If She Greets You Like THIS, She's CRAZY For You! (DO NOT MISS THESE SIGNS)

If She Greets You Like THIS, She’s CRAZY For You! (DO NOT MISS THESE SIGNS)

Learn how a girl greets you when she instantly likes you! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing a number of signs that reveal if a woman has intense feelings for you.

Hello! Anna here. Picture this: you walk into a room, and there she is. The way she greets you, the sparkle in her eyes, that particular tilt of her head… What does it all mean?

Today, we’re decoding those very first moments when you meet her.

There are subtle hints and cues that shout, ‘Hey, I’m into you!’ So, by the end of this guide, you’ll know exactly what signs to look out for.

Curious about how a greeting can reveal so much? Stick around, and let’s dive into these captivating clues.

An enlightening guide to the signs she’s totally into you

1. Eye Contact

Alright, folks, the first sign we’re going to talk about is eye contact. Now, we all know that the eyes are the window to the soul, right? Well, they are also the window to someone’s heart.

When a woman is crazy for you from the moment she meets you, her eyes will speak volumes. She will make deep, meaningful eye contact that lasts longer than usual.

Now, this doesn’t mean she’s going to stare you down, no, but there will be an undeniable spark that can be seen in her gaze. But it doesn’t stop there.

When she’s speaking to you, her eyes may occasionally drift down to your lips, indicating an unconscious desire to kiss you.

You might also notice her eyes widening subtly when she sees you. This is a classic subconscious sign of attraction.

You know the feeling of seeing a cute puppy or a delicious looking cake and your eyes just going ‘WOW’, right? It’s something similar.

The presence of you brings her joy, fascination, and even a bit of excitement.

2.  Active Listening

Moving on to sign number two: active listening. When a woman falls head over heels for you, every word that comes out of your mouth will sound like poetry to her.

She will pay close attention to everything you say, taking in the details and responding thoughtfully. It’s like every conversation with you is a golden opportunity to get to know you better, and she doesn’t want to miss a single thing.

Notice her body language when you’re talking. Is she leaning in slightly? Is she nodding along and giving affirming responses?

These are signs that she’s actively engaged in the conversation. And what’s more, she might even bring up something you mentioned in passing a few days later.

This shows that she’s not only listening, but she’s also remembering things you say. If she’s hanging onto your every word, chances are, she’s pretty crazy about you.

3.  Nervousness

Sign number three is nervousness. Now, this may seem counterintuitive because aren’t we supposed to be calm and confident around our crush?

Well, yes, but when the feelings are so strong from the get-go, a bit of nervousness is completely normal. She’s invested in you, and she wants to make a good impression.

Here’s how you can spot this. Maybe she’s usually calm and collected, but when you’re around, she becomes a little fidgety. She might play with her hair, adjust her clothing, or even stutter a little.

Now, these actions are not due to discomfort but to the exhilaration and adrenaline rush she gets in your presence.

But remember, it’s important to differentiate this from signs of discomfort. We’re talking about cute, innocent nervousness here, the kind that comes with butterflies in the stomach and a racing heart.

4. Physical Touch

Onto sign number four, which is physical touch. You see, touch is an intimate form of communication that goes beyond words.

When a woman is crazy about a you, she’ll find ways to establish physical contact with you.

It could be a light touch on the arm while laughing at your jokes, a gentle push during a playful conversation, or even fixing your collar or hair under the guise of being helpful.

But the key is that these touches aren’t random or accidental. They’re intentional, yet subtle, creating a bond that’s as electrifying as it is unspoken.

It’s her way of bridging the physical gap and subtly saying, ‘Hey, I’m interested in you.’

5. Genuine Compliments

Sign number five is all about genuine compliments. When a woman is truly smitten you, she’ll notice all the wonderful things about you that others may overlook.

This could be your sense of humor, your intelligence, or even the way your eyes crinkle when you smile. And you know what? She won’t keep these observations to herself. She’ll compliment you honestly and wholeheartedly.

She’s not just trying to flatter you, but rather expressing her appreciation for who you are.

This creates a positive and encouraging environment around you, making you feel special and admired.

