Girls Want Guys To Know THIS Matters Most To Them In Relationships

Girls Want Guys To Know THIS Matters Most To Them In Relationships – What Women NEED From A Man

What do women want in a relationship? In today’s video we’re going to be discussing what women want in a man and from a relationship with someone.

It’s easy to guess what matters the most to a woman in a relationship right? But it’s more difficult to actually get it right.

Men and women are so different which means different things often matter to them. For example a man might want to be able to go on dates with his girlfriend but also meet up with his friends to watch the football each week.

However, women might want to spend as much time with their man as possible and might want to move in with him. And as you can see from this example different things matter to the man versus the woman.

It is very important that men understand what matters to a girl most in a relationship. You could let’s say end up getting it wrong and then finding out that the relationship suddenly came to a halt, it ended. If you know what matters to your lady then you can make sure you do as much of it as possible.

In today’s video I will tell you about what matters most to girls when they are in a relationship, so that you can make sure your relationship or next relationship really does go the distance.

What matters most to women in a relationship

Love and affection 

This one might seem obvious but guys, it’s amazing how many guys forget to show their girlfriend love and affection.

You might have been dating for a few years and be way past the honeymoon period. Now you both work all day and then come home for dinner.

You are tired when you get home and simply fall asleep. Of course your girlfriend will understand at the beginning but after a while she will miss the love and affection you used to give her.

She might start to feel that you don’t love her anymore and possibly think about ending the relationship all together.

Before it got to this point, she probably did hint that she was feeling this way.

To avoid this, try and have regular dates, surprise her some days with flowers, wine or a fun activity and tell her how you feel regularly.

Remember to always show her love and affection because that is what really matters to her. 


The definition of admiration is ‘respect and warm approval’. Every girl wants her man to admire her and respect her.

When it comes to admiring her, she wants you to admire her looks, but also her mind.

She wants to feel as if you are impressed by all that she achieves in her career and in her life as general.

She wants you to talk to your friends and gloat about how amazing she is and how proud you are of her.

You can show her your admiration by talking her up in front of someone and telling her often how proud of her you are. This is something that matters a lot to her in a relationship. 

A boyfriend who is dedicated to her 

Forget having a wandering eye, girls want a man that is dedicated to her and only her.

She does not want to see you chatting up other ladies or choosing the boys over her. She wants you to only have eyes for her.

She always wants you to look after her which is part of being dedicated to her. That means being there for her when she needs you and supporting her. 


Girls don’t want you to be clingy, but they do want attention.

When you are sitting together, she doesn’t want you to sit on your phone instead of talking to her. She wants you to talk to her and interact with her.

The same goes for if you are out with a group of friends. She wants you to stand close to her and talk to her and not just your friends.

Basically, she does not want to be ignored so remember this when you are with her. 

A partner and a friend 

Sure she wants a boyfriend to start with, but she also wants a good friend.

She wants someone she can confide in and that is always there for her. Someone she can laugh with and cry with.

She wants someone who will stick by her no matter what. These qualities are friendship qualities and relationship qualities.

If you can offer her both a partnership and a friendship, well you’ll have her hanging around you for life. 

Someone who encourages her to follow her dreams 

She doesn’t want a boyfriend who is going to hold her back or tell her that she shouldn’t do something.

She wants someone who is going to encourage her to follow all of her dreams. Whether these dreams are life dreams or career dreams. She wants you to tell her to reach for the stars and that she can do anything. 

An equal relationship 

You buy the milk, she buys the bread. She does not want a one-way relationship, where she always gets her way. She also does not want to be in a relationship where you always get your way.

She wants you to treat her and think of her as an equal. This means splitting finances, sharing the rent and taking turns to buy the groceries. It also means that she doesn’t need to do all the cleaning, you need to share the load. 

A good sex life 

I mean this one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s important to a girl that she has a good sex life with her partner.

It helps her emotionally connect to her man so that she doesn’t get bored or fall out of love. So make sure that even when you are sleepy, you maintain your sex life. 

A shoulder to cry on 

Girls are far more emotional than guys are. They feel things a lot deeper than men do and it’s not their fault, it’s how ladies were genetically made.

When they are in a relationship, they want a partner who is going to comfort them when they are sad. They want someone who is going to be their shoulder to cry on.

If you notice that your girl seems upset, sit her down and ask her about how she is feeling and allow her to be emotional around you.

Understanding and forgiveness

Accept when she has made a mistake and forgive her. It obviously depends on what she has done, for example, cheating is not forgivable. If it is something small though, then you can forgive her.

You need to learn to forgive so that you can move on and enjoy a healthy relationship. Both of you should also be understanding about each other’s needs and wants.

For example, maybe she brings up that she does not feel like her needs are being met in the relationship. Instead of lashing out and saying that you are trying your hardest, understand that she has her own feelings and think about how you can improve so that she feels like her needs are being met.

It isn’t always easy to be understanding but it is so important in a relationship. 

A boyfriend who supports her with a ‘yes’

She wants to go out for dinner, she wants to go shopping, she wants to go on holiday and she wants you to say yes to all of these things. Now it’s a fine line between not being a pushover and being a pushover.

Sure sometimes you can say “I don’t think that’s the best idea” but other times you need to say ‘yes’. She will feel supported when you say yes to her ideas and that matters to her. 

Someone who will stick by her no matter what 

No matter her moods, her emotions, her actions, she wants someone who will stick by her no matter what and support her through anything.

This is something that really matters to her in a relationship. She wants to know that she can come to you with anything and you can solve it as a team.

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