Girls Give Out These Body Language Signs They Like a Guy (15 Subtle Signs A Woman Likes You)

Girls Give Out These Body Language Signs They Like a Guy (15 Subtle Signs A Woman Likes You)

Body language, it’s not actually a language, it is a series of nonverbal cues which tell other people how we are feeling, and it tells us how other people are feeling.

It is completely subconscious, we don’t even realize we are doing it and we don’t really register that other people are doing it too.

Now body language is universal, which means it doesn’t matter which country you are in, you will be able to understand a person’s body language.

This can help us at work, when making friends, or in our dating lives. Body language is in fact one of the most useful ways to quickly tell how another person feels about us which makes it a brilliant tool for dating.

As it is mostly subconscious, you may need to pay attention when you are flirting with a girl.

So, in today’s video I’m going to reveal the body language that girls give out when they like a guy. This could help you get ahead in the dating game.

If you learn to read body language you will know whether a girl likes you before she’s even told you.

Body Language Signs A Girl Likes You

She plays with her hair

If a girl is trying to flirt with you, you might notice that she instantly starts trying to play with her hair. This can be distracting when you are trying to talk to her. She might twirl it around her fingers or flick it behind her neck.

This normally means that she likes you and she wants to keep that flirting going. If you are talking and a girl is playing with her hair, you need to take it as an awesome sign, even if it is slightly distracting! 

She makes eye contact

If a girl is trying to finish a conversation with a guy or she is not interested, then she will avoid making eye contact with him.

She might look down at the ground or be looking around the room instead of looking him in the eye.

If she likes you though, she will look you straight in the eye when you are talking.

She will look at you from across the room and try to catch your eye. She wants to show you that she is interested in what you are saying and that she is interested in you

Her broad smile

This one should be easy to spot! When a girl likes a guy, she will not be able to wipe a big smile off her face. She will smile from the moment she sees you until the moment you leave.

Plus, there are plenty of times that you won’t see her smile, but she will be. Like when you send her a cute text and it makes her day. 

She dresses up more

If she is going to see you, she will make an effort and dress up for you and this is a big sign because when she does this, she is trying to impress you and wants to look her very best for you.

This is another easy thing to spot because she might have a dress on or be wearing makeup. Something a little bit different to how she usually dresses. If she likes you, she will always make an effort to look nice for you. 

You can hear her breathe 

When a girl likes a guy, her breathing will be louder. It is a natural mixture of nervousness and excitement. Her heart will be pumping blood around her body faster because of this which leads to heavier breathing.

This also happens when we are excited about something or nervous before a job interview for example. You might need to get closer to her to hear this heavier breathing. 

She arches her back

This one is all about her posture and it is another subconscious form of body language.

Girls will shift their hips back which causes an arch in their back.

You might be asking, why do they do this? Well, when she does this her breasts and butt are more pronounced which make her appear more sensual in a guy’s eyes.

You might not notice the arch in her back, but you might notice the rest of her curves are pushing out a little more than normal.

This is definitely her trying to attract and impress you

She blinks a lot

Blinking is something we all do. In fact, it is something we all do so often and so quickly that we don’t even notice we are doing it.

Next time you are talking to a girl, focus on her eyes. Is she blinking quickly? Well, if she is, she is not actually blinking her eyes at you. She is batting her eyelids so that she can charm you.

Eyes that flutter show arousal or increased pleasure. So, her eyes are telling you that she likes you and maybe even wants things to go further! 

She tried to shift your focus towards her lips 

Girls will often subconsciously try to shift the attention to their lips.

She might bite her lip or run her fingers over them. This is to help draw attention to them. Why? Because she wants you to kiss her of course! 

She leans her body into you

She might subconsciously get as close to you as possible.

This might start with leaning her body into you. She might lean in as you both walk side by side or while you are talking, she might lean across the table.

When she does this, she might not quite touch you, but she will get as close as possible to you. 

There is a lot of physical contact 

She will start physically touching you more. It might be quick touches or brushes of skin against each other.

You may not even notice that it is happening but it’s her way of connecting to you and bringing you both closer together. 

She looks at you seductively

A seductive look takes more than just eye contact! It needs your whole face to really work.

When a girl looks at you seductively, she will have a small smile on her face and her eyes will be looking straight at you. She might be pursing her lips as well and pushing out her curves.

This isn’t just a sign that she likes you but that she wants to seduce you! 

The way she crosses her legs 

Girls often cross and uncross their legs. It can be a sign that she is nervous or is trying to get comfortable. She might do it 3 or 4 times before she rests.

If she keeps doing it though, it is because she wants to draw attention to her legs.

She is saying, look at these! She might be waiting for you to compliment them, or she just wants to show you how great they are. 

She laughs a lot

She spends a lot of time laughing at your jokes and seems to find you very funny.

Girls will only laugh at something they genuinely find funny, so it shows that you have impressed her.

When a girl laughs, it shows she is paying attention to your conversation and if she is the one laughing the loudest in a room at your jokes then she must like you

She strokes a random object 

This one is a little bit naughty! You might notice that a girl is stroking an object like a mug, cup, or tablecloth.

She is doing this because she is trying to stop herself from stroking or touching you!

This is something that is completely subconscious, and she doesn’t realize that she is doing it, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t spot it! 

She walks pointedly 

Girls want you to check them out as they are walking away from you on a date.

She will walk in a way that she believes will seduce you.

She might move her hips from side to side or stretch herself so that you can see her as a taller person. Next time a girl walks away from you, just take a moment to notice how she is walking. 

Her cleavage is more exposed

Does she show off her cleavage by wearing low cut tops or dresses? She is trying to show you that she likes you and she might also be trying to seduce you! 

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