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35 Things To Talk About With A Guy

Starting a conversation with a guy and finding interesting things to talk about can seem like a very daunting task can’t it? We’ve all been there and let’s face it, it doesn’t always go as well as we would have hoped. That’s why we’ve put together today’s article and video on things to talk about with a guy.

It is possible to improve your conversational skills however! By taking some time to learn and prepare for these events, we give ourselves the best chance of success.

Below I’ve put together a list of 35 conversational topics and questions that you can use when talking to a guy. The idea is to get the conversation flowing. Be sure to listen and ask follow up questions related to what they’ve said. They’ll pick up on the fact that you’ve paid attention to them and they’ll like this fact.

1. Talk about what they do in their free time

Do they actually get a lot of free time? What do they enjoy doing most with it.

2. What they do for a living

Ask questions about what the other person does for work, follow it up by asking how long they’ve been there and what they enjoy most about it.

3. Education

Ask about what they studied in the past. Did they have a favourite subject? Did they find education easy or were some aspects more challenging.

4. Proudest achievements

What are some of their proudest achievements in life and what else are they hoping to achieve in the future

5. What unknown talents do they have

Are there any talents or skills they have that not many people know about? Are there skills they’ve love to be better at?

6. Exercise

Do they enjoy fitness and if so what do they like to do for exercise?

7. Languages

Do they speak any other languages or are they currently trying to learn any?

8. Apps & Social Media

You could ask about what sort of apps and social media they spend their time on. Who do they follow online, do you share similar interests in this area?

9. Pets

Here you can talk about pets you have or have had in the past. Ask about their favourite animals and any pets they’ve had too.

10. The Current Situation

The setting you’re in can greatly effect what direction you may want to take the initial conversation. If you’re at a music venue, you could talk about the music, if you’re at a restaurant you could talk about the food etc.

11. Ask about where they live

Obviously it’s best to avoid asking exactly where someone lives. Stick to asking about the area, what it’s like, when did they move there, if they enjoy living there.

12. Movies

You could ask what they’ve seen lately that they enjoyed, what’s their favourite all time film, do they have a favourite actor/actress?

13. Hobbies and interests

Ask if they have any hobbies and follow it up with questions about them. What got them into it? How long have they been doing it etc.

14. Family

Ask what family they have and how close they are. Do they still get to see each other often?

15. Books

To get the ball rolling, ask if they enjoy reading, what sort of books do they enjoy, are they reading anything at the moment?

16. Recent News

There’s new things going on in the world every day. If you’ve heard about something interesting, bring it up and ask their opinions on it. You could also ask what they’ve seen recently that interested them.

17. Habits

You can ask about their best and worst habits, are there things they’re working on changing, how’s that coming along?

18. Cooking

Find out if they enjoy cooking, what’s their favourite meal to cook and what’s the biggest cooking disaster they’ve ever had.

19. TV

Do they have much interest in TV? If so, what’s their favourite show? Are they watching anything good at the moment? Is there anything they’d recommend you checking out.

20. Sports

If there are any sports you enjoy, you can bring them up and talk about them, see if they like that sport too. You could ask ask what sports they enjoy and ask questions about that.

21. Clothing

You could mention what you like about their outfit

22. Music interests

Ask about their interests, what sort of genre do they enjoy, who’s their favourite band etc.

23. Goals

Do they like setting themselves goals in life. What’s the silliest one they’ve ever had. Are they good at reaching their goals? What’s next for them.

24. Comedy

What sort of comedy do the two of you like? Do they have a favourite comedian?

25. Past jobs

What past jobs have they worked at? Ask them what their favourite and least favourite was and why.

26. The internet

What websites do you go to most often? Are there any you find so useful you couldn’t go without them?

27. Other places they’ve lived

Where have they lived in the past and what’s been the best areas they’ve lived in.

28. Food

What’s the most interesting food they’ve ever tried? Do they have a favourite style of food, do they enjoy cooking?

29. Travel

What’s the best place they’ve every travelled too and why? Where would they love to go next?

30. Current Trends

What do you think of the current trends going around?

Deeper conversation topics:

31. Change

How comfortable are they with change in their life. Do they think change is good or bad, what in their life are they hoping to change.

32. Stress

What stresses do they have in their life, what do they find helps the most in relieving it?

33. Happiness

What makes them most happy in life? What opinions do they have on short term and long term happiness.

34. The distant future

How do they think the world will change in the next 20, 50, 100 years etc. Do they think it will be good or bad?

35. Ageing

What are there thoughts on ageing? Are they worried about it? At what age do they think people get to live their best life.


Hopefully you’ve found some subjects that interest you just as much as they will interest the person you’re looking to have a conversation with. What was your favourite question or topic? Did something work really well or was something a complete dud for you? Be sure to comment below and let us know how things went for you.

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