One of the most important characteristics of a guy that girls like!

Girls Obsess Over THIS In A Guy

The personality trait that matters most to women. In today’s video we’re going to be discussing one of the most important characteristics of a guy that girls like! If you don’t have this one quality then it doesn’t matter how many attraction techniques you use, she isn’t going to stick around.

There is one personality trait that girls think is absolutely vital in a guy. And it’s something that matters to them above most other things.

And I get it, you’re wondering what it is, and that trait is being reliable. Sure, you might think it’s cool to make an entrance on a date by being a little bit late. But after being late a few times it’s not so cool anymore.

Girls want guys to always be there for them when they need them and to be able to answer their calls and to do what they say they are going to do.

Sometimes, not all the time but sometimes guys are unreliable, because they don’t want to fully commit to a lady. They think that by being reliable they are showing her that they will always be around and this is not true though.

You can still be reliable and not be sure whether you want to continue the relationship. I’m going to tell you how you can become more reliable so that you can get more girls. And it’s not always easy to change habits, specifically if you have always been like this but if you stick to it, you will have way more luck with the ladies and your friends and family will be very impressed. So, let’s dive straight in.

Personality Traits Women Find Attractive

Try not to over-promise 

This one is something a lot of people struggle with especially when they have a tendency to be a people pleaser. It can be hard to say no to things. People pleasing can often be painted in a negative light, but the truth is the only person it is negative for is the ‘people pleaser.’ 

People close to them might tell them to say ‘no’ more, but if they do say no, the same people will often voice their disappointment. It can be extremely hard for people who like to please others to say no and to put boundaries in place.

They will often take on too much and say yes to everything because they don’t want to disappoint anyone.

The result of this though is that they can’t handle everything, and something drops. Leaving the person they were supposed to meet up with or do something for, disappointed. Obviously, this is not great, but the people pleasure will be left feeling really rubbish. 

It makes them appear unreliable and people start not to lean on them for things.

If you think that you might display ‘people pleasing’ behaviour then there are plenty of books and websites that you can help you.

It’s definitely something you can overcome so that girls will see you as a more reliable person. 

Say “yes” more often than not

We have just learnt about people-pleasing and the art of saying no. However, if you say no all the time, people will view you as unhelpful.

Often in a relationship, you need to say yes to helping out the girl you are dating or to dates! If you say no all the time she will view it as anti-social behaviour and think that you are not very friendly.

This is not something that you want. When it comes to saying both yes and no, it needs to be balanced.

You need to be able to say no when you think you cannot do something and say yes when you believe you can. That way girls can rely on you and spend time with you! 

Say sorry if you cannot follow through 

Sometimes sorry can be the hardest word. It really is not always easy to swallow our pride and apologise for something we have done. The more we do it though, the more we will be viewed as reliable people.

If we cannot follow through on something we have said we can do, the least we can do is say sorry.

You can’t just use this to get out of being unreliable, eventually a girl will notice this. Use it only when you have not followed through on something and you are genuinely sorry about it. 

Use the power of positive affirmations 

Affirmations refer primarily to the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment fostering the belief that “a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything.” So how can affirmations help you become a more reliable person?

Well, if you start telling yourself every day that you are already a positive person then it will start to manifest into something real.

Your brain will start to hear what you are saying and it will start re-wiring and acting in that way. Of course, for this to work you have to do it more than once but with this along with taking action, you will be able to become more reliable.

Some affirmations you could use are, “I will finish what I start,” “I will be better to the girls I am dating because I am more reliable” and “I am a person that keeps my promises”. Try it for a month and see how you get on. 

Don’t demand credit

You should not expect to be praised for being reliable. It should just be something that you just do.

When you say something like “I should be congratulated for turning up on time,” it makes the person think that this is the short-term behaviour and not something you will continue.

It is better to say nothing and show how reliable you are simply through your actions. 

Ask someone else’s opinion 

If you still think that being reliable is not that important then why not ask the girl you are dating? Ask her what she thinks of guys that are reliable.

This will most likely change your mind very quickly. You’ll then understand it directly from a lady’s point of view and that could be enough to make you more reliable.

Once you start seeing the results, well you will see that it is worth it. 

Be awesome and over-deliver 

The saying goes, under promise and overdeliver. This means simply saying you can do less than you really can so that you can wow the other person. You might have heard people talking about this at work, but it applies to your dating life as well.

Don’t commit to something that you might not be able to see through instead be honest and tell your lady what she can expect from you.

Above all remember to be an awesome reliable person and you’ll be able to get a lot more girls. 

Bow out of plans ahead of time 

If you don’t think you can make it or be there 100% then bow out and apologise for not being able to go. Make sure that you do this ahead of time and it’s always nice to offer an alternative time and date that you can make it.

This shows the girl or your friend that you do want to see them, you just can’t make it at that particular time. 

Hang out with other reliable people 

If we are who we spend our time with then we want to be spending it with reliable people.

This will help you learn their behavior. It will make you think, if they are acting like this then so should I.

Try it out and watch how you become more reliable over time. 

Respect a lady’s time 

Sure, your time is important but so is the ladies you are seeing.

We all only have so many hours on this planet which makes time the most precious thing we have. So, respect her time, if you can’t make it give her plenty of notice and when you do spend time with her be present.

Listen to everything she has to say and ask her plenty of questions. Show her that you want to be there with her. 

Always be as truthful as possible 

Part of being a reliable person is being a truthful person.

If you can’t make a date, tell her and be open about why this is. Otherwise, she might think you are seeing someone else or that you don’t really like her which is not something that you want.

Being truthful will make you a better, more valuable person. 

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