things to let go of in life

11 Things To Let Go Of In Life To Be Happy

Learn the things to let go of in life if you want to be happier.

Today we’re going to be discussing how to let things go.

Plus some of the different things you should try to let go of if you want to self improve and lead a happier life with less stress and worry.

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Thing’s to let go of in life

Life has moments where it’s really good and then it has moments where it just stinks and you feel absolutely terrible.

There are a couple of things that you can do to guarantee that you are as happy as you can be a lot of the time and that is by letting go of some things.

If you want to know the types of things that you need to strive for and let go completely this is a video for you.

My name is Anna and stay tuned.

Let go of complaining

Complaining is something that a lot of us do when we’re not happy about a situation. We actually use complaining to bond with someone else.

However, the concept of complaining keeps us in a current state and will drain our energy. This means that we don’t actually have vital energy to actually change the feeling or the condition of the circumstances that we are in.

The more that we complain the more we actually remain in that situation that we are unhappy about instead of actively changing the awkwardness.

Let go of the need to say yes

Sometimes we say yes but what we really mean is no which means we end up doing something that we could have avoided.

Once you let go of this need, you can let go of feeling scared of confrontation. Actually declining something your life becomes so much easier.

The fear of asking for something

You might be fearful of asking for something. This could be in a relationship maybe you want more intimacy to get your needs met or you might want some more romance. So you ask your partner if they can treat you a little bit differently.

Or it could be in your friend’s circle, you may ask for some space and some time to collect your thoughts. Perhaps because you would like to save some money as your friends are chronic spenders and go out to the pub a lot.

It even could be in a work situation, you could be struggling at something because you need more time or more ideas, more clarification or more eyes on a project. To understand something, we all need to ask for help at one point in our lives, it happens to everyone. It’s not a form of weakness. It’s actually a form of growth because you are trying to acquire something that is going to make your internal state feel better and that is very healthy.

Letting others change who you are

If you are hanging out with people who say things or they do things that make you feel like you are not good enough, you are not smart enough, you are not clever or even you are not beautiful enough then you need to learn to let them go.

It’s common practice to unfollow people on social media so it should be just as easy and less painful to unfollow people in real life. Let go of the need for control, as humans we want to conquer and we want to own everything.

We are all obsessed about owning a house, we will obsess about driving fancy cars when really mother nature owns the land and technically we don’t really own anything from a philosophical standpoint.

We are only here temporarily, we don’t own anything but we have this need to control something. It’s deeply ingrained within the human psyche.

When we try to control something we end up missing some beautiful moments in life because we get upset when things don’t go our way.

Instead, we need to learn to let go and just let the universe do what it needs to do. Just let things be. You may notice as well that when you stop chasing something that you wanted you actually get it much quicker.

The need for control

The next thing that you need to let go of to be happy is to stop overthinking.

Overthinking can look very different depending on the people that it comes from. It could be overthinking that your partner is cheating on you, when in fact they are not and you are ruining a good relationship.

You might think that your friends don’t like you as much as everyone else in the friend group or overthinking about perfecting your business career.

Perhaps it’s overthinking about the next project you want. In order to make more money, the sooner, you can let go of all of this overthinking and just focus on factual things. Life will become so much easier.

Overthinking does not cause great things to happen. You need to take a deep breath focus on exhaling and just let it go.

Comparing yourself to someone else

If you compare yourself with someone else you will always end up feeling jealous. You will feel majorly insecure about who you are as a person. This will dim your own light and you will hold on to that person being much higher than you.

You need to learn to love yourself. Be happy with who you are in this current moment. You need to be happy with what you have because the grass is always greener on the other side. Is it really? no, it’s not. You know that deep down.

If you let someone else own your power you lose out on the person you are supposed to be.

Your self doubt

Let go of your self-doubts, the only person that holds us back from achieving greatness is actually our inner person. It’s actually ourselves! Yes, I get it some of us grew up in less than ideal situations.

Some of us have physical limitations which means we can’t be as active as we had hoped. Survivors are still in toxic situations, they feel that they’re going to be stuck in that situation for years and they can’t break out of it.

The one thing that you do have control over is how you perceive yourself and the actual problems you are facing. If you doubt yourself, you are setting yourself up for instant failure.

Some of the best things that have been created are when we step just outside of our comfort zone. So let go of the idea that someone else is going to give you that confidence to achieve the things that you really want to do because sadly that isn’t going to happen.

No one is going to tell you or give you the resources to say, “okay go and do this thing, you’re good enough now”.

No one’s going to give you a step-by-step process of how to feel happy in your own life. Instead of doubting yourself, you need to have hope and faith that things will get better.

Past mistakes and heartbreak

Please let go of your past mistakes and previous heartbreak.

Sometimes the biggest thing that we can choose to not let go of, is a mistake we did in the past. Or the pain of heartbreak of are no longer with. It doesn’t matter if you caused a breakup to happen because of your actions. You have to forgive yourself and you need to let that go.

One of the best ways to forgive yourself and to let go of your past (painful) mistakes. Simply accept that what you did back then, you did in a moment with the tools, expertise and intelligence. You couldn’t have done it any other way.

Never compare yourself to who you are now with the person that you were in the past.

Situations happen to allow us to grow into better people. If it wasn’t for that thing that happened, you would not be the amazing person you are today. It’s worth looking back on very painful situations and seeing the positive things that came out of it.

Stop judging yourself on your worst moments because that is not you on an everyday basis.

Chasing people

If you rewind this video you would already understand that you need to stop forcing control over people. You probably think it gives you happiness right? But it doesn’t.

This includes chasing people too. It could be chasing your friends to make sure that they are still interested in you. You’re showing up twice as hard, trying to hang out with everyone.

It also means chasing the romance in a partnership. If you chase something the natural law of the universe means the other thing will continue running.

It’s a cycle so you are constantly chasing something. Instead you need to stop chasing, remain where you are and that thing will come back.

If you chase, you are giving something the chance to run away from you. Obviously, you don’t want to do that. In the efforts of chasing after someone you actually lose yourself.

Remember if someone wants to be a part of your life they wouldn’t get you to chase them.

Let go of your expectations

It is so easy to blame other people for us not having idealistic situations. We may go into relationships expecting someone to serve us. To meet our needs and always want to get what we want. It makes us feel secure but in reality, you should never expect anything from anyone.

Of course, we expect our parents to look after us. Let’s be very honest, we were once dependent on them at one point in our lives.

It was crucial they looked after us however that is the strongest relationship that you will ever experience.

If you are expecting someone else to serve you unconditionally, you should let go.

Let go of these expectations so that people can make you feel happy. Your life will be easier, you will actually find that life just falls into place.

Your happiness is not created from another person, it’s created inside of you.

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