. Starting with light and casual conversation and working your way up to flirting. Now unless you want a relationship that only exists over text, it’s time to arrange a date.

You need to be confident and step up the mark (if she doesn’t beat you to it). You won’t know unless you try so wait until you are in a full-on conversation. Maybe you are texting back and forth about your evening plans. Casually drop in something like “hey would like to go on a date sometime?”. Wait for her reply and if she says yes, arrange the date then so that it’s not a question left hanging over you both.

Make sure you both agree on where the date will be, the date and the time. Before texting her to ask if she wants to go on a date have a few ideas up your sleeve to suggest. She will be so flattered that you have asked and will most likely run to her friends and say “he finally asked me out!”.

Texting is a great way to start a relationship. You really get to know each other and there is nothing more exciting than receiving a text from the person you like.

There are rules to follow to make sure that your texting is successful but once you learn them, you will have so much more success with the ladies (or that one special lady). 

I hope you enjoyed our 8 rules to keep in mind when texting a girl. 

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