heal a broken heart

How To Heal A Broken Heart

Today we’ re taking a look at 10 tips on how to a broken heart. Going through a break up can be extremely hard. It may feel like your whole world is falling apart right now, and that’s understandable.

Things in your life are going to change, but they don’t all have to be for the worst. Now is the time to think about what it is you want in life and what you want to achieve. Your goals and dreams are something you can fully focus on if you want to.

Take a look at our 10 tips on healing a broken heart and see if they help you in any way.

1. Take time to self-reflect

When we’re feeling down about a break up we often end up focusing on the good memories and ignoring all the bad. Something went wrong with the relationship at some point, take some time to think about what it was.

Consider writing down any of the negative aspects of the relationship so that you can come back and look them over when you need to. This will help you to understand what’s happening and why it’s happening.

2. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself

There’s a whole world outside of being in a relationship and you don’t want to let the negativity of a break up completely ruin everything else great you have going on.

Remember it’s okay to enjoy yourself seeing your friends, going for meals, visiting family etc.

3. Get your living space organized

If the two of you lived together before breaking up then it’s likely the whole living area is going to remind you of them and upset you.

Consider changing things up a bit. It could be a simple bit of rearranging of the furniture or you could go all out and paint the room a different colour, just something to acknowledge the change.

4. Stand by your decisions

As we mentioned earlier on, it’s very easy to focus on the good parts of the relationship and forget all the negative aspects of it. This is why you should remember to stand by your decisions and respect the reasons for the separation.

It’s okay to cherish the good moments, but we have to remember to learn from the painful mistakes at the same time. There’s always better things to come.

5. Remember to use your circle of support

It’s easy to shut everyone out when we’re feeling really down about the ending of a relationship. Don’t forget that your friends will always be there for you when you need them, they’re your support network and now isn’t the time to be avoiding them.

If anything, you should try and spend even more time around them.

6. Embrace your emotions

After a relationship ends it’s natural to feel upset, angry, frustrated and confused. Bottling up these emotions isn’t good for you, you need to acknowledge them and face them head on.

Embrace your feelings and give yourself that time you need to grieve the relationship.

7. Be wary of rebound relationships

All too often people end up jumping straight into another relationship shortly after one has ended. It may feel nice at the time to be appreciated by someone else, but as you’ve not given yourself time to get over the previous relationship, if and when the rebound fails you’re going to have double the amount of emotions to deal with.

Be sure to take the time you need to reflect on the relationship before committing to a new one.

8. Talk to someone

For some of us, the feelings of loneliness and sadness can be overwhelming. When you’re feeling helpless, remember there are people you can talk to. It could be family, friends or even a therapist.

Talking things over may feel painful at the time but it can really help with figuring out and sorting your emotions.

9. Learn to manage your anger

Anger is a very natural response to a breakup. There are different ways people deal with it though, and some of them aren’t healthy at all.

Some people will lash out, make scenes, burn clothes or even resort to trying to numb the pain with alcohol or other substances.

A healthier method to consider would be using a journal like mentioned before. You can write down and let out your anger and frustrations into your journal, this can be very therapeutic and help you clarify why things in relation to the breakup are happening.

10. Keep the distance for a while

Breakups can come out of the blue and really shock us. Sometimes people throw around the promise of remaining friends, this isn’t a great idea at all, especially if you’ve found the breakup hard.

Distance is essential to give you the proper time you need to heal and move on. You don’t need to avoid them forever, when you feel ready, you can let them back into your life and attempt being friends if it’s something you’d like.

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