20 Body Language Tricks That Make Women Chase You - How to Attract Women (MUST WATCH)

20 Body Language Tricks That Make Women Chase You – How to Attract Women (MUST WATCH)

Learn about the best body language tips you can take advantage of if you want to attract women.

In today’s guide we’re going to be discussing twenty powerful body language tips you should know if you want to succeed at dating.

Hey there, it’s Anna. Noticed how some guys just naturally draw attention without saying much? The secret’s often not in what they say, but how they say it… and I’m not just talking about their voice.

Today, we’re diving deep into the world of body language. We’ll uncover twenty powerful tricks that can make girls irresistibly drawn to you. Yep, just by changing how you move and stand!

By the end of this video, you’ll be equipped with subtle cues that can make a huge difference. Ready to become the guy she can’t help but chase? Let’s dive in!

How to use your body to aid successful flirting with women

20. Using the Triangle Gaze

Eye contact in conversation is vital but alternating your gaze between a person’s eyes and their mouth forms what’s known as the “triangle gaze.”

This pattern is often associated with romantic and intimate interest.

When you shift your gaze in this triangle, especially during a deep conversation, it can intensify the connection and create a sense of closeness.

It subtly implies you’re not just listening to her words but also attuned to her emotions and perhaps even intrigued by the idea of intimacy.

19. The Brow Flash

The power of the brow flash (raise of the eyebrow) cannot be underestimated. This split-second gesture, often done unconsciously, is universally recognized as a friendly signal.

When used upon first seeing someone, especially a girl you’re interested in, it communicates that you’ve taken notice of her presence.

This momentary acknowledgment makes her feel seen and can initiate a sense of familiarity.

Furthermore, the brow flash is often read as a sign of friendliness and openness, setting the tone for a pleasant interaction.

18. Foot Direction

While most of our focus during conversations is understandably at eye level, there’s a lot happening down below that can reveal our true feelings.

The direction our feet point can be a powerful indicator of where our interest lies.

If you’re in a group setting but your feet are directed towards a specific girl, it can subtly communicate that she’s the one you’re most drawn to.

This subconscious body language can make her feel singled out and special, igniting an intrigue to know more about the person showing such interest.

17. Stroking the Chin

This gesture is often linked with deep thought and contemplation. When you stroke your chin in the midst of a conversation, it indicates that you’re genuinely considering what’s being said.

For a girl, seeing that you’re so engrossed in her words can make her feel valued and heard.

It conveys that you’re not just passively listening but are actively engaged in the conversation.

This can build a deeper connection as she recognizes your genuine interest in her thoughts and feelings.

16. Exposing the Wrist

The wrist is a delicate and vulnerable part of our anatomy.

When someone exposes their wrist, either by stretching, adjusting a watch, or simply resting their hand with the palm up, it’s a sign of trust and openness.

This gesture, especially in the context of a conversation with a girl, suggests that you’re comfortable being vulnerable around her.

It’s a subtle way of inviting her in, showing that you’re not guarded but are open to a deeper connection.

In many ways, the exposed wrist serves as an unspoken gesture of trust, which can foster intimacy and closeness.

15. The Lingered Glance

In the world of non-verbal cues, the power of the eyes cannot be stressed enough.

While direct eye contact indicates interest, it’s the lingered glance – the one that remains just a second longer than usual that can be a potent sign of attraction.

When in conversation, if one or both of you momentarily look away and then your eyes find their way back to each other, it conveys a sense of magnetism, suggesting there’s more to explore and discover.

Such prolonged, deliberate eye contact can create a charged atmosphere, making her curious about the intent behind the gaze.

14. Lifting the Forehead

When someone lifts their forehead slightly, their eyebrows arching up in the process, it often signifies surprise, curiosity, or interest.

In a conversation with a girl, this subtle gesture communicates that what she’s sharing is captivating. By lifting your forehead, you’re non-verbally saying, “This is interesting! Tell me more.”

This encourages her to dive deeper into the conversation, knowing that she has an engaged and intrigued audience in you.

13. Lowering the Drink

At social events or bars, how you hold your drink can send specific signals. Holding a drink directly in front of you, especially at chest level, can act as a barrier — an unconscious protective shield.

On the other hand, lowering the drink to waist level or placing it on a table exposes the chest and torso, areas that are inherently vulnerable.

By doing so, you’re communicating openness and confidence. This can be perceived as inviting and approachable, allowing for a more natural flow in the interaction.

12. Sparse Blinking

The average person blinks around 15-20 times per minute. However, when deeply engrossed in something, especially an intriguing conversation, the blink rate tends to decrease.

If you’re keenly listening to what a girl is saying and your blink rate reduces, it suggests that you’re fully immersed in the moment with her.

