14 Places to Touch A Woman for The First Time, Hottest Female Erogenous Zones & Sensitive Body Parts

There comes a point when you are dating a girl when it’s time to bring in some touching.

It’s hands down the most nerve-wracking part for most men. They start doubting themselves and wondering if they are actually in the friendzone. At the same time the girl is sitting there asking herself if you are ever going to touch her.

It’s a confusing time for both of you and then on top of all of this, you need to think about where you are going to touch her. You can’t go straight for some areas because she might label you a creep or assume you only want her for a one-night stand. On the other hand, you don’t want it to come across as a friendly touch. 

Well while I can’t solve the mysterious world of dating for you in this video (you’ll have to watch my other videos for that), I can tell you the nine places to touch a girl for the first time and the five places to touch her once things get a little more serious. So, are you ready to learn? 

Places to touch a woman for the first time

Always check for consent 

Right guys let’s start with the most important part.

Before touching a girl, you always need to check you have consent to do so.

Sometimes you might think she seems interested because of her body language but unless you ask her, you will never really know. It only takes a minute, and it will leave her thinking, wow he is a gentleman. A true lady’s man asks a lady if she wants to be touched. Let’s dive in…

Her back 

The back is a great place to start. It’s not somewhere you would typically touch a friend so immediately she knows you mean business.

It’s a sensual part of both a mans and woman’s body so it will get her into a more flirty state.

It does not need to be a long touch. If you are sitting next to her or walking next to her, you can gently brush your hand along her back. Maybe you are listening to something she is saying, or you are giving her a little touch in response to a joke she made.

Whatever the situation, girls love this type of touch. 

Her hands

I am sure you knew this one would be on the list. Hands are a great part of a girl’s body to touch. They are easy to grab but also to let go of so that the touch does not become awkward.

You could brush your hand over hers or take her hand and hold it for a moment. This can be done when you are both sitting down or when you are on the move.

A girl will understand what you mean by this touch. It is not as flirty as the back touch, but it still shows her that you are interested in her and holding hands is like the most romantic thing in a girl’s eyes. 

Her neck

Necks are really sensual places and erotic spots. This might make you think that they cannot be one of the places you touch a girl the first time. If you were to touch her neck a lot, then it might come across as quite forceful, especially as a first touch.

When touching a girl’s neck for the first time, it needs to be quick, swift, and soft. Almost so she could not feel it.

This is a good place to touch if you are both heavily flirting with each other, or things are getting quite close. It symbolizes that you are ready to take things to the next level. 

Her arms 

Although hands are easy to touch, arms are harder to touch. Whether a girl has a long-sleeved shirt on or her arms are bare, this can be a good place to touch a girl, but you need to know what you are doing.

For this one, it is probably better to wait until she has her arms extended on a table and touch them then. Or touch them when you go in for a hug.

It is tricker to pull off, but it tells her that you are protective, romantic, and thoughtful which is all things girls search for in men they are dating. 

Her legs 

Legs are easier to touch then you might think when you are going in for your first touch. They can even be touched if you are on the opposite side of the table from a girl. It is more of a flirty place to touch a girl but not as flirty as her neck.

A girl’s upper thigh is the best place to touch on her legs. It can be done under the table or when you are sitting next to her. You can leave your hand here for a few moments but not too long because then it might make the girl feel uncomfortable. 

Her feet

This one might come as a surprise to you! I would only go for the feet if you have been dating for quite a while without any touch. If you are sitting next to her on a couch, then it’s a good excuse to touch her feet with your own.

Do this with caution though because not all girls like having their feet touched. You need to study her before you do this and see if it would be something with which she is comfortable. 

Her waist 

Grabbing a girl by her waist is fun, flirty and something that girls love guys to do to them. It shows your fun side but also adds that dimension of sexual flirting to your relationship.

You could pull her waist into you for a hug or grab it while you are both laughing.

Remember that you need to make sure you have her consent to do this and that it is something she is comfortable with you doing. 

Her shoulders

Shoulders are a great place to touch a girl for the first time. It is not an intrusive or personal space to touch but it shows her that you are interested in her.

This can be done in a fun way while dancing or while you are both waiting in line for a drink. There are lots of ways you can seamlessly touch a girl’s shoulders.

Like all touching spots make sure you don’t linger too long when it is the first few times you touch a girl. Keep it short!

Her hair 

Not all girls like having their hair touched because, well, they may have spent hours doing it. You really need to make sure that this is ok with the girl before doing it.

Don’t run your hands through her whole hair either. There is nothing worse for a girl. When she knows you better, she might ask you to do this but when she first meets you, she does not know where your hands have been.

Instead twirl the ends of her hair around your fingers or touch the base of her hair when you touch her back. She will feel protected, but it will also be flirty so it’s a good first touch. 

When things get a little more serious…

Once you are past the first touch and things are heating up a little bit there are other places you can touch. These places are more personal and require you to know her well.

Again, make sure you have her consent to touch these places.

Her inner thighs

We have already discussed legs on today’s video, but we were focused on the upper thighs. Her inner thighs are quite a sexual place and can really help spice things up. If you are out in public and you go to touch her leg, why not reach around to the inner thigh area? It will get her heartbeat racing and also yours. Stay there for a few moments before taking your hand away.

This is a great move to do at the beginning of the night if you know that you will both end up spending the evening together. It shows her what is to come and sets the tone. 

Behind her ear

This might sound like a funny spot to be touching a girl, but it is one of the erotic zones.

If you are wondering how you would touch her behind her ear without being weird, well that is understandable. I have an easy way though, you can simply tuck her hair behind her ear and touch it as you go. Romantic and sensual!

Her stomach 

Some girls won’t like this at all, but others will like it.

You could touch it as you go in for a hug and wrap your arms around her. Or you could rest your head on it if you are both lying down.

Although some girls don’t like this, for others it is very comforting, and it makes them feel safe. 

Her butt

Girls enjoy it when guys touch their butts in a flirty way. You could touch it while she is dancing or walking down the street or in your bedroom. Either way, it is one of the flirtiest places to touch and girls love it! 

Her face 

The face is such a personal space, and it is something you normally don’t touch until you have been dating for a while and you go in for the kiss. Girls find it so romantic when guys gently touch their faces when they go in for a kiss.

All you need to do is lean in, cup her face and go in for the kiss. It will make her melt! 

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