25 Signs She Wants You Sexually - Spot The EARLY Signs Of Sexual Attraction (DO NOT MISS THESE)

25 Signs She Wants You Sexually – Spot The EARLY Signs Of Sexual Attraction (DO NOT MISS THESE)

Imagine this, you have met a girl and you have made it to the dating stage, you have been on quite a few dates with her, but you simply cannot read her.

Does she want to move things forwards? Is she interested in you sexually? Well, I am here to answer all your questions because when you are on a date with a pretty girl the last thing that you want to do is miss that opportunity with her, right?

So today I want to tell you about the signs that prove that she wants you sexually.

Once you know these signs you will be able to move on from the just dating stage to the more intimate stage of your relationship.

Signs she wants you sexually

Eye contact 

The first sign is eye contact, and it is one of the top signs you should be looking out for. When a girl looks you in the eye while you speak or flashes you a quick flirty look across the bar, it should show you that she is interested.

If she starts giving you flirty eyes that proves she wants to move things into the bedroom.

Her eye contact will be accompanied with other body language signs which we will discuss today. 

She sits close to you

She moves in and sits as close as possible to you. When you first start dating a girl, she might sit on the opposite side of you, or at least have some distance between you and her.

Once she is sure that she likes you, she will move in closer. This signifies that she is ready to take things to the next level and that she is interested in you sexually. 

You catch her staring or glancing at you 

It is more than just flirty eye contact. She stares at you when you are ordering a drink for her at the bar. She glances at you when you are in a group setting.

This shows that she likes you which is always positive. 

She plays with her hair 

She twirls her hair between her fingers and flicks it behind her head. You might find it distracting because she is playing with it so much.

This is a form of body language though and it should show you that she is flirting with you. 

She laughs at your jokes

You might be funny, but unless you are a comedian, you are probably not as funny as you think. If a girl laughs at all of your jokes, it is a positive sign and it shows that she is interested in you.

Girls tend to laugh at a guy’s jokes to show him that she likes him and to try and impress him. 

She touches you 

This should be a pretty good sign that she likes you.

A girl will touch you as a signal that she wants to move things along and into the sexual stage.

At first, the touches might be so quick that you don’t even notice them. After a while though, they will become longer and more obvious. 

She mirrors you

We only mirror the behavior of people that we really like. If she mirrors your behavior including the things that you say, it should show you how she feels about you.

It could be that you notice that she starts to say the things you say, or she starts to display similar body language to you.

She is not copying you on purpose, it’s because she wants you to see her as someone who is similar to you. 

She is fidgeting or looks awkward

This is not her showing you that she doesn’t want to be there. She most likely does but she is just nervous because she likes you so much.

She compliments you 

She compliments you on how you dress, how you look and your personality.

When you least expect it, she pays you the nicest compliment.

She might even start to pay you sexual compliments to hint that she wants you sexually. 

She notices little changes

She always notices when you have had a haircut or when you are wearing a new outfit. She notices these little changes because she cares about you, and this is her way of showing you. 

She asks you personal questions

Girls need to build trust before they can be sexual with a guy.

Asking questions so that she can get to know him is a great way to build this trust. Try to be vulnerable with some of your answers to help build trust quickly. 

She smiles a lot

When she is around you, she smiles all the time. She cannot seem to wipe the smile off her face.

She is obviously very happy to be around you and really enjoys your time together. 

She puts effort into her appearance

She never shows up to your dates looking sloppy. She is always really well put together and puts a lot of effort into the way that she dresses.

It’s clear that she wants to impress you and attract you to her. 

She preens herself 

Preening is something you do when someone walks towards you. It’s when you fix yourself up so that you look your best.

If you notice her doing this while you walk towards her, it’s because she wants to look sexy for you. 

She will make sure you notice her 

Even if it means she has to be the loudest in a room, she will make sure that you notice her. She wants all of your attention on her. 

She starts a conversation 

She is the one who starts a conversation with you. This shows that she thinks you are attractive and is willing to put herself out there for you. 

She blushes 

When you pay her a compliment or say something sexual, she cannot stop blushing. 

Her voice gives it away 

Her voice goes from high pitch to a lower and slower tone. This is a voice that females use to flirt with guys. It shows that she is definitely flirting with you and is hoping that things turn sexual. 

Her friends know 

She has told her friends that she cannot wait to get you into bed. You might have mutual friends that tell you or when you meet her friends, they might let it slip! 

Other people will notice

Your friends start to notice that you are both flirting. They might ask if she is your girlfriend or what the deal is with you both.

This is a sign that there is chemistry between you both and you cannot deny it any longer. 

She is hot and cold 

One minute she is all over you and then the next she leaves you wanting more.

This is her trying to see how hard you will work to win her over. It is time to pay her some attention. 

She bites and licks her lips 

She is trying to attract your attention to her lips with this body language sign. Girls normally do this when they want a guy to kiss them. See it as an invite to lean in and give her a kiss

She comes up with reasons to text you

She always messages you out of the blue. She asks how your day was and what you have for breakfast this morning. It is less clingy and more caring.

She simply wants to talk to you as much as she can. She cannot get enough of you, and she might even turn some of the texts dirty. When she does this, you will know that she 100% wants you sexually. 

She wants to hang out with you 

You invite her to do something really mundane with you like go to the supermarket and she does. This is a sign that she really wants to hang out with you. The supermarket is not really an exciting place but if you are there then it is.

She will find an excuse to spend time with you as often as she can. Girls hope that when they do this, things will move along sexually. 

She invites you over at night 

This is the most obvious sign and is the one everyone hopes to reach when they have been dating someone.

If she invites you over to stay the night, she wants you sexually. It is the perfect time for it to happen and remember that all of the signs have been building up to this so enjoy it. 

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