This attentive behavior can make her feel valued and intriguing. However, take caution to ensure it doesn’t verge on staring, which can be off-putting.

11. Showing Palms

Throughout history, showing one’s palms has been a universal sign of peace and sincerity. In conversations and interactions, palms facing upwards or towards the other person can send a message of transparency and trustworthiness.

It’s as if you’re saying, “I have nothing to hide.” When speaking or emphasizing a point, revealing your palms can indicate genuine feelings or intentions, making the girl feel at ease and fostering an environment of trust.

10. Controlled Laugh

Laughter is a universal connector. However, there’s a difference between a genuine laugh and a forced one.

A controlled, genuine laugh in response to something funny she says or does will make her feel appreciated and witty.

It suggests you’re genuinely enjoying her company.

However, ensure that the laugh doesn’t feel forced or too loud, as it can come off as insincere or as if you’re trying too hard to impress.

9. Minimal Lip Touch

The lips are a sensitive and expressive part of our body.

A subtle touch of the lips, especially when done unconsciously, can indicate various emotions and thoughts.

When done in the context of a conversation, it often conveys that you’re contemplating her words deeply.

This gesture, combined with a focused gaze, can make a girl feel truly heard. It’s a subtle sign of attraction, indicating you’re not just present in the conversation but deeply engrossed in her words and thoughts.

8. Open-Leg Stance

Posture speaks volumes before words are even exchanged.

Standing with legs shoulder-width apart is a neutral but open stance. It can come off as relaxed yet assertive.

This stance provides a sense of stability and groundedness, indicating you’re confident in who you are and not easily swayed by external factors.

To a woman, this can indicate that you’re someone who’s confident in their own skin and comfortable in various situations.

7. Looking Away Thoughtfully

Eye contact is important, but there’s a fine line between maintaining it and staring.

Intentionally looking away, not out of nervousness but in deep thought, can add depth to the conversation. It signals to the girl that you’re genuinely processing what she’s saying and thinking deeply about it.

This can make her feel valued, heard, and show that you’re not just passively listening but actively engaging with her words.

6. Walking Confidently

A man’s walk can be as telling as his words. A confident stride, with shoulders back and head held high, can convey a sense of purpose and self-assuredness.

This doesn’t mean marching aggressively or trying too hard; it’s about walking at a steady pace, being aware of one’s surroundings, and exuding a natural self-confidence.

This kind of walk can turn heads and signal to women that you’re a man who knows his worth and where he’s going in life.

5. Using Pauses

In a fast-paced world where quick replies are often expected, taking a moment to pause before responding can signify genuine contemplation.

It shows the woman that you are not merely waiting for your turn to speak but are sincerely considering her words.

This can make her feel heard and valued, enhancing the quality of the conversation.

Moreover, by practicing thoughtful pauses, you’re more likely to provide meaningful responses that further the dialogue’s depth and connection.

4. Take Up Space

How one occupies space can convey a lot about their self-perception and confidence.

By sitting or standing in a way that takes up a comfortable amount of space—without being overly expansive or encroaching on others’ personal boundaries you project a sense of self-assuredness.

It’s a non-verbal way of saying, “I am comfortable with who I am.” This self-assuredness can be attractive, signaling a certain level of maturity and self-awareness.

3. Play with Accessories

Using accessories to your advantage can be a subtle way to draw attention.

Whether it’s adjusting a wristwatch, stirring a drink, or casually playing with a ring, these small actions can be intriguing.

They not only draw attention to your hands – which can be an attractive feature for many, but also serve as conversation starters.

However, it’s important to ensure these gestures don’t appear out of nervousness.

The key is to be casual and not fidgety.

2. Voice Modulation

The tone and pitch of one’s voice can play a pivotal role in how they are perceived.

Studies have shown that a deeper voice can be linked with perceptions of authority, trustworthiness, and even attractiveness.

While not everyone naturally has a deep voice, the key is to maintain a calm and steady tone.

Avoid speaking in a high-pitched, rapid manner, which can often be interpreted as signs of nervousness or insecurity.

By modulating and controlling your voice, especially in moments of excitement or stress, you can exude confidence and leave a lasting impression.

Also, speaking with a measured pace allows the listener to digest what you’re saying, fostering a deeper connection.

1. Open Stance

Body language experts consistently highlight the importance of maintaining an open posture when communicating.

An open stance, with arms relaxed at the sides or gesturing naturally during conversation, symbolizes openness, receptiveness, and confidence.

Conversely, crossed arms can be perceived as a defensive or closed-off stance, potentially signaling disinterest or discomfort.

By adopting an open posture, you create an inviting atmosphere for the person you’re conversing with, making them feel valued and encouraged to engage further.

This approachability can be a powerful tool in building rapport and attraction.

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