things women will never forgive you for

15 Things Women Will Never Forgive You For!

Learn about 15 things that women will never forgive you for.

In life, dating and relationships there are many things that can happen that can easily be forgiven in time. But then there are the more serious issues, the type of thing that a person is unlikely to ever forgive you for.

These are some serious red flags and warning signs you need to be sure to steer clear of.

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15 things woman won’t forgive you for

This video is addressed to girls out there who aren’t quite sure whether they should forgive their man for something that he did. But also it’s great education for guys out there who want to know some of the big red flags. One’s that women are like nope I’m not going to forgive you for this, I’m completely out, I’ve drawn the line.

Now naturally you may be thinking I’m just going to dedicate this whole video to cheating. You know what probably a little bit of cheating. However, there are so many more things in this video that a woman will not forgive you for. So there’s probably things you’ve not even considered.

So if you want to know a little bit more then, this is a video for you.

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He doesn’t say how much he loves & appreciates you

Men will show in different ways how they love someone. It’s different between every single guy.

If a guy is unable to really show her that he values her and that he does appreciate having her in his life then there’s no reason to actually stay with him. You shouldn’t have to forgive this behavior because obviously things are never going to change.

If you were to stay with this guy then you are essentially settling for less.

Lack of support in bad times

This can include physical support but more predominantly emotional support. This means on a consistent basis, a one-off is I guess okay if a woman is going through a very stressful time.

It could be a member of her family has died, her favourite band broke up, she’s overworked, she’s having stress trying to manage everything.

If a guy cannot be her best friend in those moments and offer her the support that she needs, you do not have to forgive this behaviour. Relationships consist of two people helping each other out. Through their ups and through their downs.

It should never be one-sided and as soon as it is, it’s a sign that the other person is toxic. Well because they don’t deserve you.

Making fun of her past

Some of us have had very less than ideal situations in the past. Of course we did’nt know any different back then so you should never be blamed for past actions. If someone is going to make fun and joke at your past knowing it’s gonna hurt you, these are bad people.

It’s someone that should well be left on read.

A relationship should only focus on the present and the future. This means jokes about ex-girlfriends saying they looked better many years ago or saying, hey this thing reminds me of you because of this addiction thing you had in the past are not cute.

It’s not pretty and it should not be forgiven.

Belittling the things that cause stress

Someone that is not able to offer some resolve, some calm air when someone is worried is someone that should not be forgiven. A relationship needs two people to cooperate and the steady figure for each is needed in times of need.

If a man is going to belittle the other person and dismiss anything that she’s going through and laugh it off as a sign he’s not a good guy.

Not being a priority

Now I’m not saying that a guy should cut off all of his mates to hang out with his girlfriend because that is very toxic. However when a guy is in a relationship, his girlfriend is going to be top priority, the girlfriend becomes the new best friend.

She is going to be placed much higher than everyone else in the friend group.

You can disagree with me on this but let’s break it down. If you are going to be dating someone, you end up living with them, you share your bed with them so of course your life is going to be revolving around their life as well.

Therefore they are a high priority. You’re essentially living for yourself and this other person. If you can’t put that lady as a high priority in your life, you should not be forgiven for this behavior.

Being rude to family & friends

A woman will never forgive a guy if he is rude to her friends and family. It always becomes something that’s always brought up in family situations. If her friends and her family feel to awkward to hang out with you, it’s just not gonna really work from here.

Sharing her intimate photos

If a guy has received some solicited images from his girlfriend and he shares them around the friend group, which can happen, it’s a very debagged move.

It should never ever ever ever be forgive.

Pushing her to do something with little respect

A guy that pushes someone to do something with very little respect. The great thing about being in a relationship is trusting the other person. Letting them reconsider your own boundaries.

For example, you could have a fear of open water when you are single but then when you get in this relationship with a new partner you are much more willing to let them help you to overcome this fear. This is a very healthy thing.

What isn’t healthy and should not be forgiven is if a partner disregards someone’s feelings about fears. If a man just expects the woman to just get over her rational fears because it’s an inconvenience for him and forces her to do something she doesn’t want to do.

