When Women Try to Seduce You, They... (Attraction, Flirting & Seduction Signs You Shouldn't Miss)

When Women Try to Seduce you They… (Attraction, Flirting & Seduction Signs You Shouldn’t Miss)

Since the beginning of time men have been given the role of the seducer.

We are brought up with the ideology men are the perfect gentleman, the providers, the cave dwellers, the knight in shining armor. And women, are the damsels in distress waiting to be saved. Thanks to Hollywood movies, romantic comedies and romantic novels, a stereotype has lived on for a long time. Such a long time that a man cannot see the obvious signs that a woman is trying to seduce them.

Now that we are in 2022 this ideology has been blown out of the water. Women are taking their power back and should they wish to, they will seduce men as and when they want to.

We love confident women to take things into their own hands and play by their own rules.

How would you know if a woman is trying to seduce you?

Here are some key pointers to look out for if you are questioning if a woman is trying to bed you.

Seduction, Flirting & Attraction signs?


If you play your cards right and end up taking a lady home at the end of the night, and when you get down to business, she has a matching set of lingerie on just know that she decided that this would be the outcome of the night.

Women spend a lot of time buying and preparing themselves for this type of night. Buying sexy lingerie they feel comfortable and sexy in.

Some women may do it because they know that men will enjoy it. But the vast majority of women buy lingerie to make themselves feel good.

Although your actions and words may have led you both to the bedroom, a woman has prepared herself before this date to end up here.

So, the next time you’re in the moment, take a second to look at what she is wearing and if it’s a saucy piece of lingerie, just know this was her plan too. 


Eye contact is important when having a conversation.

It shows the other person that you are engaged in the conversation, and they have your undivided attention. Making it easier for you to continue to talk and feel comfortable around them.

People say the eyes are the window to the soul, and women use this when trying to seduce you.

If a woman makes prolonged eye contact with you, she is trying to catch your attention, setting the intention that she is going to seduce you.

If there’s eye contact when performing certain tasks – if you know what I mean – she knows that it will drive you crazy and make the whole situation a lot more pleasurable for the both of you. She will be able to gauge your reaction which spurs her on and gives her confidence boost to continue.

The more confident a woman feels the better her performance will be.


Perfume is for different occasions. I’ll have one for work, one for running around, one for a night out, and one for those types of nights.

When a woman is trying to seduce you from start to finish, she will do everything to smell nice. She will get in the shower, use her favorite body scrub and body wash, once she gets out, she will use her favorite body butter or moisturizer.

Smell is one of the most important senses that we as humans can have.

You can determine the difference between liking or hating something just by smell alone.

Your brain can pinpoint key scents that trigger a reaction before you’ve tasted it. Women know this and know that if they smell good then scientifically, you will find them more attractive. In comes the sexy perfume to match the sexy lingerie. 


Some women naturally have a sexy raspy voice.

When a woman is trying to seduce you, often, she will drop the tone of her voice and almost whisper. It has been proven to send shivers down a guy’s spine.

Some women will even imitate your favorite celebrity to turn you on.

Body Language

Body languages are an important part of our everyday life. It can notify you of how someone is feeling before they’ve even said something. When interacting with other people their bodies will tell you how comfortable they are even if you think they are comfortable, the subconscious could be different.

  • Proximity: Everyone has their personal space, and when you’re talking to someone try to be mindful of how far into that space you are stepping. If a woman stands within close proximity of you when trying to seduce you, she will close any personal space that you may have. This is so that she is within touching distance, and you can smell her perfume.
  • Body positioning: If her knees are pointing towards you when you’re both sitting down, she is extremely comfortable around you and is open to whatever conversation you are having. When a woman is trying to seduce you, she will position herself in a certain way so that you can see her curves and also her thighs.
  • Hand touching: when a woman is flirting with you more than often, she will find any excuse to touch you and caress your skin. Pay attention to where her hands wonder when you are in a conversation. Does she touch your arm when she laughs? If you are both sitting down, and you are having a conversation does she brush her hand across your thigh?

These are all indications that a woman is flirting with you and trying to seduce you. She knows little touches here and there will spark your interest without her having to say anything.


All women know the power that an outfit can hold in a situation.

When they are getting ready for a date women will plan their outfits according to their mood, the environment they are going into, the person they are going on a date with, and their intentions for the night.

When a woman is trying to seduce you, she knows that less is more, and in this case, a little less clothing and more skin is the perfect combination. Revealing to you a little bit of skin may allow him to have a sneak peek and leave the rest for him to wonder.


Women are not these innocent little fawns that they are stereotyped to be. We know exactly what we are doing and what we want when it comes to seduction.

Some women will use this stereotype to their advantage. Drawing you in on the innocence and then trapping you with the sexy goddess that she is. We’ve learnt the tips and tricks over the years, gossiping with our girlfriends and trading secrets and advice in the group chat.

Tried and tested over the years, we as women know that they work. We know what guys like and how to get them eating out of the palm of our hands.

Hopefully, now knowing the above tips and tricks, you’ll be able to realize when a woman is trying to seduce you and help her along the way.

The next time you are at the bar, and you notice those doh eyes looking at you from across the room, take a moment to notice her body language and how she positions her hands.

Is she trying to seduce you?

Be careful, once she knows that you know her moves the games will begin. I hope you’re ready for a fair fight!

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