Signs you are not sexually compatible with someone

10 Brutally Honest Signs You’re NOT Sexually Compatible With Someone.

In yesterday’s video we discussed the signs you are sexually compatible with someone, you can view that video here:

Today we’re looking at the opposite side and focusing on signs you’re not sexually compatible with a person. This is an important educational subject where we discuss healthy sex and relationship compatibility.

Sometimes you date someone just because you have great sex. You have nothing else in common with them and nothing to talk to them about you, both just have really great sex.

Now on the flip side you could be with someone who is like your soul mate, but you don’t connect sexually, it is tricky, to strike a balance.

There is no guarantee when you first start dating someone that you will both be sexually compatible.

Sometimes we fall in love with the other person before we have even had sex with them. By then it’s kind of too late.

If you have been wondering if you and your partner are sexually compatible but you’re not that sure what to look for, this video is going to help.

In today’s video I’m going to be telling you about the 10 signs that you are not sexually compatible with someone. This is going to be helpful whether you are single or in a relationship. So, let’s dive in deep like and subscribe

Signs you are not sexually compatible with someone

You plan to have sex

Sex is never spontaneous between you both. When you come home or go on a date with them, it never just happens.

If you want to have sex with each other it always has to be planned. It’s great when you put time aside to make it happen but it’s not good if it is planned all the time.

To be sexually compatible you should want to have sex with each other, and it should be spontaneous.

It’s not good for your relationship if you plan to have sex but then it never happens.

It leaves you feeling even more deflated.

People with good sexual compatibility, have sex on both planned occasions and spontaneously. 

You don’t enjoy the same sex positions 

You like missionary but your sexual partner likes more adventurous positions.

This means that at any point throughout sex, one of you is not enjoying it.

If you are not having sex so that both of you can enjoy it, why bother doing it? This is not sexual compatibility.

It’s important at the start of seeing someone that you figure out if you both like the same sex positions. Ask them what they like and ask them if they would like to try what you like.

If you both like similar things, you are more likely to have great sex. 

You can’t get a rhythm going 

When you are in the moment, neither of you get a rhythm going. You don’t seem to move at the same time or at the same pace. This means the sex is never very good.

The bigger picture though is that you are not connecting to each other.

The connection you have might need to be worked on and you might need to communicate between each other.

Explain what you both like and see what you can do to improve your rhythm. It can be fixed, it just takes a little work. 

One of you zones out 

You spot your partner just staring outside the window instead of looking into your eyes while you have sex. You try to get them to look at you by changing up positions, but it never works.

This can be a total mood killer. If either of you zone out and start thinking about your to-do list it is probably because you are not enjoying it.

You might be finding the sex boring and that is why you are zoning out.

This is when you should start spicing things up. Making suggestions about new things you could both try out on each other in places that you have both not had sex before.

The more adventurous you can make it, the more fun it will be.

You keep the TV on 

This is never a good sign, and it certainly points at sexual incompatibility. If you are keeping the TV on so that you can watch it while you are having sex, it shows that you are not interested.

Similarly, if your partner asks to leave the TV on you should be asking yourself why? The focus should be on you? Ask for the TV to be turned off and keep it off during sex.

If it continues to be a problem you might need to ask yourself if you are sexually compatible? 

You never want to do it at the same time 

Either you want sex, or they want sex, but you never want it at the same time.

This means that you end up never having sex together. Which brings you both down and leaves you questioning your relationship. 

You can normally spot this at the beginning of a relationship. That is the time to sort it out and talk about it.

It might not be something that you can both agree on in which case it might be time to move on. When you can’t agree on it, it will never go away within your relationship. 

To be sexually compatible you both need to want to have sex at the same time or at least when the other person wants it. That will ensure that you both have sex often and when you both want it. 

It becomes boring 

Simply, it becomes boring. At the beginning, it was exciting but then suddenly it became really boring.

You no longer get excited at the thought of having sex with your partner.

It feels like a chore instead of something that you really want to do. You start thinking about other things and other people while you are having sex. Constantly you find your mind wandering to other places.

This is a sign that it is getting stale. You can both work on spicing things up in the bedroom to make it less boring if you want to, or you can sit back and admit that you are sexually incompatible. 

Only one person wins 

Every time you have sex with your partner or with the person you are dating, only one of you comes out on top.

Meaning the other one is left feeling unsatisfied and not very happy. This means that the sex is not pleasurable for you both which points at sexual incompatibility. 

Another tell-tale sign is when one of you starts faking your own pleasure. That is never the sign of a healthy sex life and should be addressed early on.

You should both enjoy sex as much as each other. 

The kissing is bad 

There is no easy way to put it, the kissing sucks.

Everyone has a different way of kissing including you and your partner.

If you think your partner is a bad kisser, fair enough, you are entitled to your own opinion but it’s probably not something you should tell them as they might get quite offended.

Although you might think they are a bad kisser, someone else might think they are an exceptionally good kisser.

The point is you are not compatible. When they kiss you, the spark is just not there.

There really is not much you can do about this. It might be time to re-think your relationship if it is something that bothers you. 

You think about past lovers

When you are having sex with someone, you start thinking about your past lovers.

You picture having sex with them or think about your past sexual experiences with them on nearly a daily basis.

Secretly you wish you could have sex with them instead of with your current partner.

This is not a good place to be in, but it makes it really clear in your eyes that you are not sexually compatible with your current partner.

It does not mean you should go back to your ex, but it does mean you should leave your current sexual partner. 

We can’t be sexually compatible with everyone which means that we are sometimes sexually incompatible with people that we have already formed a bond with.

It can be really difficult to comes to terms with, but if sex is important to you then it’s probably for the best that you put an end to the relationship. 

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