17 Psychological Signs Someone Likes You (Does My Crush Like Me?)

17 Psychological Signs Someone Likes You (Does My Crush Like Me?)

Trying to figure out if someone likes you or not is much easier said than done. 

Human beings are complex and it’s easy to misread different signs and signals. To add to this complexity, people do not always say what they mean. 

Thankfully, psychology is here to help! This video will go through 17 psychological signs that show someone likes you.

Psychological signs someone likes you

They Laugh with You

Laughter is a great sign of attraction!

People laugh when they are happy, comfortable, and enjoying themselves. Laughter boosts your mood and floods your brain with positive feelings and emotions. 

Laughter can actively reduce negative emotions too, such as sadness, anger, anxiety, and stress. 

If a person laughs with you, it will build a positive connection with you and create good, concrete memories which are sure to boost attraction!

They Compliment You Often

Compliments are a pretty good indicator that someone likes you – but not always. 

Pay attention to the type of compliments you’re given. Are they mostly superficial or do they extend beyond that? If you notice your crush complimenting your personality and pointing out the things they really like about you – this is a great sign!

Sometimes, people compliment just to be nice, but if someone compliments you often (as well as doing some of the other signs on this list) they probably like you.  

They Smile a Lot

Smiles say a lot – they are usually a way of showing someone that we feel happy or content.

If a smile is directed at you, that is an even better sign that the person likes you. Smiling at someone signals approval and their happiness in your company. 

So, keep an eye out for smiles – smiling is a solid sign of attraction. 

Their Pupils Dilate

Dilated pupils happen when the brain releases oxytocin and dopamine, the combination of these hormones are known as the ‘love hormones.’ 

The brain releases these hormones whenever one is in the presence of someone that they are attracted to. 

So, if you notice your crush’s pupils dilating when they look at you, this is a pretty solid sign that they’re into you!

They Make Eye Contact a Lot

Frequent eye contact is a great psychological sign that someone is interested in you.

Our eyes are drawn to things that we want to look at.

When you are attracted to someone, you are drawn to their face, particularly their eyes. If you catch your crush frequently stealing a glance in your direction, chances are they like you and they simply can’t keep their eyes off of you.

They Blush

People tend to get flustered around someone that they’re attracted to. Typically, a person’s cheeks will flush and get red when they’re feeling shy or taken aback. 

If you notice someone blushing when you speak to them or when they’re in your presence, it’s probably because they like you. 

Their Body is Positioned Towards You

A person’s body language can say much more than their words ever can. 

If their body is facing you, it means they’re interested and attracted to you. Humans will lean towards things they like or are interested in. 

If your crush’s head is tilted towards you when you’re talking, it means she wants to listen to whatever you have to say.

Pay attention to body language!

They Text Regularly 

Regular texting is a great way of gauging someone’s interest and attraction to you.

If a person takes hours and hours to reply and their replies are brief and uninterested, they in all probability don’t like you.

On the contrast, if they text you often, with meaningful and endearing texts – they clearly like you.

Another great sign is if they remember to text you in the morning and before they sleep, it means that you’re likely the first and last thing that they think about. 

They Schedule Time with You

If someone specifically makes an effort to spend time with you, it probably means they like you. Or at the very least, they enjoy your company.

Time is a precious currency, and people tend to want to spend it wisely.

Spending time with you is a great sign that they value and enjoy your company, they want to be around you and want to get to know you better. 

If your crush is eager to schedule dates with you and is happy to clear their calendar for you, they absolutely like you – and simply can’t get enough of you!

They Remember Things About You

If you notice that someone remembers specific, random details about you – it shows that they have paid an interest in you and cared enough to remember little details about you. 

If someone isn’t interested in you, they won’t bother to retain much information about you.

Remembering small details and facts which are unique to you shows that they care and find you interesting.

They Make Future Plans with You

Making future plans is a great sign of attraction.

It is very unlikely that someone will make future plans with a person they have little to no interest in. 

If you notice your crush scheduling plans with you well into the future, it shows that they see a future with you and they like you. 

They’re Eager to Get to Know Your Friends & Family

If someone shows an interest in getting to know your friends and family, it means they probably like you.

When people take an interest in your life and the people in it, they are subtly letting you know that they also want to be a part of it!

Most likely, they also want the approval of your friends and family and so are excited to make a great impression to the people that matter most to you.

They’re Rarely too Busy for You

Of course, we all get busy from time to time. But if you notice your crush really makes an effort to be free when you are, this is a great sign.

People make time for things that they care about and which make them happy. If someone is making you a priority in your life, they most certainly like you.

If they answer your calls as soon as they can and text back pretty promptly, they are really making an effort with you and almost certainly like you.

They Talk to Other’s About You

If you catch your crush talking to other people in their circle about you, they probably like you. 

They want to let others know that they’re interested in you. They will most likely talk about all your amazing qualities, even boast about you to others.

This is especially true if they’re talking about you to close friends and family – people that they value and trust.

You likely really excite them which is a great sign that they’re into you!

They Check in On You

If you notice someone making a deliberate and conscious effort to check in on you, they probably like you.

They don’t have to be checking in all the time, but even a couple times a day shows that they care about you and want to make sure that you’re doing alright.

It also means that they’ve been thinking about you – which is a great sign!

The Ask for Your Advice 

If they ask you for your advice, it means they trust you and value your opinion. They respect and treasure your perspective and insight and look to you in times of need and uncertainty.

Asking for your advice also shows that you have formed a deeper relationship, one which goes beyond superficial conversation.

Relying on you for advice in challenging times is a great show of trust and almost certainly means that they like you. 

They Make the First Move

This is an obvious sign, but also a pretty big one!

If they make the first move (in any regard really) then chances are pretty high that they like you.

Making the first move is a bold step and not one that someone will make with just anyone. 

If they make the first move, they like you enough to face the potential possibility of rejection and they are willing and ready to take that risk!

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