Or tries to speed her up throughout the whole getting over it process, if he makes her feel uncomfortable he should not be forgiven.

Using her

This can come under so many different examples. It could be the guy is purely leading the girl on. Or just using her for her money. Perhaps he was kicked out of his house share and has nowhere to live yet, he doesn’t actually pay her any rent or he expects to be driven around everywhere like a personal chauffeur.

Or maybe he even uses his girlfriend or his wife as a trophy figure, showing her off to the world.

Getting benefits without putting anything back in the relationship. This is toxic behaviour and it should never ever be forgiven.

Physical or psychological abuse

This is something we can all agree on right? It’s completely wrong. It should never ever be forgiven. This isn’t just for the physical abuse but also the psychological stuff as well.

If a guy has narcissistic tendencies, this is the type of guy that will give a lady trauma.

It would take her years to overcome this because sometimes emotional abuse lasts a lot longer than physical trauma. It’s something we don’t talk about. We somehow feel that because we weren’t physically abused, we don’t deserve to get treatment.

We are over-crediting what actually happened and we feel it doesn’t really count as something negative.

Just because someone has lashed out at you physically or they have narcissistically abused you, maybe they went and got treatment, they had therapy. They came back and they apologised, that doesn’t mean you have to forgive them.

You don’t always have to forgive someone. Just because someone says hey I’m really sorry and they acknowledge it, doesn’t mean you have to accept it.

Not getting help for dependency

This will include substance abuse in terms of alcohol, drugs or something else.

If a man is dependent on something and he’s not willing to acknowledge it or get help, it’s a huge deal-breaker.

You do not have to forgive a man for this and you can leave the relationship. The guy is not willing to better his own life. If he’s not willing to have a great life, why should you stay with him?

Zero respect for her privacy

Just because you are in a partnership doesn’t actually mean that you are both naturally entitled to have each other’s phone, passwords and read through messages.

If there is a reason that you feel they possibly might be cheating on you then maybe snooping is okay.

Probably not, it’s a very borderline area. You should obviously talk to them first and open up and tell them how you feel.

What I’m talking about here is that phones are very private intimate collections of thoughts. For example some of us have voice notes on our phones that we don’t want people to hear, we have notes, we use it like an intimate diary.

So no one has entitlement to read through, someone else’s personal thoughts and if someone breaks this boundary you don’t have to forgive them for it.

Public Humiliation

A healthy relationship is when two people will wait until they are indoors away from everyone before they talk about a situation.

Having an argument in public in front of friends or even strangers just makes everything so awkward. It makes everyone feel uncomfortable and it just belittles the lady if a guy does this.

She’s not going to forgive you for it. This also includes if you insult her in public as well.

Compared to an ex

She’s not going to forgive you if you compare her to an ex-girlfriend. You should never ever compare someone to an ex-girlfriend or an ex-boyfriend. It’s rude and very toxic.

If someone feels it’s okay to say but my ex did this, why can’t you do this? It’s very disrespectful towards you and also your ex-partner because relationships are never in a league of competition to the previous one.

It’s always a new experience, every relationship you have. To compare someone to an ex-partner means well that person deserves to be left unread texting someone else.

Texting someone else & denying it

Women are pretty good at understanding when the energy changes in a relationship. She can definitely sense when a guy’s interest level no longer exists. For her she has this crazy superhero thing of empathetic intelligence.

She is able to pick up that he is interested in someone else and nine times out of ten she’s gonna figure out who that person is.

So if you end up messaging someone. Or you like a ladies images say on Instagram or you are talking to someone in a very inappropriate manner, it’s borderline cheating.

If you love someone, you care about them and respect them, you don’t do this type of behaviour. Sometimes this type of behaviour can spur on greater communication because it allows two people to fix what’s wrong and get on a better path.

You could be stronger than ever however if a partner does not admit their mistakes when they have been caught in the act, disregarding lies about it ever happening it’s a toxic trait.

A lady is never gonna forgive you for it.

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