How to psychologically attract someone

Secrets On How You Psychologically Attract Someone (Powerful Attraction To Get Someone To Like You)

This is how you attract someone to you – Using psychology! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing 9 psychological attraction tips you can use to get someone to like you.

It might sound complicated, but once we get into it, you will realize how simple it really is.

You may have stumbled onto today’s video because you’re looking for advice on the following topics: How to get someone to want you, how to attract someone, how to be more attractive, how to make someone interested in you, how to make someone feel sexually attracted to you and many more along a similar theme. Today’s video aims to come in helpful in all the above areas.

Sometimes when it comes to love you can’t leave it all to chance. Sure, a great girl could come along and could be attracted to you, that would be great.

If you have been waiting around for this to happen for a while though you are probably sick of waiting.

The first step is attracting a girl and getting her attention.

There is a way that you can do this without having to just sit and wait.

You can try to psychologically attract someone, this is not a manipulation technique don’t worry. Our brains are wired to be attracted to certain things and this is just tapping into those natural things and monopolizing on them so that you can have more luck with the ladies.

How to psychologically attract someone

Try to wear red clothes

Did you know that red is associated with sexual energy! When we see red, we think, attraction.

There have been psychological studies on this and in every study, people were more interested in others that were wearing red.

So, if you would like to start attracting more ladies, why not start with wearing more red.

You could do it subtly by wearing bright red socks, or you could be bolder and wear a red jumper. Try it and see what happens, who knew attracting a lady could be so easy? 

Say her name

When you use someone’s name repeatedly, it helps to create attraction. When we use someone’s name, it subconsciously lets them know that you care about them.

It creates a personal attraction between you and them. You could slip it into a conversation by saying something like “Mary, how was your week at work?” or “I think you made the right choice Claire.”

Once you start getting into the habit of doing this you might find that more girls start showing interest in you. It’s something small and easy to do but it has huge results. 

Mirror her body language 

Mirroring, also known as copying. We often copy other people’s behavior normally without even realizing it, but you can do it consciously.

Remind yourself to do it when you are in the moment, this can help you psychologically attract someone.

Now when I say copying, I don’t mean being a parrot and repeating everything they say. I mean using similar language to them and noticing words that they use regularly.

I would also suggest doing things like picking up your glass to take a drink when they do.

This makes the other person feel like you are in sync and very connected to each other. 

Play a little hard to get 

You don’t want to play so hard to get that she thinks you don’t like her or that you are not interested.

There is a careful balance that needs to be struck.

Playing hard to get makes the other person think, I need to work harder. Everyone wants to win and get what they want and that includes the person they want. 

If things come too easy, they don’t seem like they have much value.

If you have a lot of money and can afford to buy anything then buying a new laptop isn’t going to mean that much to you. If you have to save up for the laptop, you will feel a huge sense of pride and satisfaction. You are more likely to look after that laptop because you understand the work that went into getting it. 

The same goes for dating, if you work a little harder, you are more likely to really appreciate that person.

You can play hard to get by not always being available when she wants to see you and by not texting back right away.

You should still always be polite and nice to her but playing hard to get at least at the beginning can make her even more attracted to you. 

Be funny

Psychological research has shown that the funnier you are the more likely you are to be remembered.

So, the funnier you can be around a girl, the more likely she is to be attracted to you and remember you.

Humor helps to spread positivity and makes other people comfortable in your presence which is important if you are trying to attract someone.

When you tell a funny story, and it has a vulnerable aspect that is even better and really increases attraction. 

Hang out in a group sometimes 

This is called the ‘cheerleader effect’ and has been studied in research circles.

We are found to be more attractive when other people observe us hanging out with other people. When we hang-out with others our level of attractiveness is skewed, and we are thought of as more attractive.

When you are with her and your friends, you are more attractive in her eyes. Once, Barney in How I Met Your Mother explained it as a collection of people in a bar are attractive but if you met them alone, they would not be attractive.

When you are with other people, girls think you are hotter. 

Be clumsy 

Did you know that sometimes being clumsy can make you more attractive?

You have probably seen it in movies and read about it in books.

When a girl accidentally drops her pen, and a guy picks it up and then they live happily ever after. Or, when a guy slips up and a girl catches his papers as they go flying.

Being clumsy can make you appear vulnerable in other people’s eyes which makes you seem cute in a girl’s eye.

This psychological effect is called the “Identifiable Victim Effect” which is when other people seek out ‘victims’ and want to help them but also find them attractive.

It might sound strange, but women especially do this as they have maternal instincts. So next time you drop your napkin on a date just think, this could be making me more attractive. 

Try to radiate confidence 

The more confident you are, the more attractive you are.

Girls find guys who radiate confidence far more attractive than those who are nervous or lack self-assurance.

When you can own a room, girls start to notice.

If you can always be as confident as possible when you are around ladies, you’ll start finding you have a lot more expressing interest in you. 

Do something together that boosts adrenaline 

This one is also backed by research which has shown that when you take someone on an adrenaline-based date like roller coasters or rock climbing, you are more likely to trick that person into really enjoying your company.

Adrenaline is a feeling that these activities release, and it is a natural high.

So, when you invite someone to zip down a zip line with you, you are helping to release a natural high which makes them feel as though they love spending time with you.

This feeling sticks around after the feeling disappears because it becomes a memory. Which means if you are trying to attract someone, start with an adrenaline boosting activity. 

Drink coffee together 

Numerous studies have shown that hot liquids make us view the people around us in a more positive light.

When we drink coffee with someone we often think of the other person as more honest, kinder, and funnier than we would if we were enjoying a cold drink with them.

So, if you want to attract someone, take them for coffee. 

Compliment her

Girls love compliments.

When a man they have not thought about in a romantic way pays them a compliment, it suddenly makes them think differently about them.

It’s like a switch gets flicked in their mind and they go from thinking of him as a friend or someone they have just met in a bar to a potential love interest.

Giving a woman a compliment and paying her some attention can go a really long way. 

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