24 Signs A Woman Wants You to Notice Her (YES SHE WANTS YOUR ATTENTION)

24 Signs A Woman Wants You to Notice Her (YES SHE WANTS YOUR ATTENTION)

Have you been wondering if the girl you like is just being friendly or if she likes you back? Girls normally like guys to make the first move. They will hold off telling a guy that they like him so that he has more time to make his move.

For a guy, this can be super confusing. You are left wondering if she has friend-zoned you or if she really likes you, right? Guys I get it and have seen it happen to so many men before. You find yourself stuck in between a rock and a hard place. Do you open up and tell her how you feel? What if she rejects you? What if she tells you she likes you back?

I recommend taking a deep breath. You need to step back and take some time to study the girl in front of you. Her behavior and the way she acts can tell you if she wants you to notice her or not. If a girl wants you to notice her, there is only one reason, it is because she likes you. 

In today’s video I am going to tell you about the signs a woman will display when she wants you to notice her. Once you know these signs, you won’t need to be in that confusing, “does she like me or are we just friends” zone again. 

Signs a woman wants you to notice her

She blushes when you do something special for her 

When you buy her roses or take her out for dinner, her face lights up. She can’t help but blush when she sees you or when you pay her a compliment. This is a sign that she likes you, wants you to notice her and just can’t hide it. 

She remembers every little thing you say and do

She can remember things you said from a few months ago even though you can’t remember saying them. When you are together, she mentions things that you do and don’t even notice.

This is not some magical power that women have, we can only remember these things when we really like a guy. 

She rearranges things so that she can spend time with you

She will drop any plans she has already made just so that she can spend time with you. 

When other women are around you, she glares at them

She has a touch of jealousy. When a woman who is your friend comes to speak to you, you notice that the other lady, well, her eyes narrow and she frowns. This shows she has feelings for you, and she is worried that you might run off with another woman. 

She displays open body language when she is around you

Her body language tells you that she is warm and welcoming. This means she is displaying open body language which is far more likely to attract your attention compared to closed body language. 

Sometimes she is mean to you

You remember the people that are mean to you, over the people who are nice to you. It’s sad but it is true. Negative emotions stick around longer than positive. If she is being quite mean to you, it might be worth digging a little deeper because she is probably trying to grab your attention. 

When she sees you she puts lipstick on

Lipstick attracts guys’ attention. Girls will do this when they want a guy to kiss them or just notice them from across the room. Red is the colour that will most likely grab your attention so look out for that. 

She tells other people about you 

She has told her friends and family about you even though you are both not even dating. This means she has feelings for you, and you might start to notice she is displaying some of the other signs. 

Her voice is more high-pitched when she is around you 

When you have a conversation with her, you notice that her voice is quite high. A higher pitched voice is more likely to gain attention then a lower pitched voice. 

She is shy but when she talks to you she is not 

If you notice that a girl is shy in front of her friends or your friends but then she’s not shy around you, it shows she is really trying. She might be shy naturally, but she wants your attention, so she knows she has to speak up.

This might be quite a difficult thing for her to do but she is doing it because if she doesn’t you might not notice her at all.

She tells you all her secrets and deep fears

She opens up to you and is vulnerable by telling you her secrets and deep fears. This is a risky thing for her to do because you are not her boyfriend yet and she does not know how you will react.

She wants to create a bond between the both of you which is something that happens when you share something deep with a person. 

When she is talking she stammers

This one might be hard to catch because she might not do it that often. If a girl stutters or stammers while she is speaking to you even though she normally does not, it shows that she is nervous to be speaking to you.

This normally indicates that she has some feelings for you. 

She says she misses you

She messages you or tells you that she misses you in person. Even if it has not been very long since you have seen each other.

If a girl tells you this, it shows you how important you are to her and that she has feelings for you. 

When you are around her fashion sense gets upgraded

If you have known her for a while as a friend, then you will probably know what she normally wears. If you haven’t you can still tell when she is dressing up for you.

When women are dressing up to try and get a man to notice them, they will go all out. Make-up, hair done, a nice outfit on that shows off their body and nice shoes.

She will put a lot of effort into what she is wearing because she wants you to notice her. 

She suggests that you spend more alone time together 

Girls that are waiting for a guy to notice them or tell them that they like them are unlikely to come straight out with “let’s spend more time together.” Normally they will be more subtle.

She might invite you over to a party she is having or find a way at work to be put onto the same team as you.

She suggests doing these things without making it too obvious. 

She mirrors your body language 

This is not just something women do when they really like someone. We all mirror people’s behavior when we like someone or when we think they are cool. Mirroring can look different depending on what the person finds interesting about you.

They might simply mirror you picking up your glass and putting it down. Or it could be more specific about your body language or the words you use. It’s a form of flattery. 

She reacts to all of your social media posts 

She sends emoji replies to everything you post on social media. When you put up a post, she likes it within a few moments. When you see her, she mentions something about the dinner you posted on Instagram last week.

She is keeping up with everything you are up to because she wants to get to know you more as a person. 

She makes lingering eye contact 

It’s more than a quick look. She takes a lingering look and takes you all in, looking you up and down, from head to toe. She might linger over a part of your body that she really likes, or the look might just go on for a while.

The longer she looks at you, the more likely you are to pick up on it and notice her. 

She keeps playing with her hair 

She is flicking her hair back and forth, twirling it around her fingers and pushing it out of her face.

When a woman plays with her hair it can mean a few things. She might be nervous to be around you, she might be trying to look her best in front of you, she might be flirting with you, or it could be a little bit of all of these things.

When a girl is flicking her hair around, she normally wants you to notice her. 

She is very touchy feely 

She cannot keep her hands to herself. If she is touching you a lot but not touching anyone else, then she is flirting with you and wants you to flirt back.

You might think she is just being friendly, but a woman won’t do this unless she really wants your attention. 

When she is walking near you, she sways her hips

If you are walking down the street and you are standing so close to her that you can feel her hips swaying from side to side, it’s a sign that she wants you to notice her.

A girl will often do this if she is hanging out with you and a group of friends at the same time. She is hoping she can take your attention away from them and put it onto her through the power of her hips. 

She really cares what you think

You have the power to change her opinion on things. An example of this is, a woman who wants you to notice her will buy a new outfit and ask your opinion of it. If she says “do I look good in this.” If you reply with “sure but I am not sure about the skirt.” I can assure you that she will never wear that skirt again!

She really cares what you think about her, what she wears, and she also cares about your own private thoughts.

Maybe she really believe in something until you tell her your opposing opinion and suddenly, she changes her mind. This shows how she feels about you. 

She laughs at your jokes

You might be funny, but you are probably not as funny as she is making out. A great way to get someone to notice you is to make them feel special. One way to do this is to laugh at their jokes!

If she is laughing at your jokes even the ones you know didn’t land, it is definitely because she wants your attention and if that means she has to laugh along, she’ll do it. 

She is always hanging out around you 

It feels as though even when you are not hanging out with her, you are hanging out with her. Even if you have not arranged to see her, she happens to show up in the bar you are at with your friends or you just happen to run into her at the supermarket. It should become clear that this is not a coincidence.

She wants to run into you and wants to hang out with you.

The more you see her in random places, like the supermarket, the more you will notice her, which is what she ultimately wants.

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