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Should You Detox From Social Media To Get Women? Why Girls Love Dating Men With NO SOCIAL MEDIA!

No social media! Sounds a little scary right? But believe it or not there’s a growing amount of people heading this direction. The idea of a detox from social media and the benefits this can bring along are fascinating. In today’s video we’re specifically focusing on why it is women love guys without social media. There’s actually a lot of attractive elements to people who don’t use social media.

No Social Media & Dating

We live in a digital age. Pretty much everyone has a smartphone that is attached to them! We are a society that shares everything online from what you have had for breakfast to your trip to the park. Everything we do get’s put online. So it can be a little strange when you meet someone that does not use social media. At first, you might think, are they are catfish? What century do they live in? But when women get to know a man without social media, they find it seriously attractive. 

In this video today we are going to find out why women like dating men with no social media. Whether you have social media or not, this video might give you some handy tricks and tips when it comes to ladies and life online. 

Why women like dating men with social media 

Let’s start by talking about the opposite of what this video is! It’s not that ladies necessarily like dating a man with social media, it’s just that everyone has it in today’s world. When a man does have social media, it allows them to stalk his profiles and look at his past pictures. You can find out a lot from a social media page. Including what people’s hobbies are and things they like to do. A social media page also allows you to look back at old pictures and find out who the man has dated. Ladies like to look at the past competition! It is their opportunity to collect information on the man before even meeting him. Women are often compared to the FBI, they can find out anything. 

So basically that is why women like men to have social media. 

Why I love men without Social Media 

I have personal experience in this area. I dated and eventually was in a relationship with a man who was on social media but had no details apart from one picture and his name on all of his social media sites. In the beginning, I thought it was strange, what was he hiding? His profile was so private that no one could post about him without him approving it, which he never did. I could not find out anything about him prior to our date. I was a little freaked out.

When I turned up on our first date, he looked like he did in that one photo and had a great personality. I asked him why he did not have social media and he explained that he didn’t like all of his information available publicly. He liked to live a more private life. I found this quite sexy, it was so mysterious and different from any other guy I had dated. 

When we became girlfriend and boyfriend, I was a little sad when I thought that we would never put our relationship on social media, silly right? But I was worried that other girls might think he was single. One day he decided to change it on his Facebook profile to ‘in a relationship’. It meant so much to me, more than a thousand fancy dinners could! Because he had done something he would never normally do, share his life. 

Eventually, without me saying anything, he changed his profile picture to one of both of us. It was so romantic. I ended up loving that he was not on social media. It meant that I didn’t have to worry as much and we focused more on the here and now. 

Why women like dating men with no social media 

Are you ready to learn the reasons women like dating men with no social media? Let’s find out…

They aren’t boring 

You might think that women would find men with no social media boring. It’s simply not true! Men without social media have so many stories to tell, so many life experiences and they love deep conversations. They just don’t care about uploading them to social media. 

They are more real 

Social media is full of filters, photoshop and images of unrealistic body images. It’s not real life. It’s just the perfect part of everyone’s life. The times when we are sitting on the beach sipping on cocktails and not when we are working a double shift. The thing about men without social media is that well, what you see is what you get. They share with you the good, bad and ugly. You will see it all and really get to know the true them. Women love when men are vulnerable and this is why they love seeing every side of a man. 

They can’t judge you before they meet you

I mentioned above that women are like the FBI. They will find out everything about you before they even meet you if they can. This means though that whatever they see on social media, they judge. They could judge someone and decide not to on on a date with them when that person could have been their soul mate. Men without social media have less chance of this happening. The lady goes on the date with no pre-conceptions and just enjoys the man’s company. 

Ladies can’t stalk your ex’s 

This is a big one! Ladies will often stalk ex’s on social media and suddenly feel bad about themselves. They might think things like ‘oh I am not good enough or ‘she is much prettier than I am. She might back out of the date or feel threatened before they have even met. Later on in the relationship, she might also go back and do some more stalking. It can be damaging to a relationship and on the ladies mental health. When a lady dates a man with no social media, she trusts him to tell her about his past love life. That’s all though, she doesn’t have mental images or the ability to dig any deeper. It creates a healthier, happier relationship. Ladies love this! 

They get more attention 

As a lady I can say this, we love attention. Especially your attention. Couples often spend hours on their phones. Sitting on the separate ends of a couch, not saying a word, scrolling. A man without social media has a lot more attention to give. He is not getting lost in pointless scrolling which means he wants to go and do something fun instead. Quality time is very important in any healthy relationship. This is why a relationship with a man that does not have social media, might last longer.

They live in the moment 

Have you ever been sitting on the bus with someone? You are looking out the window when suddenly you see something really cool. An old building you have never seen before. You quickly turn around to the person, checking that they have seen it as well. They are looking down at their phone, oblivious to the wonderful world around them. You think, they just missed something really cool! Unfortunately, this is something that happens to all of us with smartphones and social media. When a man does not have social media, he lives in the moment. He doesn’t need to wait to get his phone out to record something. He just takes in the view and enjoys the moment. This is a lovely freeing feeling and ladies love it. They get to enjoy spontaneous moments with their man and make memories that last a lifetime. 

They are less self-obsessed 

Men who are not on social media are often less self-obsessed. You won’t ever find these men asking for 50 perfectly angled pictures of them in front of a wall. Or saying “hang on don’t eat that, I need to take a picture first”. They are too busy, enjoying the moment. Ladies love that these men are who they say they are and are low maintenance. They are very special men and when it comes to looking for someone to settle down with, these men normally win! 

Have you been thinking about getting rid of social media? Maybe it’s time. 

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