Signs Someone is Highly Attracted to You! (Do They Like Me?)

Signs Someone is Highly Attracted to You! (Do They Like Me?)

There is nothing worse than finding someone attractive and wanting to move forwards into the talking stage or asking them out on a date, but being nervous that the feelings aren’t going to be reciprocated and then the fear of rejection kicks in. 

There are some universal signs that someone is attracted to you, regardless of their age, gender, etc.. because as humans, we kind of all act the same in certain situations. Now I know this sounds slightly weird, how can certain signs prove that someone has feelings for you? Well, settle down and listen up because we’re about to tell you.

She spends her time with you

It’s pretty much human nature to want to spend time with someone when you catch feelings for them. As these feelings start to increase and you feel more comfortable around them, you’ll want to spend more and more time with them.

It doesn’t even matter what you’re doing together. It’s just the fact that you’re in each other’s presence that fills you with happiness and aids your feelings for them to get stronger.

If you’re ever questioning if someone likes you back or if they like you at all, look at how much time they want to spend with you.

You’ll notice someone who does like you asking more frequently if you would like to hang out with them. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant plan either. It could be as simple as to go to the store together to run some errands, or as boring as to lie on the bed together and scroll through your phone.

This is a perfect sign that they have feelings for you and want to be around you because it makes them happy.

The copycat method

When you start to spend a lot of time with someone and put a lot of energy and effort into getting to know them, it becomes second nature to develop tendencies that are very similar to theirs.

We like to call this the copycat method because essentially, that is what you do.

Over time you’ll watch how they move and the things they say will stick in your brain – a lot easier than trying to remember the answers to your math test of course, because your brain is happy when it thinks about that person.

Whether it will be phrases that they use, hand gestures, emojis or even little facial expressions that you have developed by copying or observing someone you have feelings for, this is the copycat method.

It will be like looking in the mirror when you do something that is almost identical to what they do.

You’ll notice people start to comment on you copying them or them copying you, and then you can smile because this is a green light to go ahead to next step and ask them out?

Reasons to touch you

Now, I’m not 100% sure if it’s backed up by science and evidence, but it’s very common to want to touch a person you have feelings for constantly.

Humans are naturally affectionate, in fact, we’re the only species that mate for more than reproductive reasons. Many animals mate to create a pack, a community or in some cases, because they will die otherwise. The idea of having skin on skin contact, holding hands, cuddling and kissing, is very much human nature and the urge will only get stronger as your feelings develop.

Some people joke about wanting to be in under other’s skin – and that wouldn’t be close enough. Which basically means their feelings are that strong that they feel they can’t get close enough.

If you are confused if someone likes you but notice that they will find any excuse to touch you or be near you this is your sign. It could be touching your arm whilst you’re driving or brushing their hand on your leg when you’re sat together, almost like they’re reaching out to remind themselves that you’re close by.

This is a massive green sign that they have feelings for you and are testing the waters to see if those feelings are reciprocated.

Body language

Body language is a very well-known aspect that is used to identify someone’s thoughts and feelings in certain situations.

You can tell a lot about how someone thinks and feels just by observing how they move their body, or how their body reacts when placed in a situation.

For instance, if someone has feelings for you and finds you attractive then their body language will be a lot more fluid and relaxed as opposed to if they were extremely stressed or anxious, then their body would be stiff as a board.

If you’re sat beside someone who you are trying to figure out if they like you or not, look at their arms and how they are positioned. If their arms are relaxed beside them and their hands are lightly placed in the lap – I.E. Their arms are not crossed over their chest like a form of armor, then this is a massive green flag that they feel comfortable around you and are open to the conversation on the environment they are in.

Eye contact

It’s automatic to look someone straight into the eyes when you look at someone’s face.

However the difference of eye contact from someone that is highly attracted to you is obvious. They will be less likely to look away, they become fixated onto you.

They do say the eyes are the windows to the soul, so if you get a chance to look into someone’s eyes you’ll be surprised at the emotions you can sense from them.

In addition to this, if someone makes eye contact with you from across the room on more than one occasion, this is their way of telling you that they are interested in you and are trying to catch your attention.

For instance, if you’re at the bar and you notice a pretty lady glancing over at you a few times and smiling at herself when you meet eyes, this is her way of flirting with you and letting you know that she is interested in you.

So why not make a move and walk over to here and talk to her.

She fidgets

It’s a natural reaction for someone to fidget with things when they’re feeling nervous or anxious in a situation.

It’s the brain’s automatic response to try and calm the nervous system down and give the brain something to focus on, almost like a distraction for the nervousness.

It’s also known that a person will fidget if they are around someone that makes them feel too much of something – could be happiness, nervousness and in some extreme cases anger.

If you notice someone is fidgeting with their fingers, their clothes or even their hair whilst in your presence then it’s a really good chance that they find you attractive and feel nervous around you. They’re trying to calm their nerves enough to remain cool and collected whilst participating in the conversation with you.

What you do with this piece of information is at your own discretion, but I would suggest you take the opportunity to calm their nerves the best you can – a little hand over theirs or a smile.

There you have it, some signs that show someone is highly attracted to you. You don’t have to wait for them to say anything, you can tell by their body language and other signs, how cool is that?

Maybe do your own experiment and take notice of how you are around someone you find attractive.

Hopefully with this knowledge under your belt, entering into the dating scene won’t be as daunting as it normally is – especially if you’ve been out of the game for a long time.

Time to get your training shoes on and do some stretches, you’re headed out on the field and you’re about to score the winning touchdown! Good luck and happy dating.

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