How to make your crush think about you

How To Live In Your Crush’s Mind Rent Free (Make Them Think About You, Like You & Notice You!)

Learn how to make your crush think about you all the time! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing how you can make your crush obsess over you! This covers how to get your crush to like you, how to talk to your crush, how to impress your crush and how you can get your crush to notice you!

There is good news! It’s much easier than you probably thought and it’s a really nice feeling when you know that someone else is thinking about you.

If you want to get their attention and live in their minds rent-free then you don’t need to play games.

According to experts it’s about what you do when you are together that will make all the difference to whether or not you live in your crush’s mind rent-free.

In today’s video I’m going to tell you how you can live in your crushes mind rent free. You can take these things and start using them straight away.

How to make your crush think about you

Mention them to a mutual friend

This is a very easy way to get into your crush’s mind rent free.

If you share mutual friends, all you need to do is mention the other person to them. You could mention something that you love about the other person like “Have you noticed how nice Chloe’s eyes are?.”

Or you could mention that you like them to their friends if you wanted to move things along faster.

When you tell something to a mutual friend about someone else in your friend group, you can assume that it will get back to them.

When they find out that you have been talking about them and thinking about them, they will start thinking about you. You will be living in their mind rent free. 

Be positive when you are around them 

Make sure that the last time you both spent time together it was a very positive experience.

After the positive experience, remember to give them breathing space. You do not need to play games to get their attention.

Simply get on with your life and things will progress naturally if they are meant to be.

We tend to remember positive experiences and replay them in our heads repeatedly. As the old saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

When you give them breathing space, you give them time to appreciate your treasured time together. They will be coming back for more. 

Make them laugh 

Research has shown that sharing laughter is a wonderful way to bond with someone.

If you want to get closer to the person that you have a crush on, make sure you live in their minds rent free then you need to make them laugh.

You have plenty of opportunities to make them laugh, when you are together on a date, over text or even while you are on a phone call.

You could make some inside jokes that are just between the both of you. That is a terrific way to feel closer to someone.

Remember they say that laughter is the key to someone’s heart. The more you can make them laugh, the better. 

Be vulnerable around them 

If you are vulnerable, they will feel closer to you and able to open up around you.

You can’t expect someone to be interested in you and want to be around you if they don’t know you, like really know you.

You don’t need to tell them everything about yourself. In fact it is important that you keep a little back for when you get into a relationship.

Open up about some things that are going on in your life though and allow them to open up, it will bring you both closer. 

Leave secret notes around the house

If you have a crush on someone the truth is you are probably not living together yet unless they are your flatmate.

If you wanted to get your crush thinking about you though, you could leave notes around their house when you leave in the morning. Or you could leave notes in their bag, wallet, or car.

I am talking about cute notes like “I hope you have a really lovely day” or “You look cute today.” When they see the note, they will think about you straight away.

They might keep looking back at it throughout the day and smiling. The other person will also think you are so thoughtful and kind which is a great impression to make on a crush.

Any nice gestures will keep them thinking about you. 

Do something really fun together 

When we have adrenaline pumping around our bodies, we start producing dopamine which makes us feel temporarily high.

Taking your crush on dates that include fun, adrenaline pumping activities can make them feel more attracted to you.

It’s not only because they have just seen you do something brave, the adrenaline and dopamine has hit them. They now view you as a more interesting, honest person.

You could take them to a ropes course, dare them to climb a tree or go skinny dipping.

Make the most of the time you spend together by making it as fun as possible. 

Be thoughtful 

Doing something nice for someone really shows them how you feel about them.

If you really like your crush and you want them to think about you when you are not around then you could do something thoughtful for them.

If they are having a hard time then why not take them for ice cream or bring them a gift that they might like.

You could message them to tell them that you hope they are having a lovely day or surprise them with a date after a hard day at work.

You might notice that they do some of these things for you. This shows you how they feel about you as well and that they are making sure that you think about them when they are not around. 

Be empathetic and ask how they are feeling 

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

If you want to live in their mind rent free then you need to show them that you are someone in their life that really cares about them.

Check in every time you see them and sometimes over text, ask them how they are feeling.

Make sure they feel as if they can come to you when they have something going on and that you will be empathetic towards them.

This will make them feel as if you are far more than just a friend, you are someone they can trust and rely on. 

Be yourself 

You don’t need to play games and pretend to be someone else. Just being yourself is enough.

If someone does not like you for who you are then you are not meant to be together.

Eventually you both might be in a relationship and the real you will come out.

It’s better to be yourself from the beginning and allow your crush to fall in love with the person you really are. Plus, it makes them trust you more and get to know you better. 

What do you smell like?

I ask you this because smells can trigger memories.

If you have a perfume or aftershave that you wear all the time, it will remind the other person of you whenever they smell it.

The trick is, you want to wear something that suits you, but is also common enough they will smell it when they are walking into a shop for example.

You can either pick a more mainstream aftershave or you can pick a scent that is more common like vanilla or tonka. That way whenever they smell it, they will instantly think of you. 

Let them text you 

You might often be told that you are the person that always needs to text first especially if you want to be the person they think about.

It might be more effective though to let them text you instead. If you want them to think about you then you need to give them space to breathe.

If you are constantly contacting them, how are they supposed to miss you? 

Pick a song

Just like scent, if you pick a song that is your song together, it will remind them of you every time they hear it.

Pick a song that they might hear on the radio or at work to get them thinking about them often.

Even years later, they will hear it somewhere and think of you. You could say this song reminds me of us or you could both listen to some songs and pick one together.

It’s a great way to live in your crush’s mind rent free. 

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