Girls love to form a deep connection with this type of guy

How To Be Irresistible To Women! 13 Alpha Male Traits Girls Find Incredibly Attractive

The term alpha male is defined as the dominant male in a particular group. You can find examples of alpha males not just in the human race but also in the animal kingdom too. They are often the leader of the pack in charge of where the pack goes next, what they eat, what they hunt, and they always have the first pick of the ladies.

They are not dictators, and they naturally find themselves in charge because of this personality type. Alpha males are often super confident but also personable and kind. And if they are this popular in the animal kingdom it does not take a genius to guess that they are also popular in the human circles as well.

Alpha males often end up as the CEOs, the lawyers and the surgeons.

They are loved by both men and women and their personality takes them far in life.

So why do girls love them so much? Well, it all comes down to their natural personality traits. And I’m going to give you the revealing alpha male traits that girls simply adore. If you adopt some of these traits you will have much more luck with the ladies.

Alpha Male Traits Women Find Attractive

Alpha males think before they speak 

Have you ever experienced word vomit? That is when in your mind you know what you want to say but what comes out is quite different. If you experience this, it’s ok we have all done it.

Alpha males tend to think carefully before they speak. They don’t just say things for the sake of saying something and they don’t care about filling silences. Everything that they say has been carefully thought through.

They think about how what they are saying could affect people and if it is worth saying at all. This makes them very interesting to listen to and you trust everything they have to say. 

Alpha males take action 

They don’t just say, they do! They are go-getters, big dreamers and love goal setting. Which is why when an alpha says he is going to do something, you can bet your bottom dollar that he will do just that.

Girls find this an extremely attractive trait to have as they are often looking for a partner who they can achieve life goals with. They want a guy who is as motivated as them and so this is a winning trait in their eyes. 

Alpha males are confident 

This is one of the defining traits an alpha male has. They don’t lack confidence, in fact they have it in bucket loads. Alpha males are not overconfident though. They don’t show off, in fact they are very humble.

They don’t use their confidence against others, and they don’t yell so that people take notice of them. They are confident in a way that makes it easy to talk to them, without you thinking ‘wow this person thinks a lot of themselves.’

Their type of confidence is unique and that is why girls love it so much. 

Alpha males can understand girls thoughts and feelings

Alpha males are extremely empathetic. Which means they can understand and even feel other people’s thoughts and feelings.

One of a girl’s top complaints is that her boyfriend never understands how she feels.

This is because they don’t normally listen, but alpha males are strong listeners and like supporting others.

This makes them great boyfriends and girls know this, which is why they often get snapped up quickly when they find themselves in the dating pool. 

Alpha males don’t lose their temper 

When people think of alpha males, they often picture frat boys in America. Loud, angry and obnoxious.

This is not how they are at all though, in fact an alpha male will rarely lose his temper. They have extremely level heads and can often see things from both sides.

This makes them great friends and partners as they prefer to communicate in a healthy way. They don’t see the point of getting angry about something when you can sort it out rationally. 

Alpha males seek connection over validation 

They don’t need to hear that they are great, popular or that people think they are cool.

Alpha males actually get turned off by people who try to suck up to them and be their friend. They would rather have a great connection with someone then that person constantly be giving them compliments.

Alpha males are confident within themselves, and they don’t need this validation to make them feel better about themselves. They would simply rather connect with someone on a deeper level like with their girlfriend.

Girls know this about them and again it’s a trait they love because girls also love to form deep connections. 

Alpha males have integrity 

Being honest and having strong moral principles is the definition of integrity.

This is something all alpha males have. They don’t see the point in telling lies when they can be honest.

Alphas also have a strong moral compass which shows them right from wrong. You would never rob a bank with an alpha or do something that could land you in trouble.

They would not let it happen because they believe that doing the right thing is always the best thing to do. 

Alpha males are leaders

You will often find an alpha at the front. Their confidence and integrity plus their grit and determination makes them great leaders.

They get a group of people to where they need to go whilst also nurturing them so that they can get the best out of them.

Alphas are very fair leaders, they will pull someone up when they are doing something wrong, but they will also praise them for doing something right. It’s all about balance.

Girls find men in leadership positions extremely attractive.

Alpha males are selfless

They want to get ahead in life and achieve their goals, but they also give up things for others. They are constantly performing selfless acts that people will probably never find out about.

These could be anything from helping a lady to cross the road to helping a classmate study for a test. They are great employees because they will often put in more effort than is required.

It makes them great boyfriends because when they are in a relationship they often put a lot of effort in. Girls love alpha’s because they are selfless instead of selfish. 

Alpha males are authentic 

They have no reason to be someone else. Their only interest is in being themselves.

This is because of their confidence but also because they put in work to really understand themselves, which helps them to be authentically them.

What you see is what you get and that is another thing that makes them so great.

Alpha males have courage 

They are brave! They will take calculated risks and if they see something that they think is wrong, they won’t hesitate to call someone out or do the right thing and report it.

It’s just who they are, they use their gift of courage everyday, which is often why they are such high achievers

Alpha males are strong, physically and mentally 

They work out at the gym or in another sport which helps them stay physically fit. Alpha males care about staying healthy and looking their best. They understand it’s important for their high standard of living.

They also like to stay mentally strong which is why they are not scared of opening up and being vulnerable.

They also constantly work on themselves by journaling and seeking help when needed

Alpha males continually strive for personal growth 

They just can’t sit still. Once they have achieved something, they move onto the next thing. They don’t stop going for gold.

This makes them very inspirational people to be around, and girls love to go on this journey with them. It pushes everyone around them to do better even though they don’t mean to do that.

They are enlightened, intelligent individuals who girls love to have in their lives. 

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