Powerful Flirting Hacks

11 Powerful Flirting Hacks That Actually WORK On Women – Flirting Secrets Girls Can’t Resist

11 Powerful Flirting Hacks You Can Learn Today! In today’s video I’m going to be discussing some flirting techniques you can use and provide you with how best to put these flirting techniques to use.

Whether you prefer subtle flirting, flirting over text or even subconscious flirting body language tips. There’s something here that will improve your flirting ability.

Some guys seem to have it all don’t they. You watch them in bars effortlessly flirt with girls and you’re wondering how are you doing that?

Well today I’m going to teach you some powerful flirting hacks so you can be just like them.

These could change your dating life and ensure that every time you flirt you are successful.

To be on top of your flirting game keep watching and you will learn some powerful hacks that will take your flirting efforts to the next level.

Powerful Flirting Hacks

Be direct when you approach them 

This first hack has two parts to it. The first is the physical approach.

If you spot a girl and you want to talk to her then you need to think about your approach.

You don’t want to creep up behind her, tap her on the shoulder and awkwardly say “you look pretty.” The girl is probably going to think you are a little creepy and try to avoid you after that.

You want to approach her head on so that she can see you coming. Walk straight up to her, facing her and say “hello, how are you?.” This direct approach will mean she has a few seconds to gather a first impression of you.

It also makes you look confident, which girls really love. It is a much nicer way to approach a girl rather than creeping up on her. 

The second part of this is being direct with the language you use.

You don’t want to start off by asking her to marry you, but you do want to make it clear why you are talking to her.

Maybe you would like to say something like, I saw you from across the street and I thought you looked lovely.

Make it as clear as possible, without being over the top, that you like the look of her and you are here to flirt a little. 

Be cool 

When we see flirting in movies it is normally over the top, giggling, touching and eyelash batting.

Although this is what we have seen, this is not what flirting really is. Although all these things are useful, you don’t want to go over the top in your use of them. You want to stay cool.

The more subtle gestures you make, the more successful you’re flirting is going to be. Quick touches, a few laughs and eyelash batting are the start of a recipe for success.

When you are around a girl and ready to flirt, keep your cool and be like those cool guys you see effortlessly flirting at bars. 

Smile whenever you can 

Guys sometimes forget to smile.

You have a strong, stoic look on your face and to a girl that can seem quite cold, and it makes you appear disinterested. You can also seem clingy and a little creepy if all you do is smile, meet somewhere in the middle.

Smile when it is appropriate, like when a girl tells you some great news or when she walks in, and you see her for the first time. Then you can have your strong, stoic look on when you are listening to what she has to say or while you are waiting for your drinks.

You will then have a mix of friendly facial expressions and mysteriousness which is the perfect mix in a girl’s eyes.

Give her some compliments

This one won’t come as a surprise, girls love compliments.

They adore them and love it when a guy pays her one. It’s a fantastic way to start off a flirty conversation.

Any compliment you give, you want to make sure is a genuine one. Something you really like when you look at the girl.

You don’t want to go over the top and pay her a lot of compliments because it becomes too much. One or two compliments is more than enough to pay in one conversation.

You could compliment anything from her hair to the dress she is wearing. Compliments on a girl’s personality also go a long way. 

Start bringing in touch 

Once the touch barrier is broken, it shows a girl that you mean business.

Show her that you are here to flirt with her. Firstly, you need to make sure that she is flirting back and that she is interested.

You can guess this from her general body language. Then once you know this, you can start bringing in touch. You might be walking together and reach for her hand briefly, or if you are sitting next to each other, touch her thigh quickly as you are both laughing.

When a guy takes charge and initiates the touching, it makes a girl think he is confident which is a major bonus.

Try to be as subtle with it as possible. It’s better to leave her wanting more. 

Text back if you are interested 

You met and she gave you her number, which is great. Now is the time to text her back but only if you are interested.

Sometimes guys flirt with them and realize they are not attracted to their personality. This happens, but if you felt like that, don’t bother texting her because you will only be leading her on.

If you are interested though, start with a text that says hello, who you are and how you met and then ask how she is or if she had a nice night.

It’s important to start the conversation in a casual way and remember that although you remember her, she might have had a few drinks and might not remember you.

Once you have been texting for a while, you can arrange a date, or another meet up.

Keep the spice alive by flirting a little over text.

Eye contact is important 

Sometimes eye contact can say more than words can. Like when you spot a girl at the bar, and you catch her eye.

It’s the first step before approaching her. It’s a moment of electricity for you both.

Eye contact is an important flirting tool. You want to be able to catch a girl’s eye, hold her gaze for a moment, wink and leave her wanting more.

When a girl is telling you something important which does happen during flirting, she wants you to be looking her straight in the eye.

Eye contact comes in different forms when you are flirting but it needs to make an impact. 

Tease them

Girls love it when guys tease them.

You need to be able to find the right balance with teasing. For example, you could say that you noticed she dropped her napkin when she was standing with her friends and ask if she ever gets called clumsy. This is fun and flirty.

Sometimes when guys tease girls, it can come across as rude, so you want to avoid that.

If possible, you want to make her laugh and get her to release feel good hormones like adrenaline which will make her feel a little high.

She will feel that hanging out with you is going to be great! 

Watch her body language 

While thinking about your own body language, also think about hers.

How is she holding herself? Does she seem interested or disinterested? Is she flirting back and moving closer to you? You need to be thinking about how she is acting.

Maybe she is twirling her hair, this is a good sign, and it shows that she is flirting. If she is standing with her arms crossed, she is putting barriers up.

This does not mean that it is all over, you just might need to work a little harder to grab her attention. 

Lean in 

When you are both alone it is a good time to lean in closer. When you lean in, you are brining your bodies closer together and creating some sexual tension between you both.

A suitable time to lean in is when she is talking to you, it shows that you are listening but also creates this environment that is full of excitement. 

Say interesting things 

Flirting is not all laughing and touching, you do actually need to attract her.

This is something you can do with your words.

Have some interesting things to say. When you answer questions that she asks, don’t just say yes or no. Explain why you have given those answers and make sure to tell her a little about yourself so that she feels closer to you.

If you like, you can also display some of your knowledge or show her how passionate you are about something you love like Football. 

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