Women Are Desperate For Men Like THIS Qualities And Traits Women CRAVE (GET NOTICED BY GIRLS)

What do women look for in a man? In today’s video we’re going to be discussing the qualities and traits women love in a guy. Women are desperate for these types of men right now, so if you can show off that you have any of these desirable traits it may make all the different when it comes to getting a girl to like you.

There are certain qualities traits and skills that women look for in men. And these can be surprisingly difficult to find. Which makes women desperate for men who have them, well, just go crazy over them. So what are they? In today’s video we are going to look at the types of men that women are desperate for. Specifically the qualities traits and skills that these gentleman have. So that you can become one of those sort after men.

Let’s start with qualities these desirable men have


Women are desperate for men who are faithful. 8 out of 10 women rated “faithful to me” in the top 10 attributes they find sexy in a man. They have normally been hurt in the past and want someone they can trust and rely on. This might be a quality you already have or one that you need to practise and learn. Either way, if you want woman to be desperate for you, you need to be faithful. 


Being dependable means that you are there when someone needs you, you always show up and you don’t let them down. It’s off-putting when a partner or friend is not dependable. If you want women to line up for a chance to be with you, you need to step up and be dependable.


Kindness is free and it’s easy! Women want a man who is kind to them, their friends, their family and anyone else they come into contact with, for example, waiters at a restaurant. They want to see you being kind by perhaps paying someone a compliment or by going out of your way to make someone’s day. Kindness is all about how you talk to someone and treat them so keep an eye on it and you’ll start attracting high-value ladies. 

Moral Integrity 

Integrity is the practice of being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. It’s being un-shakeable in your beliefs and sticking by what you believe in. Do you think you have moral integrity? 


Having the qualities that would make you a good dad or potentially a good dad in the future is an important quality that women look for in men. In today’s modern world, men are often not as keen to become fathers but it’s still something that women instinctively look for in men

5 personality traits these men have – 

Sense of Humour

Women love a man with a sense of humour. It makes the woman think, this is the man I could be in a relationship with because you will always keep them laughing and make things interesting, which is important! You can actually learn to have a sense of humour or spending time around funny people helps. 


Women are desperate for a man who has intelligence. They like a man who is knowledgeable because they will never run out of conversation. Women are finding out that they are having to hold a conversation more and more, they don’t really like this. They want a man who can talk about anything with them and they can pass hours on a date just chatting. To increase your intelligence you can read more and stay up to date with the latest news. 


What are you really passionate about? Maybe you have a job you love, you own your own business or you have a sport that you love participating in. Whatever your passion is, make it known. Talk about it while you are on a date, speak it and live it. You will soon realise that women are flocking to you. Ladies find it so attractive when men are passionate about something and are much more likely to date them. 


Confidence is cool! Women love a confident man who can go up to them and tell them like it is. They find it disarming and incredibly sexy. If you are struggling with your confidence why not try the simple exercise of talking to yourself in the mirror and saying “I am worthy” and ” I am confident”. 


When I say generosity I don’t mind flashing your money around or showing off about your brand new Range Rover. I mean sometimes paying for dinner or buying the lady a nice bunch of flowers. It’s also being generous with your time and spending time with your lady even though you are busy. 

Let’s take a look at the skills these desirable men have


Are you a good listener? If you are, the good news is this skill is something that women are looking for in men. Women want a partner to listen to them and to care enough to really take notice of what they’re saying. If you are not the best listener, brush up on your skills and practise with friends and family. 


Ohlala women are desperate for romance. They want a man who is going to pull out all the stops. That means taking them on nice dates and surprising them with things like weekends away. Being romantic might not be natural to you but it’s a skill you need. 

Being good in bed

It’s getting hot in here. Being good in bed is a skill that women are desperate for in men. To be honest, men don’t always care about the experience a woman has when they are in bed, they care more about themselves. This is very off-putting and will never keep a woman coming back for more. If you really want women to be lining up around the block for you, then you need to be good in bed. 

Cooking and cleaning 

Women want a man who is clean because if they were to move in together, they want someone who is going to help keep the house clean. Cooking is also a handy skill for a man to have and it is very romantic when a man cooks for a lady on a date! It can really win a woman over. There are many men who are messy and can’t cook very well. That is why women are desperate for men who can cook and clean, it’s not so common anymore. 

Earning potential 

Money or what you earn is not the most important thing to a lady but they do like to know that you have some earning potential. This is because if you do, you can spend money on the lady, give her gifts or take her out on dates which is very attractive. Money means you can offer her some of the things mentioned above. Also, in the long run, women want to know that you will both be financially comfortable if you do settle down. 

Fun Personality 

A woman really wants a man with a fun personality. They don’t want to be with someone who takes life too seriously. That is why humour, passion and romancing are desirable traits that women are desperate for. Life can be stressful, it can drag you down and force you into a negative mindset. It’s important that you realise when you are in this cycle and you can pull yourself out. It’s fine to get down sometimes, everyone does and if you find yourself in a bad place, it’s important to talk to someone. Try to live a life less seriously and have fun especially if you are with the person you like. 

Wrapping up 

So now you know traits, qualities and skills that men have that women are desperate for. If you already have these, I am sure you don’t have much trouble with the ladies. In fact, you probably have them lining up around the block. 

If you are missing some of them, they can all be learnt and improved so why not try! You might find that women start showing more interest in you and you might feel better within your self. 

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