16 Reasons Why Highly Intelligent People Prefer To Be Alone (Lonely Genius Syndrome)

16 Reasons Why Highly Intelligent People Prefer to Be Alone (Lonely Genius Syndrome)

Have you noticed that highly intelligent people seem to prefer being alone? When you are studying for a test or trying to get a big piece of work done, it’s better to do it alone and in silence isn’t it. This is because you can focus.

Alone time ends up becoming a safe space for highly intelligent people. They enjoy the peacefulness of it and thrive in it. If you think you are highly intelligent or you know someone who is, and you are trying to win them over then keep watching. 

In today’s video you will learn the 16 reasons why highly intelligent people prefer to be alone. 

Reasons why highly intelligent people prefer to be alone

Intelligent people value productivity 

Highly intelligent people are normally extremely successful.

When you are successful, you work hard and need to be productive.

Intelligent people really value productivity and find it more productive when they are alone vs when they are around other people. They might struggle to work in busy work environments. You might find their desks in the corner, and they will have headphones in.

Normally highly intelligent people won’t take part in office gossip, they prefer to get on with the task at hand. They will divide their day up into hours so that they get the most out of it. Productivity is what helps them reach their goals and potential. 

They often have a different perspective 

The most successful people in the world choose education over entertainment.

Highly intelligent people spend their time reading books, researching topics of interest, and watching ted talks. They are very clued up about the world around them and often have a deep understanding of things.

The only problem is, they don’t always have life experience. They spend so much time alone and with their head in books that they can miss out on what is going on around them.

This means that they form different perspectives to people who have more life experience. They might read something and take that for the absolute truth although they have missed something that has happened in real life.

Of course, you do get highly intelligent people that are also very socially intelligent. This allows them to see things from both sides which also gives them a new perspective but means they are normally correct. 

They use solitude for planning 

Antonie de Saint-Exupery said, if you have a goal without a plan, it is just a dream.

Planning is a key part of success and achieving goals.

Highly intelligent people use their alone time to plan how they will achieve certain things or to plan out work they need to complete. 

Highly intelligent people don’t mind being different 

Highly intelligent people are, well, intelligent which means they are aware they are different.

They know that most people spend their time socializing and being around other people. The thing is, they don’t care about being different, in fact most highly intelligent people don’t care.

Sure, they might miss out on a party or two, but they will probably end up being some of the most successful people in society, so they don’t care. 

They spend time cultivating creativity 

We often associate intelligence with science and math. The truth is intelligence comes in all sorts of forms.

A lot of intelligent people also need to be creative so that they can achieve what they need to. We can’t always just be creative. Sometimes we need time alone so that our creativity can flow.

Intelligent people are aware of this, and they know what they need to do so that they can cultivate creativity. They might need to spend alone time reading a book, having a bath, or going for a walk. 

Solitude helps intelligent people appreciate others better 

When intelligent people are around others all the time, they start to get sick of them. They spend their time thinking about all the things they could be doing if only they were alone.

Solitude gives them time to really appreciate their friends, family, and partner. They then enjoy the time they spend with them so much more.

It’s important to remember this if you are dating a highly intelligent person or if you are friends with someone who is intelligent. 

They don’t seek social validation 

They don’t achieve what they do for social validation. It is the personal feeling of success that they are searching for. This is different from what other people are looking for when they are trying to achieve something because they are normally searching for social validation.

Highly intelligent people don’t really care about being socially popular. They don’t search to be accepted or try and collect the most number of friends. Intelligent people are very secure in the fact that they have a few friends. 

They spend a lot of time reading 

Highly intelligent people spend a lot of time reading. When you read, it’s nice to have silence and no distractions.

When you have distractions, it can be easy to lose your spot or not make very much progress. This is something that intelligent people would rather avoid because they are trying to get through books quickly so they will spend time alone when reading. 

They spend time with a select group of friends 

Instead of putting effort and energy into being everyone’s friend, highly intelligent people will focus on only having a select group of friends.

These friends may be like them. They have to understand that their friend likes to have alone time and not be offended when they go to spend time alone.

Normally highly intelligent people will maintain the same friendships for life which can make them very deep.

They never get fomo (fear of missing out)

Highly intelligent people can guess what they are going to miss out on and therefore they don’t experience the fear of missing out.

They have made a choice to spend time alone completing something and they understand it is the best decision for them.

Intelligent people know themselves very well and understand their own likes and dislikes which makes it easier for them to make the right decision. 

They listen more than they talk 

Listening is such an underrated skill. Intelligent people will listen to what experts around them are saying and keep that knowledge inside their brain. They are like sponges and only need to be told something once to understand how it should be done.

As employees, they don’t need much guidance and are able to get on with things alone. You will always find a highly intelligent person listening more than they talk. 

They avoid drama 

They do not have time for drama or brain cells to waste on it.

Highly intelligent people would rather learn something new than listen to drama that is going on between their friend and his girlfriend. Normally they will shut the conversation down because they do not have the mental capacity for it. 

They pick when to socialize carefully 

Highly intelligent people have a purse full of invisible tokens. These are tokens for social events like going to the movies or out for dinner with friends.

The tokens are limited, once they are gone, they are gone! So, they must be careful where they spend time. They will choose when and where to socialize very carefully and avoid over socializing as that could allow them to fall behind in other areas of their life.

They work on different schedules

Instead of working a strict 9-5 week, they will often go over this. They understand when they work best so some intelligent people will work in the morning while others will work through the night.

If they have a normal 9-5 job, they will read or work on a project before and after work.

Intelligent people don’t see this as a chore, they see it as a passion. 

They need more alone time to make decisions 

Highly intelligent people put a lot of pressure on themselves to make the right decision. To do this they need to spend more time alone so that they can weigh out all the pros and cons.

If they make a decision that they deem to be wrong, they will often isolate themselves more and come down on themselves hard. This is when they need their friends to really support them. 

Alone time allows them to prepare for the future

They spend a lot of their alone time simply thinking. This gives them time to prepare for the future.

They might decide that they need to start investing in stocks or shares so that they have a nest egg to fall back on in the future or they might decide that by the time they are 30 they would like to be married, what do they need to do to get there?

Highly intelligent people have a great future ahead of them. One of the main reasons they are intelligent though is because they know this won’t just happen, they need to work for it. 

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