questions to get a girl to open up to you

Powerful Questions That Will Get A Girl To Open Up To You – Good Questions To Ask A Girl

In today’s video we’re discussing questions to ask a girl. We’re going to be focusing on powerful, deep questions to ask a girl to get her to open up to you and keep the conversation flowing. When talking to a girl, using open ended questions that require more than a yes or no answer is very important. This helps to keep the conversation flowing and can open the way to further discussions on a whole variety of topics.

16 questions to ask a girl to get her to open up to you

Have you ever wondered how to get a girl to open up to you? Sometimes ladies can seem like a closed book, keeping everything to themselves and sharing nothing. The truth is that sometimes we are just waiting for you to ask us some powerful questions that will make us open up.

Prompting a lady with some well thought out questions will let her know that you are interested in getting to know her on a deeper level. She may have been hurt before by someone and now not trust anyone with her deepest darkest secrets so keep that in mind when wondering why she is not opening up straight away.

In this video, we are going to look at 16 powerful questions that will get a girl to open up to you. 

I would recommend that you bookmark this video and come back to it before you go on dates so that you always have the right question for the right lady. 

 1 – What is your biggest dream?

Starting with the big guns, asking a girl what her biggest dream it gets to step back for a moment and think about what she really wants. Smart people in particular love this question because they are always going from one thing to another. You might be surprised to find out that your dreams are very similar. Maybe she had a dream but has not thought about it for a while, this question might reignite it in her mind. Make sure to ask her some backup questions as well to keep the conversation flowing.

2 – If you were to choose between owning your own business and travelling the world, which would you choose? 

An ultimatum, questions like this are great. Whatever her answer is you can then say and why would you like to travel the world? And of course, from there you can carry on the conversation. Whatever her answer is on this one as well you can also know from the start what type of person she is. Maybe you would like someone who is more career-oriented or someone who would rather travel the world. This question will tell you a lot about the girl so take note. 

3 – What is the life skill that everyone should have?

This is quite a deep question. It will help reveal what her perception of life is and what she thinks is important and what is not. This is an important thing for you to know for the future, we live in a world that can sometimes be cruel and it is important to understand what her survival skills are plus it is just a bit of fun. 

4 – Do you believe in fate or the power of personal choice? 

You might not agree with each other’s beliefs on this one, which is fine because in relationships and the real world you do not have to agree with everything that the other person believes in. This question will lead to a really robust and interesting conversation which is great and will keep the ball rolling. 

5 – In what order would you rank career, money, love and health?

There is no wrong answer to this question as it all comes down to personal choice and to how important someone rates things in their life. The girl’s answer however is very interesting because it shows you where her priorities lie. If she values money over say health but you value health first, there’s no need to call things off but you do need to think about this in the future. Say she choose to go to work whereas you choose to go for a walk you will understand that this is because she values money over health. 

So don’t take it too seriously but try to remember her answers because it may help you make sense of things in the future. 

6 – What’s your biggest strength?

This question will help show her level of self-awareness. It will also help show you how she can help you in your lowest moments. Maybe she is great at listening and you like to talk to someone when something goes wrong, this will mean you are both quite compatible with each other. 

7 – Science or the arts?

This is one sure to bring in some strong opinions. Science vs the arts has been a lifelong debate. Try not to make it too heated because remember it is just a bit of fun. It will get the conversation flowing though and you will know if she is more practical or more artistic. 

8 – What is your biggest weakness? 

It’s important that someone understands not just their strengths but also their weaknesses. In fact, understanding your weaknesses makes you a stronger person. Understanding someone’s weakness is not off-putting or unattractive, it actually gives you the power of knowledge. Imagine further along in the relationship if your lady forgets your birthday and her weakness is forgetting birthdays. If you don’t ask this question, you won’t know this so asking it allows you to understand what is to come. 

9 – Are you a stickler for rules?

This will help you understand if someone is more serious or is wild. Someone who sticks to the rules is often more serious. Someone who does not stick to the rules is often more wild or impulsive. It’s important to know what kind of person the lady is but don’t take it too seriously as she might say ‘I am a rule breaker’ to flirt with you when really she is not. 

10 – Do you have any controversial beliefs? 

Nothing sets a conversation on fire like a bit of controversy. Of course, this can go either way because the lady you are with might not feel like sharing these beliefs but if she does, it will make her very open with you and will teach you more about her. 

11 – What is the biggest lesson you have learnt in life?

You can learn a lot from lessons that you have experienced and you can also learn a lot from experiences that others have experienced.

The answer to this question could be quite emotional for the lady so make sure to take this into consideration when asking it. It might be better to ask it in a private setting. 

12 – What do you think your single mission in life is?

Everyone has a mission in life, find out what she thinks hers is. 

13 – If you had to choose another career what would it be?

She may have ended up doing something that was not her initial dream in life. This is a nice question because she will tell you what her real dream was which could be anything from a Prime minister to a clown at the circus. 

14 – Do you judge a person by their appearance?

From this question, you might understand what she first thought about you but more specifically, you will just understand what she looks for in a person. It is not always bad if someone said that the first judge a person on looks so if she does say that don’t get too worried it is natural for people to look at looks first

15 – If you could choose a song for your life, what would it be?

This question will get the girl thinking about what song she would choose if she could and why. It opens up the conversation and gets her chatting which is fun. She might also throw the questions back at you so make sure to have an answer to give her. 

16 – If you could end either hunger or disease in the world, which one would you pick?

Another conversation starter as there is literally no wrong answer for this one. Ending either hunger or disease in the world would be amazing and a noble cause. So if you do ask this question make sure not to judge her for her answer. 

Finally, make sure not to bombard her with questions, ask her a couple of these questions each time you see her so that you can start an open up your relationship and learn more about each other. 

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