6. Excitement

The sixth sign is excitement. When a woman is crazy for you from the moment she meets you, her enthusiasm becomes pretty clear.

Whether it’s about planning a meet-up or discussing a common interest, her excitement is evident in her tone, her body language, and her energy level.

She might also exhibit signs of eagerness, like replying to your messages promptly, saying ‘yes’ to plans, or even taking the initiative to suggest activities you can do together.

This heightened interest and anticipation are classic signs of strong attraction and excitement.

7. She Talks About You to Her Friends

The seventh sign is pretty straightforward. If she’s really into you, she will definitely be talking about you with her closest friends.

She might gush about your qualities, discuss your interactions, or even seek their opinions.

Remember, her friends are an important part of her life. So, if she’s sharing you with them, you mean something to her.

It’s like she’s subconsciously seeking their approval or wanting to keep them in the loop about this exciting new chapter of her life.

8. She Shows Genuine Interest in Your Life

Sign number eight, guys, is showing genuine interest in your life. When a woman is really into you, she wants to know all about you, not just the surface-level stuff, but the real nitty-gritty details.

Your dreams, your ambitions, your childhood memories, your favorite books, or movies – she’s genuinely curious about all of it.

Look for signs of her asking open-ended questions, engaging deeply in the conversation, and showing empathy towards your experiences.

It’s not just about being polite or making small talk; she genuinely wants to understand you on a deeper level.

9. Her Body Language is Open

Next up is sign number nine: open body language. When a woman is attracted to you, her body language becomes an open book.

Look for signs such as turning her body towards you, uncrossed arms, a relaxed posture, and genuine smiles. All these signs indicate that she’s comfortable and open to your presence.

Body language speaks volumes about our feelings, even when we’re silent. So, an open and relaxed body language is a clear sign that she’s attracted to you and comfortable in your presence.

10. She Goes Out of Her Way for You

And now, sign number ten: she goes out of her way for you. Love has a funny way of making us do things we wouldn’t ordinarily do.

If a woman is crazy you, she’ll make extra efforts to bring a smile to your face or make your life a little easier. Perhaps she brings you coffee from your favorite café, or maybe she lends you a book she thinks you might like.

These small acts of kindness are her way of saying, ‘I care about you’.

11. She Finds Ways to Connect with You

Moving on to sign number eleven: She finds ways to connect with you. Let’s dive a little deeper into this one.

If a woman is crazy about you, she’ll seek out common ground. This is all about building a strong emotional connection.

She’ll be interested in your hobbies, passions, and pursuits, not because she necessarily shares them all, but because they offer her a deeper understanding of who you are.

Whether it’s a favorite band, a shared love for Italian cuisine, or even a common distaste for a particular movie genre, she’ll use these shared interests or opinions as a steppingstone to creating a connection.

Now, this doesn’t mean she’ll pretend to like something just because you do. It’s about finding genuine points of connection, shared interests, and common ground.

This urge to connect on different levels often suggests that she is invested in getting to know you better.

Here’s the interesting part. Not only does she connect with you based on shared interests, but she’s also willing to explore your interests that are unfamiliar to her.

Do you love rock climbing? She might be game to try it out. Are you a fan of jazz music? She could start exploring the genre.

This flexibility and willingness to step outside of her comfort zone are significant indicators of her strong feelings for you.

12. She Respects Your Personal Space

Alright folks, here we are at sign number twelve, which might seem a bit paradoxical: She respects your personal space.

In the throes of new and intense feelings, it’s easy to want to spend every moment with the person that you’re attracted to. However, a woman who is genuinely crazy about you understands the importance of balance.

She will want to spend time with you, but she will also respect your need for personal space and alone time.

She won’t bombard you with incessant calls or messages and won’t insist on meeting you every single day.

Instead, she’ll maintain a healthy balance, allowing the relationship to breathe. This is because she respects you as an individual first, and she understands that everyone needs some space to grow and thrive.

In her actions, you’ll see a thoughtful balance of affection and respect for personal boundaries. She might wait for you to reply to her message before sending a new one, or she’ll respect your boys’ night out without feeling insecure or left out.

This sign is proof of her mature approach towards her feelings and her understanding that a healthy relationship requires breathing space.

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