girls only do this if they really like you

Girls Only Do “THIS” If They Really Like You

If a girl likes you then she’s bound to give it away in one way or another.

By paying attention to things like her body language and of course knowing a bit about the psychology of female attraction, you’ll be able to make sure you’re prepared to spot these tell tale signs she likes you.

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Signs a girl likes you

Trying to figure out if a girl likes you can be extremely difficult. You can end up thinking maybe she’s just being nice, like a friend and then completely miss those signs.

So let’s dive into the things that a girl does when she actually likes you.

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The second stare & smile

The first thing she will do is ‘give you the second stare’ accompanied with a smile. If you lock eyes with a girl it could be an accidental look however you will know that if she continues to look at you she likes you.

When your eyes meet up she might give you a smile, a giggle or a nervous look. She might completely turn herself away but then she comes back, approaches you and smiles more. These are all signs that she definitely likes you.

The most obvious sign she doesn’t is that she gets rid of any eye contact and literally turns away.

The prolonged eye contact

The longer that a lady stares at someone, the more chances she has at releasing oxytocin which is the love bonding hormone, if you didn’t know.

If you see a lady that is actually looking at you for longer than three seconds it’s a sign she’s trying to engage with you, she wants you to come over and introduce herself. She could be micro sleeping but I’m sure it’s not that. She might look self-conscious and might be fidgeting. You will notice that a lady fiddles with her hair or her jewellery.

It’s a sign she’s a little bit anxious. She’s doing this behaviour to calm her nerves but what’s important here is that this isn’t just the one thing you have to look out for. This has to be teamed up with lots of other signs in this video to be a guaranteed go-ahead that she does like you. She could just be fiddling with her scarf because she’s actually very anxious in general.

She connects you both on social media

If she is doing anything to connect the both of you together, this is actually her showing you off because well she’s very interested. It could be she tags you in pictures of you both together, she shares something on your facebook wall or even comments on your pictures and statuses.

Basically she’s telling the world that she wants to be seen with you and associated with you.

She gets in contact first & does this often

If it feels like she’s trying to maintain that conversation, keeps the topics going and she pops up out of nowhere asking how your day is going this is a sign she really is feeling something for you.

It could feel like she’s trying to put a lot of effort into her messages without them coming across as very generic and boring. She wants to respond because she wants you to see her as an interesting person.

She also wants to get a good back and forth going on between you both.

The subtle inquiry into your dating life

Notice how she asks if you are single, she’s not going to do it directly, she will be very clever about how she gathers this information.

She wants to know all about your female friends, your recent breakups and anything that is going to give her enough information. This is so she knows that you are healthy, you are single and available for her.

She gives you her undivided attention

When you guys are talking, you will notice she is focused intently on you. She’s not checking the notifications on her phone, she won’t interrupt you when you are talking, she looks you in the eye and if someone interrupts the conversation she will always go back and make you finish that thing that you are actually saying prior to the interruption.

She wants to spend a lot of time with you

She wants to spend as much time as she can with you. A lady that is interested will make herself very available to a guy. You may feel you’re running into her by accident, when really this was done on purpose.

If you seem to be hanging out a lot in the friend group or going to the favourite bars together, she’s doing this so that she can see you more often.

She tries to build a connection with you

To build that she tries to build an emotional connection. Don’t expect small talk from a girl that is interested in you, she’s very sincere about your emotions because she wants to know more. This is where guys get confused thinking that she’s just been very friendly.

She’s building a connection don’t confuse it. While she is asking you questions, she looks you in the eye. When she talks, you will notice she shares secrets about her own personal life too and this is all in the bid for you guys to build a connection and grow with each other.

She giggles a lot

We all knew this one was gonna crop up and make an appearance in the video didn’t we.

Girls that fancy someone will actually laugh at their jokes despite how corny, cringy or dad jokey they are.

The not so accidental touch

Guys are great at wow so many things apart from actually this specifically small thing. They have no idea if a touch was accidental or on purpose. Let me tell you when a girl touches a guy, she does not do this accidentally. I mean if she fell over onto you that’s very obvious that it was an accident. When she touches you it is always a sign that she wants you to know that there is a lot more available if you want to come over and grab it.

She will disguise it though she doesn’t just kind of run-up to you with her hands open wide and crossing your face. She’ll make it seem very motherly in a non-weird way. I mean she will squeeze your arm when you say something emotional, offer to hug you when you share a sad story or hug you to congratulate you.

Her physical closeness

She stands next to you at any moment that she can. Maybe you guys work together and you notice that when you have your meetings, she is always there. If you guys hang out in the same friend group, she is always next to you.

She will always want to stand or sit next to the person she is most interested in so be very mindful of this.

She exposes her skin

Now you can take this as delicate or as extreme as you think, if a girl is trying to show off her assets, you know what I’m talking about. It’s because she is trying to attract you. Some sort of things that you will notice is she will expose the actual neck area so if you see her flipping her hair back like this, putting her hair up or even revealing her wrists she is showing you her delicate parts of herself.

It’s a sign of femininity and that she’s actually trying to seduce you.

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