What gets a girl sexually hooked on you

THIS Gets A Girl Sexually Hooked On You (Dating, Hook Ups, Seduction & Attraction) GUIDE FOR MEN

In today’s video we’re going to be discussing how you can get a woman’s attention and get her sexually hooked on you.

We’re going to be talking about dating, seduction, how to seduce women, sexual attraction, and sexual tension – this is a complete guide for men on how to get girls hooked.

Often we focus on grabbing girls’ attention with looks, wealth and personality. This is all great but it’s often not enough to get a girl totally hooked. Men often think in a very logical way, but women are ruled by emotions.

Although looks, wealth and personality are logical things to get hooked on, women care more about closeness and how it feels when she is with a man.

In today’s video I’m going to be telling you what gets a girl sexually hooked on you.

It’s going to be a mixture of things that involves both logic and emotion, so when you put these things together it becomes far easier to get a special girl hooked.

What gets a girl sexually hooked on you

Maintain your confidence 

Something important to always remember is that other people will treat you according to how you treat yourself. So, if you treat yourself poorly, then others including women will.

If you don’t have self-worth and boundaries firmly in place then she won’t respect you at all. You want to be respected by any girl that you are trying to impress.

Always maintain your confidence especially when you are around women.

As you get to know a lady, she will probably test your confidence and you need to maintain it and stay strong.

This will make you a more high-value man which will mean that you have a higher chance of getting a girl sexually hooked on you. 

Make her trust you and feel comfortable 

Often when we are trying to win someone over we change ourselves and pretend to be the person we think they would like us to be.

This means though that we are not being genuine, and it is hard for the other person to trust us.

When we reach the physical stage of a relationship with a girl we need to make sure that she feels safe, and one way to do this is by making sure that she is comfortable around you.

If you want a girl to be hooked on you sexually then you need to be yourself so that she can trust you and feel comfortable when she is around you. 

Try to understand what a woman wants 

I get it, it is not easy to understand what a woman wants all of the time.

Women can be difficult to read and understand. They hardly ever just come out and say what they want.

Relationships though even new ones are always give and take. You have to give something and take something, and she has to do the same.

When you understand what a woman wants, it allows you to create a deeper relationship with her.

You need to understand what she wants mentally, physically and you need to understand what she likes sexually.

When she shares these things with you, she is being vulnerable. Which is not an easy thing for women to be. Once they have been vulnerable with you though, there is a deeper connection.

She craves being around you because she feels safe and knows you understand her. Which means it is easier for her to get sexually hooked on you.

So, if you want a woman to be eating out of the palms of your hands then you need to understand what she wants and get her to be vulnerable. 

Build a strong emotional connection 

Once you have got her to be vulnerable with you, it’s time to start building a strong emotional connection.

I spoke about vulnerability before and how it can help a girl feel safer around you. It can also help to build an emotional connection.

Now, this part is important, if you can build an emotional connection with a woman she is more likely to stay around. This is because she becomes somewhat dependent on you.

She feels as though she can tell you everything and she doesn’t want to lose that.

This is sometimes referred to as emotional dependency and can be framed as a negative thing. It’s not true in all cases. It only becomes negative if she starts being really clingy and won’t leave your side.

Some healthy emotional dependency is a good thing and can help you sexually. 

Make your intentions clear 

There is no point beating around the bush. You need to make your intentions clear from the very beginning. This is the best way to make sure that you are not friend-zoned.

Make sure that from the beginning you are flirting with her and mention that you like her. This should ensure that she knows you are not just spending time together as friends.

Once a lady knows how you feel about her, she will start to think about how she feels about you.

She might start to look at you differently from how she did before. She will also feel more open when she is around you because she understands that you like her and therefore does not feel in danger of being rejected.

This also means that you don’t waste your time trying to get a girl sexually hooked if she does not feel that way about you. 

Make the woman feel special

If you want a girl to be sexually hooked on you then you need to make her feel special.

If you make a girl feel special by complimenting her, telling her how much she means to you and treating her nicely then she will never want to leave you.

She has probably been with men who have treated her poorly and she needs someone who is going to treat her well.

Even if you don’t have intentions in being in a relationship with her and you only want sex, you still need to make her feel special.

Show her attention, buy her flowers, and take her on nice dates. It will mean the world to her and in her eyes you will simply be the best. 

Show her your vulnerable side

We have spoken about getting her to show off her vulnerable side, but it is a two-way street, and you need to do it as well. When she is vulnerable, it might be helpful to share a story of when you found yourself in a similar situation.

Open up to her and show her that you trust her. Women love seeing men being vulnerable and expressing their emotions and she will find it very sexy when you do. 

Show her that you are passionate 

You want to show her that you are passionate about her but also about other things. Tell her about your passions in life and your goals.

Girls find it sexy when a guy is driven and motivated to do something with his life.

She is more likely to find you attractive if she knows about your passions so don’t be shy in bringing them up. 

Try to build up the sexual tension between you both

Flirting is a great way to build up sexual tension between the both of you.

You can flirt in person and over text. Also telling her that you can’t wait to see her again and talking about what you would do together can also be a terrific way of building up tension.

When you are together try to take her on dates to private places so that you can both get close to each other. 

Be her escape 

You want to be her escape. The person that she comes to at the end of the day. The person that she wants to spend time with when she is going through a difficult period in her life.

She wants to spend time with you because you make her laugh, and she can forget about her problems when she is around you.

Don’t be something else that she has to worry about.

Make it fun when you are together, be there for her and make sure you don’t add anything to her pile. Be her escape from real life. 

Be patient with her 

Don’t expect her to be sexually hooked straight away. It is a slow process, and you need to be patient.

You can’t just expect sex from a girl. Instead, you should be focusing on building up an emotional bond so that she can feel safe enough to be sexual with you.

It’s important that you make it clear, you are not pressuring her, and you are happy to wait until she is ready.

Try not to mention the fact that you are not having sex with her when she is around, this will only make her feel pressured.

If you are patient with her in the beginning, you will find that it will pay off in the end. 

Give her time to miss you 

Try not to be too clingy or desperate.

Give her time to miss you. Try not to message her every day or always be the one to arrange dates, let her do some of the work.

You want her to have the chance to think “I wish he was here.” We normally want what we can’t have, so it’s a chance to get her hooked. 

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