22 Things Men Should NEVER Do - You Want Women to Like You Right? (Men Should Watch Now)

22 Things Men Should NEVER Do – You Want Women to Like You Right? (Men Should Watch Now)

It’s not always easy to know what you can do and what you can’t do. Especially when it comes to how you should behave in front of women. If you slip up though, women can be very unforgiving.

It is better to avoid the things you should never do so that you have a better chance of winning over the girl of your dreams. 

In today’s video I am going to tell you about the things men should never do. Knowing what not to do, will make you a more desirable man in the eyes of any woman. 

Things men should never do

Try to get a girl drunk

You might think that you are having a good time while the girl might be thinking you have alternative motives.

Guy’s do not need to worry about their safety as much as girls do.

Even though you know you would never do anything to a girl, she doesn’t know this because you haven’t developed trust between the both of you yet.

Even if you are only doing it because you want a girl to have an enjoyable time, it’s not a good idea.

Let a girl drink at her own pace and always double check to see if she really wants another drink, especially if you notice that she is drunk. 

Get very drunk yourself 

This is something else that is not a good look.

Girls do not want to have to look after a guy when they are on a date with him. Sure, they want to have fun with you, but they don’t want you to be a messy drunk.

It turns the date from fun to a nightmare. This one is especially important if it is your first date. 

Look at your phone instead of looking at her

Why bother going on a date if you are going to spend your time looking at your phone.

Girls want your full attention otherwise they assume you are not interested and will move on.

Keep your phone in your pocket and put it into silent mode so that you can both enjoy your date. 

Break promises 

Women hate it when men break their promises, and it can be the make-it-or-break-it moment. If a woman asks if you would like to meet for coffee at a certain time and then you never show up, she will never trust you again.

Even if she forgives you and you both go out on another date, she will still never completely trust you.

The lesson here is to not make promises that you cannot keep. 

Only talk about yourself 

Dating and relationships are 50:50. If you spend your time with a woman only speaking about yourself, it will get old quickly.

The girl will lose interest and find someone else to date or she will say something to you about it.

She wants to learn about you, but she doesn’t want it all to be about you. When you have done most of the talking, stop and ask her some questions about herself. 

Being rude to the server

This applies not just to servers in a restaurant but to taxi drivers, shop assistants and anyone really.

Women want to date a guy that is gentleman like, not someone who is rude to other people.

After all, if a man can be rude to a stranger, he could also be rude to someone he is close to. 

Pay for your dinner in vouchers

Saving money is not a bad thing but don’t do it on a date. Avoid paying for a dinner with vouchers, use your own money.

Once you are in a relationship with a woman, this type of behavior is fine, if she doesn’t mind it. When you are dating though, it is especially important that you give her a good impression. 

Talk about your ex a lot 

When you do this a woman assumes that you are not over your ex.

Even if you are, you won’t be able to convince her that you are not.

There is never a good time to bring up your ex, avoid it all together. 

Judge her meal choices

No woman wants to date let alone be in a relationship with a controlling man.

Judging a woman’s meal choices is a sign of control. It also makes you appear shallow and rude.

It’s just not a good look and it’s not your place to pass judgment. 

Order for her 

Another thing that women don’t like is when men order food for them. She can order her own food and if the server comes while the woman is away from the table, ask them to come back. 

Cheat on her

This is something that men should never, ever do. Especially if you really like her. It will hurt her, destroy her trust, and leave her with very negative feelings towards you.

When a guy cheats on a girl, she will tell everyone she knows about it which might limit your future dating efforts.

If you feel the need to cheat on a girl with someone else, then do everyone a favor and break up with her instead. 

Ask her why she is still single 

I mean she could ask you the same thing! It’s a strange question that you don’t need to ask a girl because why does it really matter? 

Smell really bad

There is no excuse to smell bad. If you want to date women, then you need to keep up your basic personal hygiene.

Make sure to shower before a date, use deodorant and aftershave. You have no idea how far this can get you with a girl! 

Lie to her face

When you lie to a lady’s face, you have immediately lost her trust.

Even harmless lies can cause a lot of damage, and this is something you should never do. 

Give her back handed compliments 

Backhanded compliments are when you say something nice to someone, but they have a tinge of meanness in them. An example of a backhanded compliment would be when a co-worker says that your work is “surprisingly good.”

They are complimenting you by saying that it is good, but the backhanded part is them implying it is surprising that it is good.

Try to avoid saying things like this to a girl. 

Ignoring her feelings

Women are far more emotional than men are. They often have a lot of feelings, and they want to share them with the person they care about most, you!

Something a man should never do is ignore these feelings. You need to support her and acknowledge that you have listened to how she is feeling. 

Talk about your salary 

Women like it when a man can look after her financially and to some women this is one of the most important things.

It’s fine to eventually talk about things like your salary but the first date is not the place for this.

Another tip, don’t keep talking about it because she will just think that you are showing off. 

Mentioning her curves

When you do this, girls think you are only interested in them for one thing…

Flirt with another woman in front of her

This is disrespectful and she won’t want another date with you after you have done this.

Surprisingly, this is something a lot of men do without even noticing they are doing it which makes it something you should actively try not to do. 

Hurt her heart

Girls don’t deserve to have their hearts broken and neither do men. Anything that you do, do it with kindness and treat her like you would like to be treated.

Be too intense

It’s nice that you are interested and excited to be spending time with a lady but try not to get intense. By this I mean stalking her on social media, constantly asking her if she is ok and trying to spend all your time with her.

Just take a step back and relax. She will like you a lot more for it. 

Recreational pleasures in front of her

She might be really against drugs, or she might just not want to hang out with a guy that does drugs. 

Unless you have been together for ages, and it is something you are both into then it’s a no-go.

Degrade her

The meaning of degrading is causing a loss of self-respect or humiliating someone.

This doesn’t sound like something a girl would like does it. So, avoid doing it because a true gentleman would never do something like this. 

Never get back in contact with her

It’s fair enough if you don’t want to go on another date with her or if you want to end your relationship but you need to be a man and contact her to tell her this.

Don’t ghost her and leave her wondering where you have gone. This can really shake a girl up and leave her hurting for a long time. 

Take life too seriously 

Have some fun! Show her how much fun you can be and make your dates exciting. The more adventure you can bring into her life the more time she will want to spend with you.

Think creatively when planning dates and try to do things she might not have done before. 

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