12 Signs You’re Sexually Compatible With Someone - Learn About Sexual Compatibility (IMPORTANT)

12 Signs You’re Sexually Compatible With Someone – Learn About Sexual Compatibility (IMPORTANT)

12 signs of sexual compatibility! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing how to tell if you’re sexually compatible with someone. This is an important educational subject where we discuss healthy sex and relationship compatibility.

Sex is not the most important thing in a relationship but it’s one of the most important things. And it can be really hard to overcome a disappointing sex life.

You love your partner and in every other area of your relationship you connect.

But when it comes to the bedroom issues though something’s missing. Unless you both agree that this is not important to you both it can lead to a relationship falling apart. It’s important that you are sexually compatible if you want that relationship to last.

Now you can work on sexual compatibility and it’s not something that you always have to have from the very beginning. Also, only because the sex isn’t great on the first date does not mean it’s always going to be that way. As you both get to know each other more it can get much better.

In today’s video I’m going to tell you about 12 signs that you are sexually compatible with someone whether you are in a relationship, or you are single this video is going to help.

Sexual Compatibility

You finish each other’s sentences

You know each other so well that you just seem to finish each other’s sentences.

Both of you understand what you are thinking, it’s almost like you both have a sixth sense.

This is really useful when it comes to sex because you both know what the other wants. You can tell when they want to have sex and what they want you to do.

This sixth sense makes you very sexually compatible. 

Your sex drives match

Vanessa Marin is a sex therapist, she said “The single most common reason that couples come in for sex therapy is because of mismatched sex.”

This is one of the most important things that will determine sexual compatibility between two people. If you have just started dating someone, an effective way to determine sexual compatibility is to see if your sex drives match.

Normally a lady’s sex drive will always be lower than a man’s. It’s fine if it is a little bit lower.

You might have a problem though if one person is low and the others are high. This is not something you can change.

Everyone is born with the sex drive they have. So, if one person is low, it might fluctuate a little bit, but it will probably always be low.

This is something you should talk to your partner about early on. It’s as simple as asking how often they like to have sex, it could save you a world of bad sex in the long run. 

You both kiss the same 

Most sex with a kiss and kissing helps to build sexual tension.

Having a similar kissing style to your partner determines your levels of sexual compatibility. Most people kiss in a style that feels natural to them.

Although everyone will kiss slightly differently, to be sexually compatible, it is important that you kiss with a certain synchronicity to your kissing partner. That means that you have a mutual rhythm, pace, and oral wetness.

According to a research paper by Oxford University, kissing people helps people figure out how compatible a partner is long term. So, if you want to find you if you are sexual compatible with someone, kiss them. 

There is a spark between you 

Although some people say that a spark is not a sign that you have long-term sexual compatibility, it can definitely tell you something.

If you are going through a rough patch sex wise, a spark can help you make it through. If you had a spark at the beginning, reigniting it can help take you back to that time in your relationship when the sex was great.

This can be enough to get you onto the same page, but it not always is.

If you are going through a rough patch, you both might need to put some serious work into your sex life so that you can make it work.

You both make time for each other

This is an important part of sexual compatibility. Life gets busy and things start piling up. Work, children, pets, chores and then hobbies all take up your precious time.

When we do have free time we normally want to spend it relaxing. It is easy to come up with excuses and before you know it, you have not had sex in months.

To be sexually compatible you both need to be willing to set aside time for sex. 

You share the same sexual behaviours 

When you both have the same type of sexual behaviours it normally means that you are more compatible.

Some people are simpler when it comes to sex and others are more adventurous, everyone falls somewhere on this spectrum.

There is nothing wrong with either liking simple sex or more adventurous sex. It’s simply better to find someone that enjoys sex in a similar way to you do.

That way you can both enjoy the type of sex you like. 

You both like to try new things

If you start realizing that your sexual compatibility is low, there are ways to spice things up. It does not mean that it is all over.

You just need to start getting a little creative, be willing to compromise and try new things. 

If your partner is willing to compromise when it comes to the bedroom, it means that you will both compromise in other areas of your relationship. Which will make it much healthier. 

You can both communicate with each other

When you have clear lines of communication, it will make it much easier for you both to ask each other for what you want.

When it comes to sex, you can’t just expect your partner to know what you want or what you like. You need to explain it to them so that they can understand.

You also need to listen to what they like and be able to communicate during sex.

Communication is something you both need to work on for a healthy relationship but also if you both want to stay sexually compatible. 

You know each other’s signs well 

You can tell when the other person wants to have sex. You just know it.

It’s like they get a glint in their eye. Of course, sometimes your partner will just come out and say, “let’s have sex.” Other times though, you’ll need to be able to read the room and understand from their body language when they want it.

Your partner might run their hand down your back to show you that they want it. Or halfway through a Netflix session they might catch your eye.

It’s also important that you can both tell when the other person does not want to have sex.

Relationships are 50/50 and if one of your does not want to have sex, you don’t have to, and the other person should respect that. 

You have a similar relationship to sex

You both have to like sex in the same way. Maybe you both think of sex as a romantic thing and enjoy slow, close sex.

Or you could think of sex as a way to release all your anger and you enjoy rough sex. You could find sex a little scary.

However you feel about sex, it is important that your partner has a similar relationship to it as you do. This will help make sure you both like similar types of sex. 

Both of you put in an effort

If you are both willing to put in a certain amount of effort, it shows that you are sexually compatible.

This means putting time aside for sex, understanding what the other person likes and being willing to try new things.

At the start of a relationship, sex is easy. You can’t keep your hands off each other but by the end, it becomes a lot harder.

You have to put in the effort otherwise your relationship might start to encounter problems.

Sometimes it’s important to go on a date with each other, reset and start again.

Sexual compatibility is not always easy and is something that you will need to work on after that initial spark. 

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